Michelle Rempel is Chrystia Freeland in a Cowboy Hat

Written By The National Telegraph, Posted on June 10, 2021

One of the most overlooked oddities in Canadian politics these days is the very obvious hard-left political bent of several Conservative MPs looking to get elected in deep blue ridings, the most egregious of these political fakes would be Calgary Nose Hill MP Michelle Rempel Garner.

Rempel is considered a Conservative icon in Canada, week to week having some of the highest numbers of engagements on her Facebook page among Conservatives, only ever being beaten by Pierre Poilievre on some occasions, but other than her very generic support of oil and gas, she holds almost the same views as Chrystia Freeland.

Rempel unlike Freeland owns a cowboy hat, which in terms of political optics is more than enough to convince many Rempel must be a “true blue” Conservative, in the same sort of false way people believed it when it came to Erin O’Toole during the 2020 CPC leadership race.

Recently people have actually started to catch onto the very hard-left positions that Rempel holds, with many conservative Canadians being confused when she voted against Bill C-233, the ban on sex-selective abortion.


Rather strange for the woman famous in Parliament for lecturing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about how he isn’t a real feminist to then turn around and vote to not ban abortions targeted at unborn girls.

In another instance of the cowboy hat slipping, revealing the real Rempel, on Twitter yesterday she posted the following tweet, which even an NDP MP would have said was a bit heavy-handed. 

In 2016 Rempel voted along with the Liberals and NDP to pass Bill C-16, the bill that legally compels Canadians to use the pronouns others identify with. Rempel did not seem to care about the violation of Canadians’ freedom of speech posed by the bill.

Professor Jordan Peterson testifying against the implementation of Bill C-16 during a Canadian Senate hearing.

Professor Jordan Peterson testifying against the implementation of Bill C-16 during a Canadian Senate hearing.

Rempel often plays the victim when it comes to criticism, which is why she has become famous for blocking thousands of her critics on Twitter, not being able to handle pointed disagreement, although she thought it right to herself viciously attack Derek Sloan during the 2020 leadership race as “racist” after he criticized the often wrong and contradictory advice Dr. Theresa Tam was providing Canadians.

In the context of Rempel’s recent tweet flogging herself for being “cis/straight/white” it would seem obvious she would make frivolous accusations of bigotry against others seeing she is obsessed with Marxist-style identity politics. 

It shouldn’t be much of a shock that Rempel has only called for a “reopening plan” to be made by the Liberals to eventually end the lockdowns, rather than calling for the lockdowns to end now. A weak position for Rempel to take that seems principled, but in reality does not actually do anything to end lockdowns, as has been seen with the provincial level “reopening” plans. She has even openly associated with the heavily big-government advocating World Economic Forum, showing she probably is not too bothered by the draconian lockdown orders on a personal level.


It seems about time that Canadians take a closer look at some of their supposedly “Conservative” MPs. Politicians know only one party has a real chance at winning some parts of the country and Rempel is a perfect example of someone who would join any party that would position her best to get elected. 

Freeland Canada.jpg

Yes, Rempel may be more supportive of pipelines than Freeland but that is more or less a geographical difference seeing as even former Alberta NDP Premier Rachel Notely had to be pro-pipeline, and Freeland would probably be too if she, like Rempel, wanted to slide her way into the Conservative Party in order to get elected in Alberta.

Here is a fun parlor game; have someone read to you Michelle Rempel and Chrystia Freeland’s tweets and guess which one of them said it, you’d be surprised with how indistinguishable those two are. Michelle Rempel is just Chrystia Freeland in a cowboy hat after all.

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5 responses to “Michelle Rempel is Chrystia Freeland in a Cowboy Hat”

  1. Guest says:

    Your assessment is accurate.

  2. Daisy says:

    Thank you for this insight. I’m glad you mentioned her connection to the WEF, a scheme for what I call trickle-up-economics. And eugenics and technocracy. These people are devastating Alberta and the world (Rockefellers). Although I think she is just a groomed tool and sycophant, likely not an insider. Establishment politicians have only two interests: power and money.

  3. R. Kallos says:

    She is an Alumni of the WEF…check the website and see for yourself: https://archive.is/8GNSH
    So is Singh and others. Wolf in sheeps clothing.

  4. Andrew says:

    While I take exception to the sex selective abortions comment (are we to put women in a special private room and ask them the reason for abortion…and if it fits certain criteria we judge their reason unjust and deny them?) I think we need also to look at Conservatives feeling pressured to also always be extreme PC which in effect means there are some things which go completely unsaid ignored unless you’re as articulate as Harper or Mulroney. We need to own every argument, be able to sell it and quash jibberish.

    A case in point would be that until recently, we didn’t discuss that we want to improve the living conditions of native Canadians on reserve; and therefore lets build pipelines, keep mills and forestry open and fix the issues of boil water advisories while we’re at it. We see things as obvious to ourselves and believing that others see those things the same way we forget that nearly 2/3 of Canadians who are not conservative need to be sold on most issues.

    They fall for the b/s talk …this is the way Trudeau would word it: "Conservatives don’t care about the environment, or natives, they only care about producing oil and gas while we’re trying to go green". Those on the centre-left would largely swallow this message hook line and sinker.

    It’s sad that Mrs. Rempel-Garner needs to also fashion her wording the way you’ve expressed, but we need to find a way to deliver knock out punches to light, feel-good, fluffy, non-sensical, leftist white washing drivel we’ve all come accustomed to.

    As we saw under Scheer in campaign mode, providing one example/argument to the base and not even speaking to those on the other side (only to campaign volunteers) without sufficiently extinguishing the liberal argument while selling ours effectively to everyone goes nowhere.

  5. Scamdemic says:

    Andrews a clown, white wash? Yea its mainly a white country genius. So in china they need to stop brown washing right? In africa stop black washing? I cannot stand people today. They are complete trash as humans in general.