Media Twist Derek Sloan’s Vaccine Petition to Attack Him

Written By Karl Fluri, Posted on December 3, 2020

Conservative MP Derek Sloan is apparently in hot water over his recent sponsorship of Petition e-2961. This petition, tabled by Sloan a couple of weeks back, is set to address the transparency concerns of some Canadians surrounding the vaccine for Covid.

The petition addresses issues brought forward by numerous Canadians, issues such as the lack of independent safety testing on these vaccines, the fact that the manufacturers have been granted legal immunity for injuries or deaths arising as a result of their products, and the rush to push this vaccine out as fast as possible; leading to an unprecedented circumvention of convention when it comes to safety protocols.

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The view of those, over 22,000 Canadians, who’ve already signed on to this petition is that, without proper testing, this vaccine feels like human experimentation.

The petition seeks to protect Canadians’ right of informed consent, and states that they should be able to make this choice “without disadvantage or prejudice”. It also asks that additional safety protocols be taken, including the creation of an independent committee, with no conflicts of interest, and the power to review all vaccine applications.

The petition also mentions the creation of a “vaccine injury compensation program”, to ensure that manufacturers are responsible for all costs associated with the compensation of those killed or injured by the vaccine.


On its face, it doesn’t appear as though this petition asks anything that should raise any objections, if anything following the demands of the petition would ease the nerves of people who are nervous when it comes to receiving vaccines, yet for some reason, MP Derek Sloan has received some major criticism for his supporting the petition. 

Many are now calling Sloan an anti-vaxxer, and a conspiracy theorist, simply for allowing Canadians to have their say.

“Conservative” commentator Evan Solomon took to Twitter to criticize Sloan for “advocating against the COVID vaccine”, which makes one wonder if he read the same petition as the rest of us:

Steve Kerszner, better known as Ed the Sock, who once ran for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, made sure we all knew he was in fact still trapped in his edgy teen angst phase with this tweet:

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh responded to the news by saying that the spread of such misinformation during a pandemic is dangerous and that it is the responsibility of elected officials to support that which the evidence says will save lives in order to protect the public.

Not sure what “misinformation” Singh is referring to here. In fact, this petition, if properly addressed, was crafted in such a way that it would put an end to conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccines.

Sloan responded to these comments in a series of tweets.

He went on to explain how the system works.

Any Canadian can author a petition, and if certified by the House of Commons & sponsored by an MP, that petition can be introduced and the government is required to respond within 45 days. It is an excellent tool of direct democracy, and I will always support it…The point is to allow citizens to voice their concerns directly to the government. If MPS always agreed with every aspect of a petition – many would never be sponsored.

Parliamentarians often sponsor petitions with which they may not fully agree, in order to allow their constituents to be heard. Although, with the  “no questions allowed” attitude surrounding the Covid rules and regulations these days, views are quite different surrounding this petition, yet Derek Sloan is one of the few who still believes Canadians should have a seat at the table

Some Canadians have questions and, by ignoring these questions and only pushing harder for the measures which many are weary of, the government is only fuelling these conspiracy theories. It is through transparency, on which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals ran the last election, that our leaders can put an end to such theories.

It appears that, in a world where the new normal is centralizing more and more power in the hands of the government, those with questions are vilified as being dangerous, or foolish.

Politicians like Derek Sloan who are willing to give a voice to the people are becoming all the more important in the fight against the elites who believe they should have the right to tell the rest of us how to live.

Karl Fluri

2 responses to “Media Twist Derek Sloan’s Vaccine Petition to Attack Him”

  1. Andra Saltzberg says:

    The lone MP standing up for Canadians!
    Where are the rest of them?
    There should be 100’s doing this & more!
    Why are they hiding…but beaking off at this True Warrior for Canadians?

  2. Ray says:

    Derek Sloan is the poster child for what is wrong with Canada. You can’t be "conservative" while being a member of the Fake conservative party of Canada.
    he’s one of O’Toole’s "Canada’s cuckservatives" who were too effing happy to tweet Team Harris/Biden congratulations for stealing an election.
    Fuck the CPC. Probably eat Chinese communist ass too.