Liberals use tragic Nova Scotia shooting to push gun agenda

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on April 22, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just days after the Nova Scotia rampage called for a ban on all “assault-style weapons” while at the same time both the Liberal government and the police won’t say whether or not the shooter in Nova Scotia had a gun license (PAL).

It may seem like a moot point to publications like Buzzfeed News or anti-gun activist groups, but the possession of a PAL by the shooter in the Nova Scotia rampage makes a huge difference. 

This isn’t to intellectualize away the tragedy, of course, what happened was horrific and some change seems necessary, but whether or not that change should be made to gun laws hinges on how the shooter obtained his firearms.

If the shooter had not possessed a PAL then his possession of any gun would have been illegal already under current laws. Banning a non-existent firearms category like “assault-style weapons” won’t fix the problem as the shooter already was not following the laws and therefore would not follow a gun ban either.

If it was illegally obtained it would be far more fruitful to crack down on the illegal gun market rather than punishing law-abiding gun owners for something the legal gun industry had nothing to do with.

Trudeau at his announcement of the ban said, “I can say that we were on the verge of introducing legislation to ban assault-style weapons across this country…It was interrupted when the pandemic caused parliament to be suspended, but we have every intention of moving forward on that measure, and potentially other measures when parliament returns.”

The fact Prime Minister Trudeau is planning on adding on regulations to firearms in response to this tragedy shows he sees the deaths of 22 individuals as a political opportunity and not the serious issue that it really is. 

Trudeau’s reactionary push for more gun laws today also seems quite out of step with his own Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair who said just two days ago that he wants to avoid any suggestion of politicization of the tragedy.

Although Blair’s comments at that time did not stop him from later declaring it to be “inappropriate” to even ask whether or not the shooter possessed a PAL or Restricted PAL.

This in and of itself is an attempt to politicize the shooting, by omitting key data that allows people to come to their own conclusions about how useful further gun regulations would be.

One detail of the Nova Scotia rampage that seems to be missed in all the Liberals’ regulatory hard-charging is the possession of a mocked-up police cruiser and police uniform the shooter used. 

It would help prevent a repeat of a similar situation would be to ban the possession of replica emergency service uniforms and vehicle models that are currently in use. Part of the reason the tragedy went to the extent that it did and lasted as long as it did was the ability for the shooter to fly under the radar seemingly as another law enforcement officer. 

Based on how the Liberal government, and Trudeau in particular, have been behaving it doesn’t seem unlikely that the question of the shooter’s ability to legally possess firearms won’t be highlighted much when using the tragedy in Nova Scotia to push gun bans in the future. 

It would be wrong to push further regulations of firearms while claiming to be against the politicization of a tragedy, and restricting key information to the public while doing it. This whole situation seems to be leading to some very gross politics.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

15 responses to “Liberals use tragic Nova Scotia shooting to push gun agenda”

  1. Lawrence Tierney says:

    Again the Liberal Party is exploiting the loss of Canadian Lives for their own political gain. All under the Lie, that it is for the Safety of Canadians.

    If Canadians should fear anything, it should be the Liberal Party and its agenda of stripping away Canadians rights and freedoms.

    Canada does not have a Gun Control Problem, Canada has a people Problem.

    More Specifically Canada has a LIBERAL/SOCIALIST Problem.

    Innocents Betrayed – A Brief History of ‘Gun Confiscation’

  2. A says:

    The shooter did not have a gun license. It was said during the broadcast pf the briefing today.

  3. Robert S Sciuk says:

    The real question remains, why was someone who was previously convicted of assault, and under firearm prohibition orders able to possess firearms? It is almost as if they scrutinize the law abiding, and ignore the criminal element entirely , and that public safety simply doesn’t seem to enter into the equation for the Trudeau Liberals. Why is that?

  4. Geoffrey Cox says:

    Would you expect anything less? Never let a crisis go unwarranted on the Liberal side… It’s called, " Easier Passage" Law!

  5. Doug says:

    More tax dollars committed to a platform that will hopefully produce votes as opposed to spending money that will actually help the tax payer. Like increasing police budgets so they can master the SMS messaging system. Or put more RCMP in the field. Nope…liberals want votes…and they will do anything to get them. Health care? Roads? Policing? Nursing homes? Naw…Gun Control!!! That will get more votes!!! Justin is an embarrassment to Canadians.

  6. Delbert Kenney says:

    As if a tragedy such as this isn’t bad enough in itself; the fact that Trudeau and his gang of vultures sit waiting for these horrific crimes to happen, so they can pounce on them to use as propaganda to push their self serving agenda on us, is nothing short of loathsome. Congratulations Justin, you scored big. What luck!

  7. A. says:

    Anybody who thinks they should be pushing more gun control make them do this quiz and then have a conversation:

  8. Joseph says:

    Get rid of the worthless scum liberals and treasonous traitor Trudeau and we won’t have a problem after we fire all of Trudeaus police force! They are just as worthless,quit bringing in illegals and Muslims!

  9. Joseph says:

    We need someone who will speak up for the People of Canada 🇨🇦 not these snivelers and wimps! Dereck Sloane sounds good,he wants to terminate Dr. tam and treasonous traitor Trudeau!

  10. Edward Kennedy says:

    I have also read accounts that indicate the shooter had NO gun licence of ANY KIND. Turdo and his ASSministration are all hoplophobes, and they are good at standing on the bodies of victims and pontificating their lies and leftist nonsense.

  11. george whitehurst says:

    Please, everyone, don’t forget that the removal of various types of firearms in Canada has been going on for more than 30 years. Politicians come and go, but the removal of, and confiscation of firearms is, and always has been the agenda of the LIBERAL PARTY of Canada. Their agenda eventually wants no firearms at all in the hands of law-abiding citizens, as stated at one time by ALLAN ROCK, a one time Liberal MP. No other political party has this agenda. We have all heard the phase " Never let a crisis go to waste." The Liberals are using this crisis to advance their political agenda. Is Trudeau and Blair taking advantage of this crisis? Most definitely!

  12. Rob says:

    At least one of the firearms used was prohibited. It’s not sold in Canada so we know it was obtained illegally. It’s the same handgun issued to the RCMP. The same RCMP that has “lost” more guns than is acceptable. Blair knows that. That’s why he’s attempting to hide the facts from the public. Blair also know that the AR 15 has never been used in a mass shooting in Canada. In saying that it is being used more frequently in shootings in Canada, Blair has demonstrated to us all that he is a liar. And as we know, a liar can NEVER be trusted. A liar is someone who should NEVER hold a position of authority and should NEVER be in a position to influence any kind of laws or policy. In fact, a liar like Blair should NEVER hold a position in government. If Trudeau and Blair had any spine at all, they would deal with the the real problem, gangs. But no, they’d rather harass law abiding people and lie through their teeth every time they open their mouths about guns. They’re both failing miserably in truly protecting Canadians. That’s so obvious they have to know it. So that should have us all question their motives. Remember, Hitler also implemented a gun confiscation prior to his atrocities. Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it.

  13. Craig Sophie says:

    Wait a min now just because that skirt wearing spineless piece of shit is only out for votes & to have control over us born & bread fine upstanding Canadians doesn’t mean he’s a liar. Oh wait now maybe that’s y he wears a skirt!? because his pants keep catching on fire ! Liar Fkn Liar
    So after they take all are " assault weapons " away from us at the expense of the already over taxed payers. Who will they lay blame on the next time some fkn loon with an illegal fire arm goes on killing spree ?
    I love every time I get the opportunity to explain to a liberal idot on what a registered restricted fire arms owner goes through on a daily basis to posses such pieces. I wish there was away to stop the liberal lies.
    It scares me on what are future holds for us if we let this shit happen. Knowing come next election he has the vote from the Masses of "New canadians"
    It’s almost to bad Wortmans mach cruiser didn’t have enough fuel in the tank to make it up to Ottawa!! So Sad

  14. Nick says:

    In the NS shooting update, it was mentioned that only one firearm used was traced back to Canada. Was that particular traced Canadian firearm the firearm that was taken from the deceased police officer along with her magazines?

  15. kman says:

    Was an AR even used?