Justin Trudeau Seems To Think Canadians Are Stupid

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on April 22, 2023

There has been a large convergence of poor political maneuvers and scandals piling up on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently that raises the question; just how stupid does Trudeau think Canadians are? The answer is very.

It all started back at Budget 2023 when Trudeau and Liberal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland rolled out a “grocery tax credit” which was just a lump sum of $467 for Canadian families, which the Liberals framed as “fighting inflation.” Of course, this was just the government spending more money to deal with an inflation problem brought about by the government spending too much money. Paired with the ridiculously bloated universal dental plan, the inflation assistance the Liberals gave to Canadians was utterly worthless in the medium term. 

No matter how self-defeating the “support” the Liberal government is providing to Canadians Trudeau still marketed the grocery rebate hard, while subtly admitting that the inflation crisis was a big problem (an issue he previously blamed on “price gouging”)

Next, after the entire Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation board resigned, and attempted to blame it on the “political climate” instead of the root issue of taking $1,000,000 from a CCP-linked billionaire, Trudeau tried to blame Pierre Poilievre and the Conservative Party for being divisive. 

Both Trudeau and the media tried to defend him, making it seem like the Trudeau Foundation and the prime minister had nothing to do with one another, let alone further indicate the Liberal government’s potential Chinese Communist Party connections.

The issue is that recently Justin Trudeau was caught taking an extremely expensive vacation in Jamacia along with some wealthy friends who are big donors to the Trudeau Foundation. The Prime Minister’s Office has been hesitating to reveal whether or not Justin Trudeau paid for his own accommodations (security and staff cost at least $160,000), but regardless of how his room was paid for, the whole episode helps demonstrate that Trudeau interacts with Foundation donors. 

It is now far more difficult to pretend that a $1,000,000 CCP donor to the Trudeau Foundation cannot get into the ear of the Liberal government.

Justin Trudeau may think the Canadian public is not smart enough to see the obvious ethical issues with how he blends Trudeau Foundation and Canadian government business, but he is surely wrong. 

Trudeau has tried to portray himself as someone who takes national security seriously and would never let a foreign government interfere in Canada’s elections. On top of the CCP scandal he is bumbling through, his recently leaked remarks about never wanting to achieve NATO’s defence spending goals further prove he is a phoney. 

And now that Justin Trudeau has once again found himself in the political gutter from a series of scandals and poor moves by the federal government (including raising the carbon tax again) he has resorted to talking about abortion to try and salvage his political base.

Trudeau always talks a good game while having no intention to follow through or follow through in a way that will actually help. This is the pattern of a man who believes Canadians are stupid and a large portion of the population will buy anything he says because of his self-perceived charisma and his high political position.

To bad for Justin Trudeau that Canadians are far savvier to the games/corruption of Trudeau and the Liberal government and are rewarding them with increasingly poor polling numbers.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

One response to “Justin Trudeau Seems To Think Canadians Are Stupid”

  1. True North says:

    The more time goes by, the less I think that Trudeau cares what anybody thinks. He has undoubtedly surrounded himself with people who tell him what he wants to hear. Problem is, they are all idiots.