Jagmeet Singh Joined Communist Streamer Who Said “America deserved 9-11”

Written By Austin Claypool, Posted on November 26, 2020

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is one of the most recent examples of leftwing politicians to embrace streaming video games online to shore up their popularity. On Wednesday night Singh invited his fans to join him playing the viral multiplayer video game, Among Us on the streaming platform, Twitch. Singh also invited popular communist Twitch streamer Hasan Piker. 

Piker is notorious for his politically-charged rants. In 2019 he received an immense amount of blowback after making comments that America deserved 9/11. He also went on to disparage American troops and attacked Dan Crenshaw, mocking him for the loss of his eye.

Piker, in the aftermath, went on his uncle’s media network The Young Turks, where he worked at the time, where he proceeded to not apologize for his actions and make excuses for his statements, such as claiming that English is not his first language, despite having never shown to have had any problems speaking perfect neutrally-accented English in the past.

The situation raises a number of questions. Of all the leftwing personalities online, why would someone as prominent as Jagmeet Singh choose to share the spotlight with someone as controversial as Hasan Piker? Moreover, why have so many leftwing politicians turned to gimmicks like live-streaming video games to try an obtain social relevance.

The transformation of a public servant to celebrity has always been present in politics. From Trudeaumania in the ’70s to late-night star-in-chief, Barack Obama, there have always been politicians who have ascended their office to achieve a higher level of personal fame. Typically though, capturing the public’s fascination to this extent is reserved for Presidents and Prime Ministers, not freshmen members of the legislature and opposition party leaders. 

Doesn’t Singh have better things to be doing than playing video games online while the Canadian economy continues to lag?

Singh follows in the footsteps of other leftwing politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Live streaming games comes across as an attempt to appear more relatable to younger audiences. It is, in a way, the more technologically-savvy equivalent of Hillary Clinton making awkward comments about Pokémon Go and hot sauce, or Elizabeth Warren uncomfortably cracking a beer in a campaign video.


(Photo from the New York Post)

At the very least those other examples of desperate pandering to seem just like what they think their audience didn’t involved partnering with a vulgar anti-American communist.

The NDP under Singh have been in a popularity free fall as the party loses touch which its traditional based of union workers and increasingly focuses on younger university-age voters, as if destroying the party so Singh can feel hip and cool was a good trade to sacrifice the NDP’s electoral success for.

Singh’s appeal, much like Justin Trudeau’s, is a matter of style over substance. Neither are known amongst their supporters for their accomplishments and principles. Trudeau and Singh welcome and actively encourage celebratory coverage of their fashion sense and attractiveness.


(Photo from the CBC)

It seems Trudeau at least somewhat has a clue and can occasionally remember to running his party once in a while. Singh’s time has leaders has felt increasingly like an attempt for him to become a celebrity, as if he knows the NDP is going nowhere under him.

In order for someone to make it in politics they need to have ideas and a vision for the future that speaks to their constituents. When their ideas can’t convince their audience they pivot to their charisma. If even that fails it’s a good idea, apparently to Singh, to ride on the coattails of a privileged internet communist like Hasan Piker. 

Austin Claypool

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  1. James says:

    Soooo many mischaracterizations in this "article". You’re either willfully ignorant, or purposefully misleading the reader. Either way, this should have stayed in the drafts.

  2. Alka says:

    Question to James: Why don’t you tell us then what are the mischaracterization of Singh? I bet you cannot point out even one as all the info here is true

  3. xander says:

    Bro the clip is so funny yall should watch it