Is Gender Ideology About To Collapse?

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on February 15, 2023

If there ever was an ideology that could be considered immune from reality, it would be gender theory. 

The very inception of the phrase “gender” dates back to the 1950’s and the controversial researcher John Money, who thought that he could transition a boy that suffered a circumcision gone wrong into a girl. The boy had a twin brother that acted as a control, so in theory, a great basis for a scientific experiment. 

There were two giant problems. First, the experiment was an ethical abomination. The sexual experimentation and abuse of children should have been enough to condemn Money’s theory to the dustbin of history. The second major problem was that the whole experiment failed. John  Money was wrong, the story ends in tragedy as the subjects go on to suffer massive trauma and eventually commit suicide.

“Dr.” John Money.

The modern iteration of Gender Theory gets new wind from Postmodernism and Neo-Marxism. In short, a key tenet of Postmodernism is that all relationships are about power and Neo-Marxism alters the Marxist tenet that life is a zero-sum game between the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat and replaces this with a zero-sum game between “oppressors” and “oppressed”. This is the foundation of critical race theory, gender theory, queer theory, and all of the ideologies along these lines.

A quick aside, the postmodern idea of power relationships can be easily debunked by the concept of friendship.

Since its start, gender theory has been one of the most destructive forces within Western civilization. Gender Theory is the basis of all of the institutional “facts” surrounding transgenderism and its treatment of it. Gender theory postulates that sex and gender are different, gender is a state of mind, ergo feeling like a woman makes someone with XY chromosomes a woman and that gender is a fluid category that is not binary (more than just male and female).

If one were to remove themselves from the culture war and the inherent societal pressures and think critically about all of these propositions then the theory would crumble. For example, if you want to claim that transgenderism is biologically based and that transwomen (men) are really women because they were born with a female brain, then you can not have an identity known as “gender-fluid” where someone’s gender could change at any moment. 

Perhaps the most famous logical fallacy is the “what is a woman?” question, made viral by Matt Walsh and his viral movie released in 2022. The film highlighted the circular definition needed to say that transwomen are women, (i.e a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman). There were also some hilarious and horrifying moments that outlined what exactly the gender “experts” believe. The film pushed the gender wars to the forefront of the wider American culture war and made way for Right-wing politicians to wade into the issue.

Although American politics tends to dominate the global political discourse, the epicenter of the gender wars is the United Kingdom. Often nicknamed “TERF Island”, TERF meaning Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist, the UK has had a consistent stream of discourse and controversy around trans issues. The world’s most infamous TERF, JK Rowling, still dominates the current conversation. Rowling committed gender blasphemy when she supported Maya Forstater after she got fired from her job as a researcher for believing that men cannot magically change their sex. Forstater was later vindicated. Now there is a literal witch hunt for those committing the sin of blasphemy by proxy for those who have the audacity to stream the popular new video game Hogwarts Legacy. 

Earlier this month there was a major flashpoint in the gender wars overseas when the Scottish government wanted to make gender self-ID the new standard of law. Basically, anyone who says they are a woman or a man would be considered such under the law. SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon declared that any opposition to this constituted homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, and all the necessary “ists” and “isms”. After all, what could possibly go wrong with gender self Id?

Well, almost immediately serial rapist, Adam Graham, declared himself a woman and was moved to a women’s prison. This sparked massive outrage as the masses who have either parroted gender theory talking points or stuck their heads in the sand were forced to deal with the logical endgame of Gender Theory. Graham was moved back into a men’s prison and Nicola Sturgeon had to end an amendment to the mantra “Transwomen are women”, which is unless they rape a woman. Still, no telling what other crimes change your biology or if it is the act of sexual violence or the legal conviction that has a biological impact.

There was another major victory for those who understand and defend biological reality when the Tavistock gender clinic was shut down when it was shown that they were not providing adequate consultations and basically streamlining kids into a medical process that results in sterilization.  

All of this illustrates why gender theory needs to be enforced by the tyranny of the mob. Nowhere is this more evident than in Canada. In Vancouver in 2019, radical trans activists vandalized a rape crisis centre for refusing to allow men to be housed with sexually abused women. Rape and death threats were hurled at the establishment for their cardinal sin of TERFism. 

The most famous instance of gender theory criticism goes back to the rise of Jordan Peterson and his critique of Bill C-16 which would compel Canadians into using people’s preferred pronouns or risk running afoul of the country’s discrimination laws. This caused a major uproar and backlash, however, C-16 is not the most egregious Gender Theory inspired law and Jordan Peterson is not the worst case of political persecution. 

Bill C-4 in Canada outlawed “conversion therapy”. When we think of conversion therapy we think of a gay man hooked up to electrical currents being zapped whenever images of men come on a screen in an attempt to reverse their homosexuality. First, everyone agrees that this is wrong and second it was already illegal. Under the new law, conversion therapy is considered for anyone who strays away from the “affirmation model” of gender. So if a child of any age goes to a therapist and claims to be the opposite sex, is it now illegal for the therapist to do anything but go along fully with what the child says? They cannot explore if there is another underlying issue or if the child is confused and isn’t at an age to articulate themselves properly. The therapist must start them down the path toward full transitioning.

Although Jordan Peter did face down an international mob for his views, it is nothing to the modern-day witch trial of BC nurse Amy Hamm. Amy Hamm is a single mother of two and a nurse that is being subjected to years of legal harassment from the BC College of Nurses for her belief that men are not women and cannot become women. It is important to note that the trial of Hamm was triggered by a complaint by trans activists and not a patient that she interacted with. Some of her sins include: Believing that men and women are different biological categories, protesting the placement of males in female prisons, and of course blasphemy by proxy when she took a photo in front of a billboard in support of JK Rowling.

The Man who put up the billboard was children’s rights activist Chris Elston, also known as “Billboard Chris” online. Elston, after taking part in having the “I ❤️ JK Rowling” billboard put up in Vancouver, decided to put on a sandwich board stating “Children cannot consent to puberty blockers” in order to have conversations with people all over the US and Canada regarding the sterilizing of children who are medically transitioned. Since he started this, he has gained a massive following and done such things as helped expose Boston Children’s Hospital for targeting children playing with opposite-sex toys for gender transitioning and exposing the utter lack of medical knowledge trans activists.

The British author Helen Joyce identifies two main impulses that drive the gender theory movement in her book “Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality”. First, people want to be able to be at the forefront on a new human rights frontier. We live in a culture that wants to fight injustice and looks back on the people who marched with Dr. Martin Luther King as civil rights heroes. Everyone wants to believe that they would have been the ones who would have stood beside MLK in the 1960s. These people see trans as the new civil rights frontier and want to look back on themselves in a few decades as being on the “right side of history”.

The second is that all the major LGBT activist organizations, like Stonewall, needed a new cause after they accomplished their goals on gay rights issues like marriage equality. There is still the major infrastructure and donor base in place so the political entropy carried them over to the trans issue.

The Trans Medical Industry

I will add another factor to all of this: the massive cash cow that the medicalization of transgenderism brings to the pharmaceutical industry.

The old adage that things that burn hot and bright tend to burn out faster, seems to be a potential future of Gender Ideology. After an explosion of Gender theory in mainstream culture after Catlyn Jenner declared themselves transgender, it seems like the movement is now to be tested.

There is now an organized counter-movement from both the political Right and the feminist movement. Politicians in conservative primaries now have a cultural issue to gain support from, which should eventually lead to some counter-legislation. 

Gender Theory heavily relies on fear and indifference from the wider population. These forces are unsustainable in the long term. The process of metaphorically putting heads on spikes to keep everyone in line can work to silence establishment-reliant voices, but will ultimately force the wider population to confront the issue. In Canada, this is what is being done to Amy Hamm. This witch hunt can bully the Globe and Mail into writing a hit piece on her, but if successful, it will force people to deal with the question of whether a single mother of two should lose her job for saying there are two sexes. What you gain in cultural compliance you lose in your perception of false benevolence. 

Currently, Gender Theorists have near total control of the institutions. For example, the NCAA allows men to compete against women, thus leading to the Lia Thomas story. This great display of trans activism resulted in millions of people who had no stake or exposure to the issue seeing its ridiculous end result. There is currently a culture of fear around the issue, but that can be counteracted by an opposition gaining critical mass where people cannot be picked off individually.

The belief that gender ideology will be the popular historical perspective is integral to the movement. What is being done in reality is the mass sterilization of gay and autistic children. The most prominent researcher on this issue in Canada was Ken Zucker. He had shown that most children, about 80%, who express gender dysphoria grow out of it after puberty and settle into life as a homosexual. The more sunlight shown on the issue the more people will discover that gender theory is a homophobic eugenics program. Hard to be a good progressive and support that.

There is also a legal timebomb attached to a major pillar of the gender craze, the insurance companies. In the last decade, many kids have been fast-tracked onto the path towards sterilization and mutilation, but now we are seeing a wave of de-transitioners coming forward with lawsuits for the medical malpractice committed against them. The pharmaceutical industry might be making billions off of this and has no economic need to adhere to the truth, but the insurance industry stands to lose money from embracing the lie that these medications and surgeries are safe. Once the levees break, and a wave of class action lawsuits hit these doctors and gender clinics things will change quite rapidly. 

In the gender wars, all of these victories are a great sign and may not be an end to the war, but perhaps it is an end to the beginning. If you do want to stop the medical experimentation on children faster find the courage to stand up and make your voice heard and encourage others to do the same.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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  1. Jen says:

    Those are not before and after photos of Lia Thomas, it’s Iszac Henig on the left.

  2. NancyW says:

    There has been so much selfish damage done to the mother, father and children unit. Is it the so called ever changing feminist movement they have never represented me but I am old? Is it what is propaganda not education for children in these modern schools who are learning little but told how they should think instead? Or so many women calling children parasites, wanting abortions free sex, drugs and alcohol they all claim is so much fun now, wild partying? No respect or dignity for themselves or anyone else’s life. " I live for fun, I have no children or legacy to leave behind me so I just enjoy my life" was said to me, by a fifty five year old but she believes the world is ending and other things just like in this article describes are funny, and "why not be whatever you want" she holds down a high paying job, never married. I wonder how any of these people will feel when they reach my age, but pray for them to remain well into their dotage because they will need to be able to hire someone to care and look after them if they become ill or disabled but they probably think in Canada anyway there is euthanasia available on demand ?? Yes I like fun and good company but not at anyone else’s expense, so I find it very hard to laugh at all this sickness going on the breakdown of our countries.

  3. Darle says:

    Bottom line….this about the cabal .These evil doers are trying to wipe out motherhood . They do not want women to have children. The clot shot has done a good job of this because now women are having problems with their pregnancies . They want to eliminate child birth . They also want everyone to be a neutral being with no true identity .They do not want humans to have freedom in any respect . Too many people are playing right into their trap. Children should never be coerced or tricked into changing their sex and identity , because they are way too young to make such a decision. This is not about gender identity , it is about trickery by very evil people .Anyone who agrees with this madness has been completely taken in by the the cabal and agenda 30 .

  4. Richard Courtemanche says:

    Not being natural and normal, it should self-destruct!