Four extremely dumb facts about the ‘assault-style’ weapons ban

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on May 18, 2020

Everyone finds the recent Nova Scotia shooting disturbing and tragic, but we should all also really find the new ‘Assault-Style’ weapons ban disturbing, although for different reasons.

Even if you were in favour of fewer gun rights or wanted more, reasonable people reading the new ‘Assault-Style’ weapons ban should have some alarms going off because it’s seriously badly written, illogical on different levels, and is overall blatantly contradictory. 

Here are four reasons proving my point:

#1: The ban doesn’t address the greatest concern highlighted by the Nova Scotia shooting: blackmarket firearms

It’s now clear the Nova Scotia shooter illegally obtained most of his firearms from the United States and the then-current Canadian firearms laws functioned correctly and didn’t need rewriting, i.e. the shooter was correctly identified as a menace to society.

However, the glaring issue of Blackmarket firearms made obvious by the shooting remains unaddressed by Trudeau’s Liberals. 

The threats of illegal gun trafficking and homemade/semi-homemade weapons in Canada have been growing for years, and if the government had responded to the recent shooting by confronting the Blackmarket firearms trade, I’d be completely on board.

Instead, all we got was a ban restricting legal firearms, which will do nothing to stop the next Nova Scotia-type mass killing; again, because most of the shooter’s guns were illegally obtained. This fact alone makes the idea of banning weapons to address the Nova Scotia killings idiotic.

#2: It prohibits bolt-action rifles and some shotguns; hunting weapons, not ‘Assault-Style’ weapons 

The Honourable Minister of Public Safety Bill Blair recently claimed the new ban doesn’t prohibit 10-12 gauge shotguns, but this is incorrect. 

While not banning all shotguns, it does prohibit firearms with a 20mm+ bore and for you gun-illiterates (I include myself in that group), the bore is the interior diameter of a gun’s barrel. 

Many 10-12 gauge shotguns made for hunting do indeed have a bore of 20+mm, so the ban effectively makes these illegal and the Honourable Mr. Blair is incorrect to state otherwise.

Also banned are a number of bolt-action rifles, again, for the understanding of gun-noobs, bolt-action guns must be reloaded after each firing, with no self-loading capability.

One of the more ridiculous parts of the new ban is that this term: ‘assault weapon/rifle’ has no established legal definition, making it slippery to codify in law, although loose characteristics people have in mind when they think of ‘Assault’ rifles is self-loading/feeding, and capable of semi/full-automatic fire. 

Bolt-action rifles and shotguns have neither of these capabilities, so why are they in the ‘Assault-Style’ weapons ban? The answer is the ban was badly thought out and is dumb.

#3: It doesn’t completely ban ‘Assault-Style’ rifles 

In justifying the ban, PM Trudeau said there’s  “no use and no place for such weapons in Canadian society,” but the ban actually excludes numerous ‘assault-style/military-grade assault rifles,’ and some of these models are popular in Canada.


Is there anything dumber or more symbolic of a failed law than one that doesn’t accomplish what it says it does? Because that’s this ban. It is all for the appearance of being ‘woke’ on gun control by mass banning a large sounding number of rifles, and on top of not making Canadians any more safe, it doesn’t even make sense from a gun control perspective.

#4: It was made law without parliamentary review, and reads like it

Trudeau didn’t follow the normal parliamentary process when he made the ban into law, instead of using the Order in Council method.

Trudeau currently heads a minority government, so he doesn’t have the mandate to magnanimously make laws. The only reason he got away with it this time is that parliament has been temporarily disbanded due to COVID-19.

But why is this point on a list of dumb things about the gun ban though? Isn’t this a legal/parliamentary procedure issue?  Well, there was actually a good reason Trudeau’s Liberals should’ve brought the ban before Parliament. 

One benefit of having a Parliamentary democracy is the debating process: where new laws get vetted by representatives and combed meticulously for errors, and the Liberals would have benefitted from that process here. The ban is confusing, horribly written, and edited. It wasn’t just amoral for Trudeau to dodge the democratic process – it was also dumb. 

We are still today trying to figure out what is and is not banned as the RCMP have released statements attempting to clarify why certain firearms were banned based on increasingly arbitrary details in the designs of individual firearms. 

All this confusion and needless expense for something that accomplishes nothing. Sounds dumb to me.

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

6 responses to “Four extremely dumb facts about the ‘assault-style’ weapons ban”

  1. Trudeau is a dictator, or a want to be, when one wants to be number 1 rule is get rid of all guns, so he needs to be stopped NOW, or we will have a larger problem in the future, we don’t necessarily needs a gun to stop him at this point in time

  2. Dwayne Mehrer says:

    Well written article sir, better researched than many we see coming out of the "mainstream media" these days.
    Besides the fact that being done through OIC means no parliamentary procedure, no discussion, no voting, what Canadians need to be aware of most is that the precedent for seizing privately owned property "for the common good" is now in place.
    None of us needs a second car, a boat, an RV, a motorcycle which exceeds 100kph or air conditioning. All of them increase our carbon emissions and are bad for us as a whole. None of us NEED them, correct?
    Now if deemed "for the greater good" the groundwork for seizure of your property has been laid.
    Quick question here folks, what do we call governments which take our property without voting or parliamentary procedure?

  3. Kathy says:

    I agree with you 100 percent. I feel this man is a dictator and he seriously needs to be removed from government before he completely destroys Canada.

  4. Kris says:

    Don’t forget the main argument they used was “these are not hunting or sporting rifles”. Yet they put a specific provision in the new rules exempting First Nations people… reasoning?… because they use these firearms to… wait for it… HUNT!!!??? There is so many contradictions in this OIC who knows where to even start.

  5. Ken madore says:

    This little tinhorn dictator thinks he’s solved the gun problem. I have news for this idiot. You can say these firearms are now prohibited but getting them is going to be another story. Canadians as a rule will follow the law but only ones that are put in place legally. Mr True-dope you’ve created a shitstorm with the likes that has never been seen in Canada before. You’ve set the stage to see what law abiding citizens will do when forced into a corner. My only hope is you and your puppet safety minister are one of the first to fall. I highly suspect that won’t happen because anything more stressful that multicolored socks , you disappear into the background like the coward you are. (Covid-19) case and point.

  6. Chris says:

    You forgot #5 and #6. #5 — This ban also includes 3 websites and a toy airsoft gun, which can only mean one thing. In order for them to come up with such a large list, they had to have used Google!

    6 — Almost 1/3 of the weapons on this list are ALREADY banned because they fall under the Controlled Goods Act. How do you ban something that is already banned?