Far-Left Activists Encourage ANTIFA Harassment Of James Topp Meet And Greet

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 27, 2022

It is not a shock that you will find nasty people on Twitter, making all sorts of vulgar remarks and personal attacks, but it is another thing to have people actively encourage ANTIFA to disrupt meet and greet events with pro-freedom veteran James Topp.

Carla Crotty, a freelance writer who has previously done work for the CBC, posted information about an event in the Newfoundland and Labrador down of Gander with James Topp, asking if the event will go forward “Or will the NL antifa run them out of that town too??” with an option on a poll that reads “Antifa baby!” 

It seems that Crotty and ANTIFA organizers have been specifically attempting to disrupt every event James Topp has tried to hold in the province, specifically demanding local municipal governments prevent them from using public meeting places from being used by Topp and his supporters.

Although Crotty and ANTIFA accounts claim to only be contacting local authorities to stop these events, the violent language they use is clearly meant to create concerns about having the event move forward. Crotty wanting people “run out of town” and ANTIFA accounts talking about organizing “aggressively” against PPC candidates they don’t like clearly does not give off the impression they aren’t in favour of more physical confrontation if local government does not step in to shut down events for them.

What is especially disgusting is how the far-left activists label Topp standing up to discriminatory mandates as being “hateful” with the smug self-satisfaction of high school mean girls trying to build themselves up by attacking others. 

Apparently, the NL ANTIFA people think they are fighting “fascism” by disrupting Topp’s events as if the textbook definition of Fascism involved opposing overbearing government social and economic controls. I suppose it shows how pickled many people’s minds are these days that they consider ideologies that seek to take top-down control of society as being associated with conservatives who believe in individualism and personal liberty. 

There is nothing hateful about anything Topp is doing, and other than hack journalists like Rachel Gilmore, and virtueless left-wing agitators, the vast majority of Canadians either have no strong feelings about Topp or believe he is a hero for his march across Canada. 

What is quite sad in all of this is that the unhinged leftist activists actually do get weak-kneed down councils to back down. Carla Crotty and the Newfoundland ANTIFA types were at the least able to get the town of Gander to closely monitor James Topp’s casual meet and greet event looking for excuses to try and shut them down. 

Clearly a meet and greet event in a parking lot at a recreational facility is not harming anyone, but the town is going to read local bylaws in an overly-broad way to try and pressure Topp from holding his event. This is clearly just using bureaucracy to try and gatekeep certain events from taking place when clearly the rules would never be applied in this way for any other casual meeting, and nor should they be. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

9 responses to “Far-Left Activists Encourage ANTIFA Harassment Of James Topp Meet And Greet”

  1. Angela Piercey says:

    Lol…how gullible are these clowns? This is not very good reporting, as I’m sure you realize. There is no NL ANTIFA you bunch of fools! Ms. Crotty is being facetious and making fun of the disinformation destination crew. And every one of you RWNJ fell for it. James Topp and his gang of illiterates are not welcome by the majority of Newfoundlanders. They only have their pitiful echo chamber of lies and conspiracies to comfort them. They don’t need us. We definitely don’t need them. I’m sure all this is proving is that NLers are not as stupid as some people think, and it’s pissing them off.

    • Wyatt Claypool says:

      "There is no NL ANTIFA…Also, we need to run people we falsely label as fascists out of town."

      You are a clown.

    • Merlin says:

      Dear Cow,

      You do not represent Newfies. You are only representative of the farm animals the media have domesticated into being fine with tyranny. I am sure many other farm animals feel free and secure right up until the treadmill they stepped unto zaps them on the head to kill them.

  2. Peter Yetman says:

    Angela Piercy you are one of the filth on this island that gives Newfoundlanders a bad name. Show some respect for our veterans. Oh right never mind you people don’t respect yourselves let alone a veteran that has fought for our freedoms. Do us all a favor and keep getting jabbed up not only for covid but for pride pox as well. Disgusting waste of human flesh the whole lot of you. Karma will get ya I will promise you that…

  3. Angela Piercey says:

    What’s wrong little boys? Can’t have truth smacking you in the face now can you? Personal attacks are all you lot are good for. Try deradicalizing yourselves and you’ll truly see the love and freedom. And peace. And yes, I’m right. Why do you think that dishonoured "soldier" wasn’t welcome in very many places in NL. It’s like I said, you’re all pissed off because the majority of Newfies are as (free) dumb as you thought. Cry some more ya babies! 😂

  4. Fuckangela says:

    Angela….watch your fucking back maggot bitch

  5. Fuckangela says:

    Carla Crotty is a absolutely disgusting hateful rotten pile of shit. I knew her for years and watched every friend she had turn their backs on the disgusting maggot. She’s absolutely pathetic and should be very careful who she’s fucking with these days …

  6. Fuckangela says:

    If anyone wants Angela Piercers address feel free to ask….

  7. Angela Piercey says:

    Oh my..someone is a little triggered. Why don’t ya simmer down a bit. I bet there’s froth in your mouth, isn’t there? Lol, if anyone wants my address they can ask me. And if you do know my address, you must also know that it would be a sorry thing on your part to come handy. But I know you’re just full of shit, like the rest of you lot. Entertaining: yes
    Sane: nope