Erin O’Toole should Resign Before he Destroys the Conservative Party

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 19, 2021

Erin O’Toole claims to be a  “true blue” leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, the guy who is going to “take back Canada,” is against cancel culture and won’t remove Conservative MPs from the caucus for voicing different opinions on hot button issues.

Well, that didn’t last too long. Now Erin O’Toole has barred the most outspoken Conservative MP in his caucus, Derek Sloan, from running for the party in the next election, and is moving to try and boot him out of the caucus itself. 

What did Sloan do? 

Sloan received a small $131 donation from white supremacist Paul Fromm to his CPC leadership campaign, who not only donated under the obscure version of his name “Frederick P. Fromm” but was one of 13,000 people that donated to Sloan’s campaign.

Sloan explained the situation perfectly, stating that not only was he not aware of the donation being made by Fromm, but that if anyone was going to catch it, it should have been the Conservative Party who allowed Fromm to sign up for a membership and vote and also did not notice Fromm’s name when they were verifying Sloan’s donations, of which the party gets a 10% cut from.

O’Toole or the Conservative Party responded to none of what Sloan said and just stuck to their narrative that somehow the donation from Fromm confirms Sloan, a man married to someone who is not white, is somehow a racist. 

Sloan on Monday night said in a live video to supporters that “I’m not going down without a fight,” and he absolutely right to do so. O’Toole is the one who should be facing expulsion from the Conservative Party over what clearly looks like a set up to dump Sloan.


Even if you are someone who dislikes Sloan the one positive thing you can say about him is that he is very consistent. If he says something you know he believes it and will defend his stance when the media comes to attack him for being conservative.

O’Toole on the other hand is a notorious flip-flopper. The man ran as a red-tory in the 2017 Conservative leadership race, and then in 2020 became “true blue” overnight.

O’Toole when it was politically convenient defended Sloan from possible expulsion from the Ontario Conservative caucus after Sloan was smeared as a racist for criticizing Dr. Theresa Tam, and now an under the radar donation from Paul Fromm is enough to knife Sloan over. 

During the entire election, O’Toole was pushing the notion he was a free speech warrior and was against cancel culture while a senior member of his campaign team was suing a journalist for reporting on O’Toole’s connections to controversial organizations.

Photo from BayToday.

Photo from BayToday.

O’Toole was caught saying that he was a good second choice for pro-life CPC members after Leslyn Lewis or Sloan in a leaked Zoom town hall recording during the 2020 leadership race and then pivoted back to being flatly pro-choice when confronted on his claims of being friendly to pro-life voters. 

Derek Fildebrandt over at the Western Standard was right when he called this recent action by O’Toole and the Conservative Party leadership “the most botched purge I can recall,” as the whole charade seems to be quickly falling apart. 

Not only has the Western Standard been approached by multiple CPC MPs, and party officials who are anonymously making known their disgust of Sloan’s removal, but some have revealed that this was all a ploy to prevent Sloan and the Campaign Life Coalition from getting socially conservative delegates to the CPC party convention

Fildebrandt suspects that the whole ousting of Sloan may have been a setup, as names are not publicly available for donations made under $200 and Press Progress, who originally reported on the donation, should have no access to that information and could have only realistically have been made known by Conservative Party or someone inside Elections Canada.

There is no possible way to justify the removal of Derek Sloan in the first place, and now that it seems like this nonsense was all a manufactured hit, the only person that should be contemplating packing their bags and leaving the party should be Erin O’Toole.

Photo from The Hill Times.

Photo from The Hill Times.

Erin O’Toole is playing Trudeau’s game and Trudeau is likely to win massively.

O’Toole not only has a track record of being a flip-flopping liar, but this more recent attempted purge of an actual honest and decent man should be a bridge too far for any Conservative member. The party membership and Conservative MPs should be pushing for O’Toole’s removal from the party.

The most honourable thing Erin O’Toole could do now is resign.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

20 responses to “Erin O’Toole should Resign Before he Destroys the Conservative Party”

  1. John says:

    I voted for Otoole to become leader of the conservatives
    I WILL NOT vote for him to be PM, not after this bs

  2. L Peacock says:

    I did not vote for him as leader. I voted for Leslyn Lewis. Looks like I was right in my first choice O’toole is not the leader for me in the next election.

  3. TedR says:

    Mr. O’Toole has shown how incapable he is of restoring Conservative principals to the Party that he is supposed to represent. I have written to him on many occasions and stated that he can not appease his way into leadership of the CPC or the Leadership of Canada. Appeasement is a weak tool of a weak leader. If you believe in something, stand up. be recognized. You will never please everyone , but be firm, believe in something.

    • William says:

      Might want to look into how OToole was installed as leader
      The voting system crashed and when it came back on Sloan was out
      Sounds like Dominion was used to install him

  4. Sherry Perley says:

    I did not vote for him, I voted for Derek hoping to get an honest conservative, now the head of the party knocks him down! Shame on you Erin the tool!

  5. Eli says:

    Too late, between Scheer for Brains and O’Toole the Tool the CPC is pretty much dead. And between the last two leaders chasing the Liberals and their policies, things are likely going to get much worse before they get better.

  6. Jeffery Behm says:

    I never voted for him, and will never vote for him. O’Toole has to go.

  7. Never did get my ballot in time for the CPC Election, I was going to vote for Sloan, now this. O’toole has to go. I’m so sick of unprincipled politicians.

  8. Eileen McRae says:

    There seems to be a campaign afoot to smear not only Conservative MP’s, but the Conservative leader himself. Who is orchestrating this smear campaign? Someone really does want to provoke conservatives to do all this in-fighting amongst themselves, perhaps with the motive of weakening the party. Now, I wonder who stands to gain from a weakened Conservative Party, especially with the probability of a snap election this spring?

    From the comments that I am reading here and on other media sites, the smear campaign definitely is working. Many of you are gullible if you cannot see this for what it really is. ”A house divided falls; a house united stands.”

  9. Max says:

    Sounds more like the backroom left working overtime stirring the pot.

  10. Wesley Mussio says:

    It is very obvious that O’Toole is taking out his foe instead of working across all political views in this party to become more inclusive. Cancel Culture does not below in any centre right party. Notice how the left always raises these issues but never cuts anyone from their party if they are “too far left”.

  11. J Cline says:

    Pierre Poilievre should be leader!

  12. Jan Finochio says:

    An mp should never be muzzled and should have EVERY RIGHT to voice his/Her convictions even if they differ from their party stand. Sloan needs to stay and defend his rights within the PC party. He has a great political career ahead of him. Many Canadians are on board with his ideas/convictions and want a strong, just, educated, moral leader like him to lead their country one day. I know I do!

  13. Angela says:

    O"Toole is a toxic CPC leader and has to go… He is not inclusive but control freak who should join the Liberal Party of Canada…!!

    • William says:

      We have three people that are true conservative Pierre Poilievre,Randy Hillier and Derek Sloan
      We need to keep Canada as a sovereign Country
      We need to end this political hoax and get the country back to work
      Replacing one Globalist with another is ridiculous
      OToole’ has the same agenda as Trudeau

  14. Wayne Warren says:

    He must be removed and replaced with the next player that had the second number of ballots and it must be done asap or the people will be in a Civil War all thanks to a weak leader and their will be bloodshed you can count on that as people have been cheated once again.

  15. Mike Nous-defions says:

    There he is; the man who has a banana 🍌 as a backbone, O’Toole.

    Voted for this “fine gentlemen”, it won’t happen again; not after his stunt with Derek Sloan.

    Disposing a political opponent the way O’Toole pulled off is trudeau style, low class and fits into the category of “morally bankrupt”. Unworthy of a leader of the Conservative Party.

  16. William says:

    Replacing one Globalist like Trudeau with OToole’ is ridiculous
    We don’t need another corrupt politician as PM
    We need people that put Canadians first and the country first
    We need honest politicians like Pierre Poilievre Derik Sloan and Randy Hillier
    People with conviction and a back bone
    We need to end this current political hoax and get back to work and promote safe old reliable drugs that are being withheld in Canada
    We don’t need to lose our sovereignty by signing away our rights
    We need the the government to follow the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
    We need to support the elderly the homeless and the veterans
    We need an immigration system that allows people from every country and every religion
    Let’s get Canada back on track and purge the corruption out of this country
    Bill Gates and George Soros and their Foundations have no right to interfere in this country’s political system and we need to stop them and China from buy our land and Natural resources
    We need to be independent of the World Economic Forum and the United Nations
    We also need to free up the news media and put the truth before propaganda

  17. Delorus Gerdun says:

    I don’t think he should be the leader I don’t like what he is doing now he is doing after the other in your face