Dr. Tam Agreed to Keep WHO Secrets: Will the MSM Apologize for Calling Derek Sloan a Racist?

Written By Roderick Karl G. Addun, Posted on March 1, 2021

Dr. Theresa Tam’s agreement with the World Health Organization (WHO) in terms of confidentiality cannot be brushed aside easily because of her position with the Canadian Federal Government as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Health advisor.

Rebel News obtained documents showing that Dr. Tam had by signing an agreement with the WHO agreed to keep secret information discussed by the WHO, that she was privy to, which contradicted health advice they were putting out. This, in effect, also meant Dr. Tam would have to promote WHO health advice as Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer, as disagreeing with it would inevitably require her to reveal why the WHO’s recommendations were wrong.

As a public servant, Dr. Tam has both a duty and obligation to inform Canadians on what is really going on within the WHO regarding COVID-19, especially while utilizing their recommendations.

However, since Dr. Tam works with both the Canadian government as a health advisor and the WHO as a specialist, the blatant conflicts of interest lead one to questions of whether or not she is capable of fully dedicating herself to looking out for the health and safety of Canadians while being under non-disclosure agreements with the WHO, which has been shown to be heavily influenced by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Director-General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom, and People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping.

Director-General of the WHO Tedros Adhanom, and People’s Republic of China President Xi Jinping.

In one instance, Dr. Tam had previously stated that people who are asymptomatic with COVID may choose not to wear a mask and that people who have been in contact with possible positive COVID carriers must wear a medical mask to not spread the infection.

After a few days, however, Dr. Tam suddenly reversed her statement about mask-wearing, which was verily in line with the WHO statement, which requires everyone to wear a mask regardless of being asymptomatic.

Last April, MP Derek Sloan, while still an MP for the Conservative Party of Canada, questioned whether Dr. Tam’s interests are really to represent Candians’ public health concerns; or to play cover for the WHO, which parroted talking points for the CCP.

Although MP Sloan’s concerns were valid, and later proven to be not misplaced, both Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the legacy news media portrayed Sloan as a “racist” for merely asking a very obvious question: Is Dr. Tam acting for the benefit of Canadians, or for China by pushing bad WHO health advice uncritically.

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Dr. Tam herself was not shy to throw out the accusation of racism when it suited her agenda. Many Canadians remember back in January Dr. Tam implied those who wanted to cut off flights coming into Canada from China were racist.

As a reminder, “Chinese” is a nationality and not a race; however, every time there are criticisms against the Chinese government, both the federal Liberals and the legacy media label said criticisms as “racist.” Sloan had clearly criticized Dr. Tam for her incompetence in her role, and how it stemmed from her ties to the WHO, but the media decided to ignore all of that in order to call Sloan a racist.

Rightfully so, being a racist is one of the worst things you can be in today’s world, which should give everyone in the media pause before labeling something/someone as racist, but because the political left wanted to get at Sloan they felt no compunction with smearing his character.


Canadians only want the truth on what is happening with COVID-19 because the pandemic has forever changed the lives of everyone. From the way Canadians interact with each other, live our daily lives, and even the state of both our country and economy.

If Dr. Theresa Tam is not going to fulfill both her duty and obligation to Canadians as a public servant, then is there even a need for Dr. Tam to remain in her position due to her conflicts of interest?

The same goes for the legacy media. If the media has so little integrity they won’t apologize to Derek Sloan for impugning his character with false charges or implications of racism, then what information can they be trusted to accurately portray to the Canadian public?

As of today the media has still not apologized for or corrected, their old stories ginning up hatred towards Sloan despite his concerns regarding Dr. Tam’s conflicts of interest being unquestionably well-placed.

Roderick Karl G. Addun

2 responses to “Dr. Tam Agreed to Keep WHO Secrets: Will the MSM Apologize for Calling Derek Sloan a Racist?”

  1. Alan Walter says:

    As a person who has worked in health and sciences for 30+ years I was aware that Tam was passing incorrect information from the start. Unfortunately now that time has passed we are all stuck with the repercussions of her misleading information. My question now is, when will that same trickle down effect that Tam’s incompetence caused every medical officer of health to institute unnecessary and invasive mandates be reversed. My best guess will be never. Nobody wants to admit that the misinformation from one person was able to fool these supposedly intelligent medical professionals into killing an entire country’s economy as well as made prisoners of its innocent citizens.

  2. Del R. says:

    It was the Liberal bribed Media that look for any excuse to be butt-hurt, protect the Liberals, and find offense in anything not fascist left. Mr. Sloan’s comment had absolutely nothing to do with race. The very same question should have been aimed at Trudeau and Hajdu. Claiming Derrick’s comment was racist was what people wanted to think.

    This Media manipulation of information and statements was glaringly evident concerning President Trump’s restriction on travel from seven countries. His travel ban was on countries that are well-known breeding grounds for terrorism and terrorists, not an attack on Muslims. Most, but not all, are Muslim majority countries is also a fact, but fascist left Media deliberately chose to provide their preferred version. Make your own decisions.