Derek Sloan and Pro-Life Groups Dominate During Conservative Party Convention

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 20, 2021

Despite being removed from the Conservative Party caucus on false grounds, then having his membership pulled, and EDA under attack by the party leadership Hastings-Lennox and Addington MP Derek Sloan persisted on his plan to promote the true blue grassroots of the party to get involved in the Conservative Party Convention this year, which is likely the real reason Erin O’Toole had moved to remove him back in late January.

The CPC leader may be Erin O’Toole but his general unpopularity indicates that within the party, outside of strict party loyalists, that the base is unhappy with his consistent shift to the left since becoming a leader. Look no further than O’Toole’s speech on day 2 of the convention that has been widely seen as both lacking in substance, while surrendering to Liberal Party narratives.

Sloan from the outside along with pro-life groups like the Campaign Life Coalition, Right Now, and PAFE, were able to dominate the discourse within this year’s convention more than most as it was an online event, that wouldn’t just bring in the most establishment of party members due to travel costs. 

When the results came out for both the amendments to the Conservative constitution as well as changes, additions, and removals to party policy Sloan’s team had succeeded on almost every item he either supported or opposed. 

The only two items not passed, Sloan’s team was looking to support, were minor constitutional changes that they said they could take or leave, one of which was regarding increasing the mandatory proportion of youth delegates to the convention. 

(Photo from CTV News)

(Photo from CTV News)

One big victory was the defeat of Environment policy A – 2340 regarding the inclusion of the statement that “we recognize that climate change is real” as well as positioning responsibility to reduce GHG emissions on private business, and putting emphasis on a conservative government to invest heavily into green technology.

The mainstream media mainly focused on the “climate change is real” statement when speaking about the policy being defeated, but the vast majority of members opposing the policy did so on the grounds that it was emphasizing the utilization of inefficient “green technology”.

Many also stated that adding in that “climate change is real” into a policy submission was an obvious truism meant to set the stage for potential carbon pricing policies, despite the reality of climate change having no bearing on whether or not those types of environmental policies are effective and or harmful to the Canadian economy.

Other items defeated by the efforts of Sloan’s team and the pro-life groups were anti-democratic constitutional changes that would have done such things as:

  • Required a new CPC member to hold their membership for 180 days before they could vote in any party elections.

  • Increased the time the CPC could take to process a new membership application from 21 days to 90 days. 

  • Required someone wanting to run for a position within the CPC to have had a membership for more than a year and a vague track record of “party activism”

  • Disallowed people from running for any position at the party if they had been previously disqualified or disallowed from running by the National Candidate Selection Committee or Leadership Election Organization Committee.

  • Disallowed people from running for positions within the CPC if they have ever engaged in legal action against the party regardless if it was justified or not.

They were also able to block some other policies attempting to replace the CPC’s stated “compassionate social policy” with “progressive social policy” a blatant move towards left-wing politics. 


Overall it is quite ironic that the more Erin O’Toole keeps trying to sideline Derek Sloan, as well as move away from the pro-life organizations, the close the CPC base seems to grow towards them. 

As the 2021 Conservative convention wraps up it very much seems there is a big disconnect in priorities between the CPC leadership and the base, who evidently seem to prefer someone like Sloan as a leader seeing as he was able to have so much control over the convention while sitting as a independent MP and have no way of direct ties to the party any longer.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

21 responses to “Derek Sloan and Pro-Life Groups Dominate During Conservative Party Convention”

  1. Gord Baudais says:

    Step aside ,Toole and let Derek,or Pierre run this party

  2. Jerry Bekendam says:

    Good for Sloan. He is the true leader.

  3. Gertrude says:

    Awesome! Go Derek Sloane! You have my vote!

  4. Tony Zekveld says:

    Bring Sloan back in. Call the CPC to get Sloan reinstated

  5. Frank Baldwin says:

    This article is full of crap. The Sloan supporters didn’t have any significant impact on the vote – grassroots voted with their conscience all the way through and the result is democracy won the day- not some sore loser who’s been removed from caucus.

    • Lawrence Kosedy says:

      All replies except yours Frank indicate Derek had a huge impact are you sure you were at same convention👈🏾❓bigger Q’ is who was the tool that got him removed and from all indications was Purdy flimsy-oh yeah same tool kept a true grassroots candidate from running for leadership-yup you wanna be liberal light, heavy it’s absurd and not for me and it seem many others in this forum🥵

    • James MacKay says:

      Derek Sloan speaks the TRUTH!

  6. Jeffery Behm says:

    Dump O’Toole , the liberal fool. We are not voting for him.

  7. Ross Carlton says:

    This shows Sloan’s leadership qualities as well as O’Toole’s lack of leadership qualities. Sloan for party leader! Sloan for PM!

  8. Ted Lynch says:

    Party politics are destroying any opportunity of winning. Huge disconnect from what the people want from CPC to what the leadership thinks they want. This won’t end good if they remain arrogant, stiff-necked and controlling. Quit the politics and represent the people….that’ll take the party places!!!!!! Right now…Sloan is right!!

  9. Darren Bond says:

    No, this article is not full of crap. Derek Sloan could have whimpered off to join the PPC which does nothing but split the votes and has been great for the Liberals. Instead he has chosen to stay in the fight along with the PAFE, Campaign Life Coalition and other pro-life/pro-family groups to regain the CPC for the true grassroots of this party. Their fingerprints are all over the place and I’ve received all kinds of communications from them long before the convention took place and I think that (as the article states) that the huge success has to do with the virtual aspect of the convention. I just wish that Maxime Bernier and others in his party would join the fight and rid the CPC of the liberal infiltrators to take back out party and give us something to vote for instead of something to vote against!

  10. Laurens Roth says:

    We can be thankful that Derek Sloan is speaking up for the grass roots ‘conservatives’ even if he has been ejected from the party unconstitutionally. It’s really too bad the Conservative establishment like O’Toole is digging its own grave for the next election. However , if we want to defeat Trudeau who is always ‘trying to do better next time’ we have no choice but to vote Conservative. Hopefully your local representative is better than the present leader. Three cheers for Sloan in trying to keep Conservatives on course!!! Laurens Roth

    • Andy W says:

      I see your point but for Canada as a country this approach will bring essentially the same result as letting Libs win again, – O’Tool and his surrounding are light Libs judging by their policies and priorities. We got to lose the upcoming elections, dismiss O’Tool and, assuming he resigns, rebuild CPC.

  11. Lauraine Dube says:

    We would like to know what our alternatives are, Derek. Who do we vote for now, in an upcoming election? Are you going to work with the PPC?

  12. Ken Van de Burgt says:

    You really have to understand that meeting Paris targets means cutting emissions by 90% of 1990 levels by 2050. The smart money says 80% of global energy will come from fossil fuels into 2050. That means meeting Paris targets will result in a corresponding 90% drop in GDP and commensurate drop in income. (source Roger Bezdek) I can’t live on $300 per month.

  13. Ted Ross says:

    O’Toole is a legend in his own mind. He is destroying the Conservative Party. If he had any regard for the future of this country he would voluntarily step aside and let a real genuine leader take command and win our country back.

  14. Edgar says:

    We have lost our faith in the CCP party under the leadership of O’Toole! He is so far left that we as conservatives feel our grassroots policies are dead! This will lead to a one party system just like China. We need someone like Sloan to stand up for protecting our constitution and democracy! This great divide is playing right into what the Liberal
    Party wants to win the next majority government! More lies, corruption and deceit!

  15. Merv MacPherson says:

    I am utterly dismayed by the course that the new leader has set for the Party. When the Liberals first called for Derek Sloan’s removal, I rashly scoffed, thinking that this brazen meddling into what is clearly NOT the Liberals’ business would be treated with the contempt it deserved. To my horror, it turned out that our new leader takes his marching orders from the Trudeau regime propagandists. The latter must be jumping with joy to find that their main potential opposition leader is a "useful idiot" to quote Lenin. My fear for the future: a repeat of the Chretien years, with a fractured opposition allowing years of Liberal corruption to flourish. While I agree that climate change is a fact, its implications legislatively could be handled in a truly responsible Conservative manner free of Liberal boondoggles.
    This was a Convention the Liberals will long celebrate!

  16. James MacKay says:

    O’Toole CAN NOT WIN. The Conservative Party must have leadership that supports our conservative values like free speech & resisting the left-wing, socialist, viewpoints on the world. In order to defeat the Liberal Marxist machine we must have a clear alternative regardless of what the paid Fake Media, Big Tech and the World Economic Forum groups want. By telling the members that "the discussion is over about climate change" is just a sell-out to the left and their radial ideals. Shame on Erin. Let’s move on over to the People’s Party and support the good work they do there. Check out the policies. They are clearly what CANADA needs.

  17. Bruce S. Hatcher says:

    like others, I’m not happy with the Liberalness of O’Toole and his apparent need to dictate and remove any who differ with him – shades of our P.M. I am reconsidering my (meager) financial support. For now I will switch my $’s to Sloan, beginning today. If I decide O’Toole is a lost cause I may be forced to consider the prospects of the PPC. It may come down to anyone but Justin AND O’Toole, if he continues driving on the left side of the road. In Canada I drive on the ‘right’ side of the road. Bruce Hatcher