CPC Members Must Demand O’Toole Leadership Review Result be Released

Written By Neil McKenzie-Sutter, Posted on October 25, 2021

In case you weren’t aware, the leadership review vote for Erin O’Toole following the Conservative Party’s recent underperformance at the polls has already taken place. Were you aware this had happened? It seems that the fly-by-night nature of the vote has kept many Conservative Party members unaware of what is going on.

Another shady aspect of this leadership review is that the results are unlikely to be made public until next March at the CPC convention. 

Backroom deals allowed this leadership review to take place in such an opaque manner gives all the political initiative back to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau may have quite embarrassingly failed to achieve his goal of getting his majority government back, but the leadership issues inside the CPC not being dealt with publicly is putting the party into a leadership holding pattern. Nobody knows whether or not to take O’Toole seriously as the CPC leader when he could very well be already on his way out without anyone in the public knowing.

Speaking realistically, the Conservative Party of Canada is the only party with the infrastructure, the base, and the potential to gain enough support to overthrow Trudeau’s Liberals electorally. 

In fact, the Conservatives won the popular vote in these latest two elections. While they lost on electoral seat count, what the popular vote win means is that the support is out there to carry the Conservatives to victory.

But do the Conservatives even want victory? 

Is it just me, or does it feel like the CPC has been taken over by a totally undeserved sense of smugness and self-satisfaction? They have lost three elections in a row yet Conservative politicians and staffers all seem to feel a sense of great importance from just being players in the political game.

The party showed some signs of life in the last month of the election as the PPC experienced a surge of interest from voters with a pulse; then we saw a flurry of articles and posts about how splitting the vote might cause Trudeau to win and destroy Canada.

A funny thing happened on election night, however. While the PPC gained popular vote support, they didn’t win any seats and in actuality, the total seat count in the House of Commons barely changed. 

So the Conservatives ran a fairly lifeless campaign, a completely unlikeable and untrustworthy candidate as a leader, and lost a layup of an election to a superbly weak Trudeau government.

The thing is, now that the election is over these more or less lifeless Conservatives and Conservative supporters don’t seem to care at all now the Trudeau is still in office, destroying the country. 

To be clear: I actually believe Trudeau is wreaking the country and my kids’ futures, but how can I tell the Conservatives don’t care? Well, why is O’Toole still the leader, essentially unchallenged? 

He’s a proven loser at this point, so let’s remove him as the leader if we really care about this country, and then pick someone who can actually run a competent election campaign.

To the Pink/Red-Tories out there: I’m not even saying here that you can’t or shouldn’t run a red-tory in the next leadership race. By all means, run Mike Chong or Peter MacKay again. I’m specifically talking about how O’Toole is a failure. If you support O’Toole at this point, you don’t seem to actually care about stopping Trudeau from destroying Canada.

Even Leslyn Lewis has a seat. Let’s just get someone else in there besides O’Toole: again, who is a proven blowout. 

The only thing is, apparently the Conservative Party and MPs are content to just sit on their hands and support Erin O’Toole, or at least pretend they do in order to not be viewed as the one rocking the boat.

So right now, I’m recommending and suggesting to every Conservative Party member to get on the phone and call with their MP and demand to know the results of the leadership review vote, and how they chose to vote. CPC members deserve to know what happens in their party, and if they are refused transparency, then why should they bother showing up to vote for the party in the next federal election?

Neil McKenzie-Sutter

3 responses to “CPC Members Must Demand O’Toole Leadership Review Result be Released”

  1. jeff says:

    O’tool is a leftist and needs to !!.

  2. Deb says:

    Sounds like we need a whole new government! People that actually care about their country / citizens & humanity! Everyone one of them need to go & face the trials of the Nuremberg code! We the people will be awaiting for it to be televised on real TV, not the fake news that happens to be in the current government’s pocket!

  3. Bill peterson says:

    Your observations in this article are spot on, and almost word for word what I told the CPC shill who called me the other day begging for money. They won’t get another penny out of me or even my vote until they replace O’toole.