Christianophobia – The issue that the media doesn’t talk about 

Written By Elie Cantin-Nantel, Posted on July 3, 2020

When you think of the world’s most persecuted religious group, you probably think of Jews or Muslims. Hate towards Muslims and Jews is called Islamophobia and antisemitism, but what about hate towards Christians? Well, it’s called ‘Christianophobia,’ and it is a growing global problem. Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world. Here in the West, Christianophobia consists of a constant disrespect of Christianity and its values by secular culture. The recent remarks by BLM organizer Shaun King on Jesus are contributing to our society’s growing Christianophobia problem. 

So how bad is Christian persecution, you may ask? 1 in 8 Christians around the world are currently being persecuted to varying degrees of severity. Just this year, almost 3000 Christians have been killed for their faith, and over 9400 churches have been attacked. 

Christians are the followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God who came down over 2000 years ago. He came to teach the world what was right, to die for our sins, and to be resurrected. Jesus brought to our world a message of love, acceptance, and obedience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out to get those who follow Jesus and God’s teachings in the Bible. 

Christians have a long history of persecutions, but this article will focus on the more recent persecutions and attacks. Christians are most frequently persecuted in Islamic countries that are run under Sharia law. The state of Christian persecution in Islamic countries has gotten so bad that reports are citing that it has been labelled ‘genocidal’ in certain cases. Christians living in socialist states also face persecution for their faith, as the very idea of religion is not compatible with Marxist principles. In China, the communist government has burned churches and openly persecutes those who preach the Gospel.

Here in the West, Christianity does not face direct persecution, but it does not receive much respect either.  There is a vast anti-Christian sentiment espoused by the left, as the Word of God diametrically opposes elements of their ‘woke’ ideology. They often claim that Christians are hateful and bigoted people, even though that is the opposite of what Christianity is. This same hateful sentiment also exists within the LGBT community, and consequently, within LGBT culture and media by extension. Members of the LGBT community are twice as likely as heterosexual people to be atheist.

Unfortunately, progressive politicians haven’t made the problem any better. Our own Prime Minister notably remarked in 2018 that evangelical Christians were the worst part of Canadian society. On this same note, the government has introduced Bill C-8, which could potentially put pastors and parents in jail for teaching to their kids the biblical perspective of sexuality. In the United States, former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke promised that he would revoke the charity status of churches that refused to perform same-sex marriages. 

With the rise in anti-racism activism, one would imagine that there would be a decrease in Christianophobia, as the civil rights movement was indeed a Gospel-led movement. Rather, it has instead paved the way for more increased hatred of Christianity. BLM organizer Shaun King has called for statues, stained glass, and anything else that portrays “Jesus as white” to be taken down. He claims that since Jesus was of Middle-Eastern heritage, it is wrong to portray him as Caucasian. However, he has said that black statues of Jesus can remain up—a questionable volte-face on his part.

Shaun King’s remarks have unfortunately led to Christian monuments being vandalized. In Northern Ontario, half a dozen Christian statues at the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes were beheaded. Across America, statues of white Jesus are stating to be vandalized. In San Francisco, a statue of Saint Junipero Serra was toppled by thugs. 

“Cancel Christianity” was also trending on Twitter a few days ago. Could you just imagine if “cancel Islam” or “cancel Judaism” was trending? Everyone would surely denounce it and Twitter would issue an apology for allowing it to trend. Not the case for Christianity. Complaints are either dismissed or praised. This double standard is dangerous and brings every follower of Christ a step closer to persecution. 

This is unfortunate, as the Gospel is the perfect answer to racism. The Bible tells us that “we are all one in Christ Jesus” in Galatians 3:28. If we started teaching people the unifying message of our faith, racism would likely decline. Instead, BLM and other leftist groups have pivoted to race-baiting and shaming people for their race. Many worry that these divisive tactics will lead to a rise in white supremacy, which would be very counterproductive to the BLM’s alleged goal of eliminating racism altogether.

If you see any Christianophobia, call it out. Just like you would racism and other forms of bigotry. We have an opportunity to lead by example and end all hate. Let’s work towards achieving this goal in Christ. 

Elie Cantin-Nantel

4 responses to “Christianophobia – The issue that the media doesn’t talk about ”

  1. Dae Briscoe says:

    America is very Christian, and very racist. The more south you go, the more the two increase. And…Jesus wasn’t white. Seeing white Jesus everywhere is likely contributing to the problem. And…Is it really any surprise that LGBT people are leaving a faith that has a tendency to actively preach against them? This whole article is basically a list of reasons why Christianity is shooting itself in the foot. If you want to complain about how Christianity is treated in other countries, then do something about it.

  2. G Less says:

    I have never understood why it is always ok to criticize and mock Christianity, why should this faith be a whipping post for everyone? The main message of the gospel is acceptance and love, only a demon would attack such a belief! Ask yourself, why there is such hatred in your heart if there is nothing but lies in the bible, the faith of others and the idea of God? It’s a guilty heart that knows it is truth, and wants to somehow destroy it. You can’t destroy God or his plan, so repent and become who he created you to be.

  3. dusty says:

    this is the beginning, you have given the satan the power, Christianity has been under attack from the day it was born as it got stronger the world grew better where it existed now as it is under attack because we let get that way by always giving up to the evil, if we don’t bring it back the evil will destroy us, and evil will reign for a short while,,but Christianity will come back by a different force and evil will be destroyed

  4. Sylvester Domanski says:

    Does it really matter what the racial characteristics are used in the portrayal of Jesus or the saints? In my hometown in central Europe, there is a huge crucifix with Jesuse carved from black marble, and the locals have never had problem with a black Jesus. Across the country, Virgin Mary is venerated as Black Madonna, and she truly looks Ethiopian. She has been in her shrine for hundreds of years, millions of people have come to pray before her image, and not even one pilgrim spoke a word about her appearance being totally out of the local context or Jewish context.
    As one priest once said, "When God wishes to punish people, he will make their minds walk in darkness."