Bell: It’s Alberta Independence or Bust

Written By Sam Bell, Posted on June 29, 2020

Remember that time Rachel Notley, and her unquestioning band of Alberta Socialists got elected? What a time that was: an unmitigated disaster of lies, anti-Alberta policies, and media collusion in the most significant capital drain from our beloved province.

Near the end of Notley’s reign, she and her merry band of virtue-signalling killjoys succumbed to the so-called right-wing political parties that were born from the ashes of the two legacy parties. Now united—as to not split the vote—they created a big tent Conservative party.

Most Albertans believed that the unmarried youngster from Southern Saskatchewan was “our guy.” Jason Kenney rode into town to save us from their ineptitude.  

We sincerely hoped that he would bring back jobs, promote our resources, and get pipelines built. Most importantly, we needed someone to stand up for our interests within Confederation; to Make Alberta Great Again.

The way the options were presented to Albertans were that Kenney was the antidote to the NDP’s brief, yet devastating, tenure in the Alberta legislature. That a vote for Rachel and the NDP was a vote for continued loss of industry and jobs, higher taxation and the systemic integration of their progressive delusion. It’s not hard to see why people voted for change.

If you could go back and change your vote on election-day 2019, would you? Who would you vote for instead? Better yet, if we could all go back to 2015 with the introduction of a nightmare, Socialist rule in our resource-based Province, what would you do?

The Canadian system of Kings and Queens ruling the political parties and the provincial and federal government is more than tiring. It is a total failure of democracy. The politicians should represent us, not rule us as Lords and Masters.

As it turns out, premier Kenney is married.  He’s married to the politics of a small band of elites that believe they know best how to control the lives of the masses. They call themselves “patriots, ” yet, fail to defend and exercise provincial/federal powers as defined in sections 91 and 92 of the Constitution?  

We’re playing with a lopsided board; a skating rink built on a hill. All of the power somehow flowed to the feds (s. 91) with “patriots” like premier Kenney failing to know, understand, or fight for the province’s areas of responsibility.

From the view of an oilfield services worker like me, one of the problems with the elites is that their priorities do not serve to benefit Albertans. They treat Albertans as a backwater colonial asset.  

Unfortunately, under King Jason’s brief tenure on the throne, the capital drain and pain for Albertans have continued – perhaps it’s intensified.

If we could make our laws and govern our communities with true representative democracy, Alberta would be envied by every state and province.

Our livelihoods depend on us wrestling control away from those that seek to “shut us down.” By seeking independence, freedom, and self-determination, we are acting as true patriots.

We have a proud history of success here in Alberta, and we are thankful for those who’ve worked so hard to build and invest here. 

Our industries and our communities were founded on the value of freedom and free enterprise. 

Despite recent poor and weak leadership, every one of our communities has had humble builders and leaders that led us with unyielding will and faith in God Almighty.

Those Albertans set us up with a tremendous foundation for future growth.  A foundation built on forestry, mining, oil and gas drilling, processing, and chemical industries once envied worldwide.  Our forefathers used their intellectual capital and free enterprise to build, create, and produce.

We’ve faced rogue anti-Alberta politicians in the past. The question now is, how are we going to address the significant challenges today that impact our lives? How do we achieve self-determination and representative democracy (i.e. a government of, by, and for the people)?

We can’t go back to 2015 or 2019. We can’t take back our blind trust in the power brokers that failed us with the Wildrose and Conservatives of the past.  

This time around, I am indeed thoroughly convinced that the only hope for Alberta is independence and greater sovereignty.  

Premier Kenney is an admitted “Proud Canadian.” He says he wants Alberta to get a better deal within the confederation.  

While that may sound wholesome, unfortunately, that aim is a proven dead-end. There is no fair deal for Alberta.  

The constitution has been trampled on.  The Federal government controls our resources, our community policing, our healthcare, our pensions, our national debt, and as it plans to phase out our economic engine, the feds honestly phase out the future for Albertans.

It is no use saying you are a patriot if you won’t fight for the powers and jurisdiction – and the very freedom – of the people and province you represent.

Do you feel as though the values of our nation’s founding have been abandoned? I do.

We are a nation without a core identity. Our borders are as good as useless. Diversity, we are told, is our greatest strength.  It would be if we had unity in diversity – but that ship has sailed.  

We do not have unity. Our politics are polarized, and it appears that there are significant value differences between our cities and our rural communities, exacerbated further between Central Canada and the West.

The far-left in Canada and Alberta is changing, undergoing a shift from pragmatic centrism towards brand new marketing on failed ideologies like democratic socialism and Marxism.  

The left, with the aid of the media, unions, post-secondary and its major institutions, embrace intersectionality to create class consciousness to claim some kind of victimhood status. 

The left is using changing demographics as a form of voter block creation.

Even with our large cities that tend to have significant left-wing support, Alberta is still vastly conservative. Can we ever get a conservative majority again in Canada?  It’s doubtful.Alberta must leave Canada for our future, and our children’s future. 

The “WEXIT” or Western Canadian Exit movement is simply where western alienation and organized Alberta First patriots’ fuse together.

Western Canadians, particularly Albertans, to varying degrees have always been dissatisfied with their place in confederation—and separatism has always been an undercurrent.  

This time there are people and an organization in the area to capitalize on the increase of dissatisfaction in the West after the re-election of Trudeau as we all looked at the map of a staunchly “Blue” West and a Liberal government in power.The reality that Albertans have the least representation per capita within Confederation opened the eyes of many to the fact that we can’t change much federally even if we wanted to.

This comes at a time when the federal government is daily grabbing more and more control over our communities, our families, and our personal lives. We are stuck within a system that sucks our wealth away while simultaneously repressing our wealth generation capacity. WEXIT, as an organization, has developed from a handful of regular folks running a social media and political activism campaign. 

As the numbers began to swell, it grew into full-fledged political parties at both the provincial and federal levels.

Countless hours from committed organizers and volunteers led to rallies across the Province, international media coverage, and the creation of an organization that will lead Albertans to glorious independence as we take back control of our destiny.

The WEXIT party, provincially, is set to merge with the Freedom Conservative Party (FCP) after a member vote on June 29th. As it sits, there are 15 members on the interim board from each of the WEXIT side and the FCP side. 

If the merger is finalized, the party will hold an AGM, allowing the members to have a voice in picking a leader, the direction of the party, and the policies we will uphold. The Wildrose Independence Party of Alberta will be the biggest threat to establishment politicians both in Alberta and Ottawa.

The reality of a multi-party system is that there is bound to be competition. When two parties are competing on “similar” platforms, strategically, it is typical for a voter to pick the party with the highest chance of winning.  

On the opposite hand, parties that run but do not have a chance of making a government “steal” votes from the larger parties. The 2015 NDP experience is all too familiar to us all.

It is essential to recognize the risk, but not fall for false dichotomies.  I imagine there will be rallying cries from the moderate right, the base of the UCP: “please don’t split the vote!” or something along the lines of “Don’t give the province back to the NDP, we can’t handle four more years!” 

The reality is that we cannot handle four more years of Trudeau. We need to take back control of our land, our communities, our resources, and create a society in which every Albertan can thrive. A considerable dose of Alberta Nationalism will aid in reviving this province, putting Alberta First in policy decisions, empowering businesses, individuals, and families. 

Contrary to what the media will sell, the Alberta First conservative national movement will draw capital back to Alberta as capital will recognize that the people want their industries and jobs back.  It is the leftist-led jurisdictions that will breed uncertainty and a capital flight risk.It will be nice to see the contrast of a free, Western, Alberta—Capitalist, Nationalist, Patriotic and Wealthy—compared to Canada—Socialist, Open Border Utopia, with a crumbling economy and extreme diversity. If you’re tired of watching your country burn, now is the time to abandon the failed strategies of the past.  The time is now to free ourselves from the dysfunction, failed promises, and undemocratic structure of confederation.  

We must take and defend our sovereignty, to empower Albertans, and to create a society worthy of those who will inherit it.

Long Live Freedom. Long Live Albertans.

Sam Bell

4 responses to “Bell: It’s Alberta Independence or Bust”

  1. Ken Foley says:

    That is the exact truth I will support the truth as you have wrote it , nothing has or ever will change within confederation , tell me where to sign and how I can help, membership or donation, I’m with this line of common sense, very refreshing to see.

  2. Meghan says:

    Love this and absolutely agree with Bell!! Bring jobs back to Alberta!!!!

  3. Dallas says:

    The only hope for Alberta is to become the 51st state. Other than that we are landlocked.

  4. fdsaonsdaf says: