Altis Drops Liberal Contract to Manage Gun Buyback Program

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on December 10, 2020

Altis HR was slated to manage the federal Liberal’s gun buyback program for “military style” rifles, but yesterday the company suddenly dropped the contract due to public backlash. 

Altis is the largest hiring and staffing company that provides project management services in Canada for temporary contract work. 

Liberal government had announced Altis would be handling the contract just a couple of days ago, but thanks to lobbying from groups like the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights (CCFR), and individual firearms owners, Altis backed out not wanting to get in the middle of such a controversial issue, putting the Liberals buyback program back to square one.

On Facebook, Tracey Wilson the Vice President of Public Relations for the CCFR announced Altis’ reversal stating that:

I reached out personally to Kathryn, owner of Altis to get to the bottom of the confusion over the OPQ response provided by the Liberals which states her company was awarded the contract. After publishing the Liberals documents, Altis put out a statement that the contract was cancelled and they have nothing to do with the buyback.

After some back and forth via email, they have confirmed they cancelled the contract TODAY due to the blowback.

Wilson did go on to make it clear that she does not condone any harassment or threats Altis may have received, before and after their decision to pull out of the contract with the federal government.

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Many firearms owners often feel as if gun confiscations are inevitable in this political climate, but Altis retroactively rejecting the contract shows that if the firearms community is large enough to push back on the Liberals attempts to ban firearms. The Liberals are the ones that are clearly on their back foot when it comes to putting their OIC gun ban into action.

If the largest project management and staffing company is unwilling to come up against the firearms community there may be more that can be pushed back on than simply the carrying out of firearms bans. 

Gun owners one day may be in the position to roll back firearms legislation if pressure is applied strategically and consistently onto vulnerable politicians in swing-ridings. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

6 responses to “Altis Drops Liberal Contract to Manage Gun Buyback Program”

  1. Daniel Carter says:

    I will always display my displeasure to any contractor, HR group, government entity that tries to implement the tools to confiscate lawfully purchased and obtained guns from licenced owners. May this be a learning curve to those thinking of stepping in where Altis backed down. bring it.

  2. Themacguy says:

    This is why the NRA lobby groups and PACs work so well in Washington. Keep turning the srews well.

  3. themacguy says:

    Keep turning the screws. Finger trouble

  4. Texas Red says:

    This is why they (the LPC) had such trouble with the initial RFPs.

    1) They ignored the advice of nonpartisan public sector advisors and went ahead with policy that was unconstitutional in its emplacement and unenforceable practically.

    2) They took a rhetorical line that put the onus on themselves to prove the necessity of the policy, which was impossible because Canadian gun owners are not an overwhelming cause of violent crime.

    3) They deliberately undershot on the dollar amount required to undertake and enforce these policy changes.

    Which leads us to the current scenario regarding RFPs: None of the accounting/project management/consulting firms who were tapped want to touch this project with a ten-foot pole. The money allocated by Whisky Bill isn’t there to justify the political fallout that a private firm stands to suffer from putting its hat in the ring. These companies (unlike LPC stooges) do their due diligence. They know as we all do that they would be hired to complete an impossible task, and then serve as the fall guys for JT and his bandits to point to when the project (which was designed to be doomed from the start) failed.

    The sheer incompetency and malfeasance of the Trudeau government is astounding. I feel sorry for the nonpartisan public servants who are tasked with pretending that this sh*thead and his loyalist cronies deserve to be listened to.

  5. Brian chauvin says:

    I just wish the government would stop wasting money time on the wrong problem and really focus on the real problem. Could you imagine if they took the money wasted and put into the gun and gang issues. More policing intelligence community policing oh my god what a difference that would make. Be safe be kind. Respectfully Brian john chauvin.

  6. Guy Lefebvre says:

    It’s time we in the firearms community show the idiots in Ottawa that we are not taking any mire of their BS. Law abiding firearms owners are not the criminals!