A Throne Speech full of Identity Politics, Censorship, and Anti-Oil Rhetoric

Written By Jean-Marc Michaud, Posted on September 23, 2020

Today, the Trudeau Liberals were supposed to put forward a throne speech for Governor General Julie Payette to read that would set a new course for their government, supposedly because the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our country so drastically. 

What was noteworthy about the speech was that there weren’t any plans on helping reinvigorate the economy or bring social life back to normal, but instead featured weirdly divisive, and sexist rhetoric, as well as commitments to old and new radical social policies. 


The throne speech needlessly divides Canadians often listing groups of people like, “women, racialized Canadians, and young Canadians,” as facing the worst effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems fully inappropriate to do this measurement of hardship; as if the pandemic is a victimhood competition, but is honestly unsurprising coming from the Trudeau Liberals.

As an example of this divisiveness, at one point Payette said, “Women and especially low income women have been hit hardest by this pandemic,” a wildly out of touch statement, seeing as seniors have been the majority of actual fatalities due to COVID-19, regardless of gender.

The Liberals also recommitted to their “assault style” rifle ban in the speech, with Payette stating: “Women’s safety is the foundation on which all progress must be built,” going on to say the government will enable municipalities to ban handguns. This must be confusing to the many female gun owners who in part own firearms for safety reasons.

On healthcare, the speech reasserts what the Liberals have said in the past; that Canada will stay under tough social restrictions until a vaccine is developed.

Payette reiterated what the Liberals have been saying for months now; that they have been listening to scientists and experts, which is pretty rich coming from the people who were simply copy & pasting memos from the World Health Organization, while ignoring valid scientists and doctors who did not share the WHO’s perspective, especially those in Taiwan which almost bypass the entire pandemic.


The Liberals managed to sprinkle in a random anti-America conspiracy theory by citing that Canada has had over 9,000 deaths due to COVID-19 but the United States has had over 206,000 deaths but then cast doubt on their death figures. 

Inexplicably, Payette theorized in the speech that the United States deaths could possibly be over 1 million and have been underreported, but with no evidentiary support whatsoever. 

On the economy, the Liberal plan continues to follow the divisive trend. No recognizable plan was presented although there was plenty of pandering for all the Liberal priority groups, the black entrepreneurship program, the creation of an anti-racism secretariat, and the appointment of the first ever minister focused specifically on diversity and inclusion.

You may be thinking that this hyper-focus on race seems divisive rather than looking to help an economy that is wholly ravaged by this pandemic, and the Liberals may censor you for voicing those thoughts.

The Liberal party has committed to fighting “online hate” during the throne speech, which means little more than the enforcement of political correctness on Canadians’ speech on the internet.


The speech included a lot of meaningless phrases, such as “build back better”, while emphasis was put on who we are as Canadians; meaning left-wing ideals, a not-so invisible hand of government present in the economy, and diversity for diversity’s sake. 

The speech posited that, “there is a global consensus that the government must do more,” which not only seems like a pretty shallow excuse to expand government power, but shows the Liberals are preoccupied with what global elites and foreign countries want. 

The only really clear part of the Liberals economic plan was their commitment to subsidizing “green energy” to help meet their Paris Climate Agreement goals, which they have not softened on even in the aftermath of an economic recession.

The carbon tax is also not going anywhere, so Westerners cannot expect the oil and gas industry to see a respite any time soon.

A lot of what was said in the speech is quite ridiculous and funny from how out of touch and blatantly pandering to left-wing political culture it was, but what should be remembered is that the Liberal Party is governing based on the laughable policy goals talked about in this speech – so watch out.

Jean-Marc Michaud

One response to “A Throne Speech full of Identity Politics, Censorship, and Anti-Oil Rhetoric”

  1. Brian Rushfeldt says:

    so many fact are right in this piece, the Liberal plan must be shot down. It is divisive , even hateful of some Canadians. The testing figures are clearly not accurate and when numbers in hospitalized virus people in ON is considered it is less than one per hospital in that province. There is NO pandemic so we must defeat Trudeau and his dishonest clan and elect a government to get us back into reality and on track.