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On Monday, March 26, 2024, I drove across Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge in just hours before it collapsed. I travel across many bridges in the US, but the Francis Scott Key Bridge was unusual in that there was a steep incline to drive up to the bridge, and the view from the driver’s seat was quite imposing. I felt an impulse to take a picture from the dash cam. I never anticipated that the bridge would no longer be there later that night.

Special thanks to Joe Warmington Twitter:  from the Toronto Sun for reaching out for an interview.

While driving home later that night (an 8.5-hour drive), I heard the news of the bridge’s collapse and was quite shocked; it was hard to believe. I was pulled into a Twitter space where a ship pilot was on a panel explaining some of the challenges the ship seemed to be facing based on what he saw in the video. I mentioned that I had just been on that bridge a few hours earlier, and one of the speakers in the Twitter space asked if I felt like I had a brush with death.

I thought to myself, not like the Danforth Shooter incident that the entire City of Toronto, Ontario Provincial and Federal governments and legacy media have desperately tried to memory hole. I missed that event by a mere 45 minutes when an Islamic extremist went on a shooting rampage and executed many young girls out for ice cream with their friends and family. It remains a dark and evil stain on the legacy of Canada.

By comparison, the bridge collapse was many miles away and my initial concern was for people who might have been on the bridge at the time of the collapse. Just the thought of the experience is horrifying.

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However, as is often the case in modern times, where there is a vacuum of conviction and leadership in our societies, conspiracy theories flourish almost immediately. Everyone from Lara Logan to Steve Bannon began to opine on anonymous sources suggesting some sort of terrorist activity. There is no shortage of unsubstantiated claims and fictional interpretations, but as humans often do, in the absence of a clear explanation about an event, we jump to the most illogical and unlikely explanations.

Many asked why the ship turned, but as the pilot in the Twitter space suggested, there are many possible scenarios that could have played out. The plume of smoke indicated they were in full reversal as their power failed, they were caught in the current. The rudder could have failed, the generators could have failed, and you don’t have to be an expert in hydrodynamics to know that if you place an object in water fixed to the base surface, this will cause vortices that could have pulled the ship in towards the support collum. If you’ve ever cleaned a swimming pool and positioned the skimmer pole slightly away from the current caused by the jets, you will have seen this phenomenon.

Interestingly, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), an entity I banned from all Freedom Convoy press conferences because they lack credibility, spent the remainder of the week interviewing bridge engineers, as did many legacy media news outlets. This is where I introduce a tactic Scott Adams talks about called the “Dog not Barking” phenomenon. The “Dog not Barking” is the most obvious fact that is being ignored. In the hundreds of interviews that legacy media conducted this week, none of them that I am aware of, interviewed a single pilot. A pilot is a person who takes over command of the ship to dock it to port.

Now, I’m going to address what you are currently thinking: Why did the CBC avoid the most obvious and useful interview to shed light on this issue? Here is what the CBC and legacy media hid from their audience.

The ship involved in the collision in Baltimore, The Dali, also collided at the port of Antwerp in 2016, another accident that should never have happened. This accident was attributed to Ship Master and Pilot error. The company in charge of managing The Dali is Synergy Marine Group, the company tasked with managing the ship.

Synergy Marine Group website reads as follows:

“As an organization aspiring to excellence, issues related to diversity are a high priority at Synergy. We realize that the benefits of diversity are best achieved by fostering greater inclusion and belonging. We will continue to attract, hire, and retain a because that is a key source of good ideas, and talented applicants will be drawn to work with us. But hiring for diversity alone is not enough. We want to ensure that our employees can bring their full selves to work — that they can belong in the fullest sense to the community inside the organization.”

Did you notice the missing word? At the time of writing this article, there is nothing on their website about Safety. Their corporate slogan is “Diversity at Sea,” not “Safety at Sea.”

“At Synergy we want a workplace that is truly characterized by inclusion and belonging. Diversity for us is more about the variety of our thoughts as a team. Although diversity can be created through deliberate hiring practices, inclusion may not automatically follow. We want our entire workforce to appreciate and show sensitivity to the cultural, and any other, differences that exist in our teams, as well as among the people we interact with in our daily business. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels they belong.”

It’s funny how the woke leftists obsess with safety but abandon it when their obsession with race gets in the way.

“Service and community are essential threads in fabric. We believe that empathy, education, self-reliance, hunger eradication and empowerment are vital, and through the Synergy Educational and Charitable Trust (SECT) and the Government to Citizen Change makers Foundation (Go2C) we have created and maintained numerous initiatives in striving for a better society with a brighter future, with key help for those who are marginalized.”

The obsession with race in the modern world has an acronym called DEI, which was meant to stand for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, but is commonly now referred to as “Didn’t Earn It.”

Didn’t Earn It” (DEI) and the obsession with race, spreading like a cancerous idea pathogen, was very popular in the south in the early 20th century when DEI organizations like the Ku Klux Klan were culturally influential. The Ku Klux Klan, a militia wing of the Democratic Party at the time, was just as obsessed with race as our “Didn’t Earn It” (DEI) bureaucrats of today. It is important to note the Ku Klux Klan had an in-group preference, while the modern DEI cousins have an out-group preference although the philosophy is exact same. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who famously adorned Blackface, is a purveyor of the institutionalization of this philosophy within government –something the Ku Klux Klan never managed to achieve, but the woke left finally put into practice. It seems Synergy Marine Group has also achieve this as evidenced by their website and social media posts.


Is it possible that the explosion of “Didn’t Earn It” (DEI) managers and employees led to the complete collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore? Is it possible that corporate hiring practices led to unqualified seamen and women hired based on their race, resulting in the deaths of numerous people? Maybe, it’s too early to say for certain and hopefully a complete investigation will find the source of the tragedy. However, “Didn’t Earn It” (DEI) practices have been an ongoing issue in law enforcement for some time, resulting in numerous events of incompetent officers hired who put themselves and the public at risk, due to accidental firearms discharge, escalation of domestic disputes and more. Every time it happens, the DEI brass in policing hide like Justin Trudeau hiding from a Kenworth and defer blame to lower-level officers following their race obsessed policies.

Shortly after my interview with Joe Warmington at the Toronto Sun, I did an interview on AM640 with Greg Brady about the incident. In both interviews, I suggested that conspiracy theories are not helpful; not everyone can make a perfect landing into the Hudson like Sully Sullenberger. However, when Captain Sullenberger, his crew, and passengers survived their brush with death, the world’s legacy media didn’t obsess over the pilot and co-pilot’s race. Sullenberger and his Co-Pilot were not hired based on their race, they were hired based on competency.

My advice to the CBC and the woke left, racism is never the answer.

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