Notley supports Trudeau’s gun grab

Written By Guest User, Posted on June 20, 2020

Earlier in the week, Alberta’s New Democratic Party (NDP) voted against a United Conservative Party (UCP) motion designed to protect Alberta gun owners from the federal Liberal government’s broad gun ban announced a couple of months back.

UCP Environment Minister Jason Nixon, regarding his firearms motion, said that “All of the United Conservative Party members in the Legislature voted for it. Unfortunately, all of the NDP members voted against it and stood with their ally in Ottawa, Justin Trudeau, and stand against law-abiding gun owners, which is extraordinarily disappointing.”

Jason Kenney sounded off on Twitter, saying that the NDP had sided with “Liberal heavy-handed gun laws.” 

The federal Liberals have yet to explain how their gun buy-back works and have not ascertained specific details.

The provincial government‘s motion was meant to get in front of the Liberals on their buyback by appointing a provincial firearms officer. Their role is to administer firearms legislation within Alberta, and presumably not enforce a firearms buyback. 

The official opposition uniformly voted against the motion and did not go well in Alberta, where the Liberals gun ban has mostly received adverse reactions from the public.

The National Telegraph spoke to MLA Shane Getson on Notley’s support for the liberal gun ban. With some stores selling firearms in her riding, we asked how Getson would defend the property rights of the firearms’ community and gun store owners?


Getson told TNT that he was “pretty disappointed by the shameless display of partisan politics.”

“I honestly did not think they would make this one of those times,” he says.

“Last fall, when we had a motion that was introduced in opposition to Bill C-71, we had unanimous support from both the NDP and UCP that voted in favour of our motion. A number of them have said their childhood dreams were to be firearms owners, so this comes across as surprising.”

He continues, “There are not just the gun stores in Notley’s area; there are also white-collared folks from the Phoenix shooting range for the Canadian Historical Arm Society. These are folks that I see out there every day. A lot of collectors that appreciate these firearms as their private property.”

“The fact that the 2.2 million people in Canada that are screened every single day with the proper vetting process. I mean, they have the cleanest records out there that would never give up their liberties, rights and freedoms.”

These are the folks that that are being misrepresented by the media,” says Getson. “Add the partisan politics, and virtue-signalling and it’s completely disingenuous. How does this address the root causes of gun crime and keep people safe?”

“What we should be looking at is enforcing current laws and bolstering up to support our law enforcement community and our borders and customs. Those who continue to milk the Nova Scotia tragedy for political capital and gun control should be ashamed of themselves. I’m not going to let this slide.”

Alberta and Saskatchewan have taken the approach of facing the Trudeau government by creating a firewall. 


The National Telegraph received a comment from NFA director Jordan Vanderfhoff, who said, “I hope all provinces will follow suit because trying to ban handguns is the least of the government’s worries.”

The NFA funded the kks tactical vs Canada case, highlighting the seriousness which many are taking the ban, including the Canadian gun lobby.

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2 responses to “Notley supports Trudeau’s gun grab”

  1. James Bilodeau says:

    The West needs to stand strong against the relentless attack of Trudeau and acolytes. He and his cult are bent on dividing the country and he uses the FN as his sword.
    The FN is allowed to use the rifles in question for ‘hunting purposes’. But not anyone else.
    This group attacked Canada once, how long before its an armed attack? Is Trudeau building a ‘militia"? Is that why he is working so hard to villainize the RCMP? So when the time comes, he will take power by force, backed by the FN?? Simply because he can.
    Trudeau lost his golden throne at the UN so I am wary now he will take it out on Canada and Canadians.

  2. RGW says:

    When will MLA’s give their constituents opinions forward instead of towing the party line. That is what democracy is suppose to be. Politicians are messing up democracy.