Trudeau Wants Canadian Tax Payers to Help Pay Other Countries’ Debts

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 29, 2021

At a meeting with other world leaders coordinated by the United Nations (UN) Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rather than stressing the need for individual countries to service their own debts, reduce spending, and or end lockdowns to allow their economies to properly recover, instead agreed that more Canadian taxpayer dollars should be used as an aid to pay down other countries debts.

Trudeau during the meeting said:

The world must come together to protect people, save lives and defeat COVID-19. We know we can’t defeat this virus and build back better at home unless all countries have the resources to respond to and recover from this global challenge. Only through a coordinated global response can we address the impacts of the pandemic and create jobs, economic growth and new opportunity for our people and businesses.

The UN has been focusing on an “uneven global recovery” from the economic devastation due to the lockdowns imposed by governments around the world, which would be a clear move to trying to internationalize local economic problems. 

UN Secretary-General António Guterres highlighted how much countries like the United States were able to spend, per capita, on mitigating the economic slowdown caused by controversial lockdown orders, implying the difference in economic power between nations puts the responsibility on richer ones to pay back debts racked up by poorer ones.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres. (Photo from The United Nations)

UN Secretary-General António Guterres. (Photo from The United Nations)

Guterres also proposed extending a suspension on G20 nations collecting debt-service payments owed to them by poorer countries from June 2021 until June 2022. 

Much of this rhetoric coming out from representatives at the UN is based on the left-wing argument that somehow inequality in terms of economic outcomes is inherently a problem, justifying wealth-transfers to make things more “fair”.

Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness also spoke at the event stating that:

Unless we are prepared to enter into deeper cooperation with fairer, smarter and broader views of our world and common interests, we should temper our expectations that the crisis is nearing its end.

The theme of the event seemed to be in large part based on pushing countries to make their local issues an issue for other countries to deal with, much like what happened during the Greek debt crisis when all richer European Union member countries were pushed to help prop up the Greek economy threatened by its government’s decades-long out-of-control spending. 

(Photo from 680 News)

(Photo from 680 News)

Trudeau by supporting a “coordinated global response” is pushing Canadians towards paying for the debts of countries like Eritrea, Portugal, or Belize, when Canada is already currently in more than a trillion dollars of debt, worth around 91.6 percent of the entire Canadian economy.

On top of the drawbacks to the Canadian economy by siphoning off taxpayer dollars for use overseas, the act of helping poorer countries deal with their debts will only make them more reliant on the international community to pay in the future, which in many ways the UN wants, for better or worse, due to its internationalist ideology.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

8 responses to “Trudeau Wants Canadian Tax Payers to Help Pay Other Countries’ Debts”

  1. Mark says:

    You are such a jack ass Trudeau!

    The factory I work at almost had to send our orders to be completed in Mexico because you won’t allow needed material resources across the border from the U.S.
    Thankfully we had a M.P. step in and get things moving!
    So don’t preach on helping other counties when you won’t help the one I live in!!!

  2. Doug B says:

    Who is going to pay down our dept you fuck tard

  3. Rob L. says:

    What kind of logic is that? You have put our country into trillions in debt & then take our tax dollars to help other countries. Sorry but that is just f’ed up!

  4. Paddie says:

    How about you dip into that Trust fund Junior and lead the way. When money is of no value simply due to not having to work for it, it means little to you. I’ll opt out thanks.

  5. JEK says:

    JEK How much more idiotic can this so called PM get. With a debt that is astronomical and growing, an economy that he does not care about, and he wants to help other countries??? Who will be helping Canada when it is bankrupt, or is the idea to get us with an big increase in carbon taxes. It is pathetic that we have a moron taxing us even more as we try to recover for all these shut downs.

  6. R Thompson says:

    Step One of UN Agenda 21 – Country leaders Bank rupt their countries econome. Trudeau is there!
    Step Two of UN Agenda 21 – No person owns anything. All property is owned by the government.
    First two steps set out by the Elite class for the betterment of the human race I think they believe.
    After all billionairs with possible god complexis know best, don’t they. Look how the masses accepted LockDowns. Look how the masses accept the Jab. Look how the masses accept travel restrictions, Look how the masses accept the government controlling the media. Look how the masses are happy with monthly government cash. Look how the masses accept substandard health care. Of course none of hese rules actualy apply to the Elites with the God complex. The masses should read 1984 and pay attention to what a world you are creating for your children!

  7. Francis MacKinnon says:

    Justin alias Trudeau is the biological S/O Fidel Castro and his mother Margaret. Essentially he’s a bastard whose father and mother weren’t married. His stepfather Pierre Trudeau was married to Margaret. Margaret really liked Fidel while Pierre was more interested in young Cuban boys. They were both Communist sympathizers

  8. Ryan Elson says:

    We’ve paid enough, this country needs a full out rebellion.