Trudeau Failed to Pass Basic Legislation To Target Illegal Firearms and Gangs

Written By Karl Fluri, Posted on January 1, 2021

This has been a year unlike any other, to say the least. 

Not only has the pandemic blown the cover of the hypocrisy of the elites leading our country like no other crisis before it, but we saw these same leaders double down time and again on policies that have only demonstrated themselves to be massive failures.

The pandemic response has been a great example of this, and an eye-opener for many, but we see this same issue with policies from our leaders surrounding everything from the economy, to the opiate crisis, and how we handle crime. 

This year though, it appears one issue received much more attention than all other traditional issues (not including the pandemic), and that is the issue of gun control. 

2020 has been a major year for gun control legislation.

In early December the Liberal government announced their plan to defer the existing Firearms Marking Regulations, scheduled to come into force on December 1, 2020, until December 1, 2023.

The Trudeau government states this deferral is necessary in order for them “to continue consulting with partners and develop an effective markings regime that is appropriate for Canada”.

Originally drafted in 2004, back in 2015 Trudeau made it a campaign promise to establish the marking system immediately. The date of December 1st, 2020 was set when the legislation was last deferred back in 2018. Prior to this, the legislation had already been deferred more than once.


Similar to the National Tracing Center already in place in the US, we know that this can be a great tool for law enforcement. Firearms markings help law enforcement track and trace crime guns, and when implemented along with strict import and border policies, can have a significant impact on gun crime.

With these regulations in place domestically manufactured firearms would be required to bear the name of the manufacturer, serial number, and “Canada” or “CA,”. 

Imported guns, on the other hand, would have to carry the designation of “Canada” or “CA” along with the last two digits of the year it was imported.

The announcement, from the Government of Canada (GoC) site, goes on to state that:

While the Regulations have been deferred, the Government remains committed to firearms markings regulations as part of its broader firearms strategy to protect public safety, including the prohibition of “assault-style” firearms announced this past spring

So despite the veil of commitment to work with partners in developing these legislations, the Trudeau government is pushing through a gun ban that would only harm legal firearm owners, without any consultation. 

In fact, the prime minister used a national tragedy, hiding key facts in the case, in order to push through this gun ban. 

But, as the Trudeau government focuses on punishing legal firearm owners for gun crimes; gun crimes we’ve only seen rise under his leadership. 

The city of Edmonton saw more violent and deadly shootings in 2020. Statistics from mid-December show that there have been 35 homicides, up from 26 in 2019. Police have reported 119 people as injured or killed by a firearm in 2020, as opposed to 89 in 2019. 


Despite this gun crime in Edmonton remains relatively low, compared to other large Canadian cities, mostly due to the approach the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has taken to the situation. 

The EPS has outfitted a new ballistics range in order to aid in the identification of crime guns, and have also formed a new unit specializing in gun crime investigations.

In contrast cities like Toronto have banned street checks, a once functional system at curbing gun violence, on top of which Toronto city council is looking for provincial approval to pass Trudeau’s ridiculous handgun ban.

Under the current Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, then Toronto city police chief Bill Blair, Toronto saw a massive drop in gun crimes due to the street check implemented as well as the creation of the Toronto Anti-Violence Intervention Strategy (TAVIS).


From the time the program was implemented in 2005 until 2014 when the program was cut due to allegations of racial bias, Toronto city saw a steady drop in shootings; from 262 in 2005 to 177 in 2014.

Since 2014 though, they’ve undergone a steady rise in gun violence, with shootings going from 177 in 2014 to 492 in 2019.

Despite this, the federal government continues to delay (or even block) key legislation that could help law enforcement tackle illegal firearms, all the while using the situation to push through legislation that only seeks to disarm Canadians, leaving them unprotected from the rise in violence as the real criminals continue to roam free.

Canadian’s need to see that Trudeau is using emotion to cloud their judgment and that the legislation being pushed through is anything but common-sense gun control; rather this is an attack on basic freedom for which the Canadian left-wing has always shown great disdain. 

Karl Fluri

13 responses to “Trudeau Failed to Pass Basic Legislation To Target Illegal Firearms and Gangs”

  1. Steve says:

    Assault weapons are designed to kill people. If your guns have never killed anybody, they must be defective. Why would anybody feel obligated to turn in defective guns!

  2. Rick says:

    The federal liberal government ignores the overwhelming evidence that gun crime in Canada is centered around organized crime and gang violence, and has done nothing in the six years they have been in power to address the issue of criminals who possess firearms illegally. They have done nothing to address the issue of the illegal firearms smuggling across the Canada-U.S. border that supplies firearms to criminals. Instead, the government of Canada capitalizes on the horrible crime in Nova Scotia in April to appeal to and appease the anti-gun lobby, while doing nothing to reduce deaths and injuries caused by gun violence. In fact, gang and organized crime related gun violence has increased since the May 1 Order in Chambers, when over 1500 types of legally purchased, safely stored, and safely used sporting and hunting firearms were deemed prohibited and locked away in safes.

  3. Mike says:

    Firearms already come with unique serial numbera. How does adding "Canada" or "CA" to every firearm improve tracking?

  4. ninetyninepct says:

    Leaving them unprotected from the oppressive dictatorial Liberal Government.

  5. Darren says:

    Turdeau is a failure . full stop – he never wanted to hurt criminals – he is one. he only wanted to hurt canadians who are lawful. That is what the left does – destory and tear down.

  6. Warner says:

    The markings of ca on canadain firearms is a so so idea but truthfully if i was a criminal and I got my hands on a gun from another crime such as a brake and enter I’m sure the first thing I would do is grind off all identifyING marks so the crime would not point to me. Again another law that would prove nothing . Since 1995 canadas current gun laws have worked well for the legal owners. It’s criminals they don’t fallow law so it don’t matter the law . It’s all I’m the sentence not the law.

  7. Gregory Russell says:

    Exactly! Don’t go after the law abiding citizens do your job and crack down on gang violence and other crimes!

  8. Dave says:

    It is beyond my comprehension how attacking law Abiding gun owners that go through rigorous background checks and constant monitoring are somehow the enemy. Criminals are by nature…. law breakers, so I fail to see how taking guns away from gun law abiding citizens is going to stop gun violence. I have guns and guess how many people they’ve shot?? None.
    If anything I would argue that if the criminals knew that abiding citizens had guns and could use them to defend themselves and their families, gun violence would drop dramatically.

  9. Bbp says:

    To be wrong twice over, that is to remove street checks because of discrimination but then to pass a law meant to fight illegal guns but only targets legally owned firearms and not go forward with the tracing etching… How do you fall short in all possible ways?

  10. Dale Bishop says:

    With the kind of technology gun manufacturers have at their disposal,they could very easily design fingerprint mechanism to lock and unlock your guns firing mechanism.Nobody could fire your gun but you.Nothing is fool proof but it would stop most bad guys using it.

  11. Tom says:

    When are people going to realize that this IS NOT about gun or crime control. It is,about,disarming the population. The same thing that happened in every country that moved into socialism. It is not about protecting citizens, but about protecting politicians from their subjects. Stalin, Hitler, PolPot, Mao, Castro, Maduro and many more. Everyone of them then proceeded to round up dissidents and kill MILLIONS of people. Dictators cannot rule an armed populace. It is the first rule on the road to communism to disarm the population.He removes your guns, but leaves the criminals with their’s. Who are you going to turn to to save your ass? The government. Understand now?

  12. Larry Pope says:

    All of the commenters are correct but we are the choir. What It Is, is that he and his party do not give a rat’s ass about us little people. His agenda/// the Liberal Party’s agenda has always been to get and keep power at all costs. They are using their power now to dismantle Canada’s foundations and traditions, while encouraging differences amongst us they can exploit for votes. He told us he admired China’s basic dictatorship because it allowed them to get things done quickly. China of the West, that’s where he’s taking this country.

  13. Larry Pope says:

    I should also have specified that he holds up legal gun owners like a straw man, and low information voters think "well, he says his legal gun ban will make me safer, so I’ll vote for him" "And he’s kind of cute".