Trudeau expected to announce new firearms ban tomorrow

Written By Guest User, Posted on May 1, 2020

Tomorrow, the Trudeau government will be rolling out a new list of firearms to be banned in Canada. 

The list, leaked to Radio-Canada, was drawn up by former Toronto Police Chief and current Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. Trudeau is expected to confirm his choices at a press conference Friday morning. 

The expected list is as follows: 

  • M16(already banned), M4, AR-10 and AR-15 rifles

  • Ruger Mini-14s

  • Swiss Arms Classic Green carbines

  • M14 rifles

  • Vz. 58 semi-automatic rifles

  • CZ Scorpion EVO 3 carbines

  • Beretta CX4 Storm carbines

  • Sig Sauer MCX and Sig MPX carbines and pistols

  • Robinson Arms XCR rifles

The list also contains two categories of firearms: 

  • Firearms with a calibre (gun barrel diameter) of more than 20 mm. For example, a grenade launcher. 

  • Firearms capable of producing muzzle energy of more than 10,000 joules.

The impact of the ban could be immediate, as it is expected to come via an order-in-council, not via the common path of legislation. While the Prime Minister has the power to ban certain firearms, he cannot issue a buyback program without passing legislation in Parliament. 

This effectively means that the import and sale of any of the weapons listed would seize tomorrow and any Canadian who possesses them would be granted a grandfathered status where they could maintain possession of their firearm(s) until a buyback plan could be implemented. 

Any Canadians hoping to beat out the ban and purchase one of the soon-to-be-banned firearms are now out of luck, thanks to a suspiciously timed “maintenance” issue.

The RCMP’s Business Web Services site, where gun store employees submit purchases for approval, is currently down and is not expected to be live again until after tomorrow’s scheduled press conference announcing the gun ban.

We are running orders and doing our best to process as they come in however we have just have had word from staff in…

Posted by Wolverine Supplies on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Charles Zach, Executive Director for the National Firearms Association, told TNT that “Once again the foul game is afoot by the Liberals. No notice was given to this shut down. They always provide a minimum 24 hours notice when this [type of maintenance] occurs.”

Conservative MP David Yurdiga, who represents the rural Northern Alberta riding of Fort McMurray—Cold Lake, weighed in with his thoughts on the matter.

Trudeau is rolling out this gun ban in keeping with his campaign promise to ban “military style assault weapons.”

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government has indicated their intention to ban some types of firearms and the new restrictions could be made public as soon as tomorrow. I’m personally shocked with the Liberal government for attempting to make new firearms restriction without consultations. Have the First Nations, Inuit and Metis been consulted? Have any farmers, ranchers, or gun associations been consulted? The answer to all these questions is the same . . . nope!
— David Yurdiga, Member of Parliament

Fellow NFA Director Jordan Vandenhoff provided TNT with some further commentary on the specifics of the guns Trudeau is preparing to ban.

Not one of these firearms should be on the list. The AR-15 was once non restricted in Canada, then it was moved to restricted, and now it will soon be prohibited – why? It is nothing more than a modern sporting rifle. It is used in many parts of the world for legitimate hunting. The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 is newer to the Canadian market, having only been out for a few years. It is semi-automatic and is limited to 5 rounds of 9mm ammo. It was never designed to kill humans in the least amount of time as the Trudeau government would have you believe, as a matter of fact none of the firearms on the list were designed for that purpose!
— Jordan Vandenhoff, NFA Director

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34 responses to “Trudeau expected to announce new firearms ban tomorrow”

  1. RZR 72 says:

    Fact is that firearms are not weapons only people can be weapons, everything else is just a tool a car is no different from a gun if the driver decides to use it to kill people, the problem is the bad people getting guns illegally and using them to harm the legal gun owners.

  2. Gregory Viger says:

    Reminder from The Canadian People: The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms does not get suspended in a time of crisis.
    The Canadian government has no right to confiscate private legally obtained property from Canadian citizens. Using Liberal logic: Penalizing all law abiding firearm owners for the actions of a criminal madman, is like blaming an ethnic group for all terrorism…

    • Richard Weiss says:

      To be fair, the cockwomble needs to deport all members of that ethnic group. If legitimate gunowners can be vilified and have their legally obtained, private property confiscated, then the same judgement has to be applied to all.

  3. Robert says:

    Hey sheeples time to wake-up !!!! Only way to stop this is a revolution !!!! Are you sheeple or are you men?

  4. Lawrence Tierney says:

    Again the Liberal Party is exploiting the loss of Canadian Lives for their own political gain. All under the Lie, that it is for the Safety of Canadians.

    If Canadians should fear anything, it should be the Liberal Party and its agenda of stripping away Canadians rights and freedoms.

    Canada does not have a Gun Control Problem, Canada has a people Problem.

    More Specifically Canada has a LIBERAL/SOCIALIST Problem.

    Innocents Betrayed – A Brief History of ‘Gun Confiscation’

  5. Penny says:

    Another assault on the Canadian people by this Liberal idiot! No notice, no buy back, no giving up our rights! Go back to your friends in the Eastern part of the world and do Canadians a big favour by staying there!

  6. John Mainwaring says:

    So let’s all get 20 dollars worth of pipe to make those pipe shotguns, next he will ban hardware’s, then let’s make a few pen guns from plumbing fixtures and see what he does there.
    To be honest some on this list maybe should be banned, theynarent used for hunting or varmit control. But lll bet the bad guys just like that fellow whomcauses all that grief in Nova Scotia who was banned from owning guns will still aquire them. He should have been noticable, small community and hes collecting old police cars? Nothing wrong here according to the paperworkmhe cant hurt anyone.
    We should be consulted Mr PM this is wrong, what’s next the collector withn few military rifles, going to callmhim or her a international potential killer because of owning a old Enfield or SKS that are stillmused around the world?
    Wait you cant ban them we are still using Enfields with the rangers up,north
    And farmers and rural people need a decent high powered rifle up to a 45 /70 , if you have ever worked with buffalo a littlemeleltric cattle prod is not going to save you against a animal thats 3000 lbs in 7.2 seconds can cover 100 yards and can kill a drizzly bear.
    I have been rural mall my life, l can state the rifle to shoot the skunks under the nieghbours outhouse was loaded by the back door for three generations. Think we are irresponsible? Well if you say that your calling out my dad who fought all of WWll and Korean and served this country for 35 years was in charge of 15,000 men when he retired. Or if he didn’t like someone he could order a missle strike, never mind a semi auto 22. My two brothers? Rcmp, both of them one 42 year, the other 35. PM are you going to tell me that my family isnt responsible enough to have any rifle they want, while the bad guys if you read any police report in any community are loaded to the brim with illegal hardware?
    This power grab is a insult to men like my father, my brothers and other responsible canadians, period

    • Richard Weiss says:

      None of the guns on the list should be banned. They may not be used for hunting, but they are used for sport shooting and there are almost as many sport shooting enthusiasts as there are hunters.

  7. Ben says:

    So you are taking guns away from people who have their criminal record checked daily through CPIC? Your safety minister doesn’t even have a gun license what is he doing making laws?? And on top of that only 1 of the list guns were in a so called mass shooting over 20 years ago? You might as well go back to the late 1800’s where Canadians had duels with flint lock pistols and ban them too. Nova Scotia murderer went on a killing spreed without a gun license. Wake up this isn’t going to do anything to help.

  8. chris weadick says:

    what can we do to stop him when he does what he wants. He is a good mate for Trump regarding decisions and whimsical decisions.

    • Tim Chetwynd says:

      Canadians voted this idiot in. Twice. Don’t bring trump into this. Focus on the libtards destroying our great country.

      • Mitch says:

        Wow wow Canadians didn’t vote him back in. Morons did, and sadly there’s more them then us.

  9. Kevin Rumo says:

    There may be some silver lining to all of this nonsense – this may be the act that finally made Canadians wake up to get rid of the Socialist liberals and their buddies (NDP and Bloc). One can only hope and pray. Never give up! Look what happened in Germany before WW2, they gave up. Best estimates are over 20,000,000 people dead in that country at the hands of their own government. And none of them were allowed to have guns.

  10. Marc Cronk says:

    If you need a semi automatic to hunt you are a fucking pussy

    • Vince Mc Donald says:

      Shut the fuck up and let the adults speak!

      • Marc Cronk says:

        By adults you mean the vaginas that need an AR 15 to bag a buck? Real hunters are not worried about restrictions on semi automatics. It is the losers who like shooting at tree stumps.

        • Matthew C says:

          You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about – you wouldn’t even be able to humanely kill a buck with the .223 ammo that the AR15 uses. The ammo is simply too weak and thats why people dont even hunt deer with .223 ammo out of bolt actions. If you’re going to make statements at least have something to back it up.
          Also as far as the "If you need a semi automatic to hunt you are a fucking pussy", I along with many others started hunting with an SKS(which is semi auto) because its a surplus rifle from the 50’s that is extremely cheap and has a higher power bullet that can actually down a deer humanely.

        • Richard Weiss says:

          You are an uninformed idiot aren’t you? It isn’t legal to hunt deer with an AR15. But you might know that if you were a hunter, dumbass.

    • Jessy says:

      Maybe if you weren’t so distracted to much by that Moose cock in your ass you would realize that alot of people just like target shooting,fine tuning their guns,making their own rounds and seeing what they can do. Anyone can kill game I do it with a bow because rifles take the sport out of it. I guess you could say your the pussy for having to use a gun period. What I do like is pushing rifles and rounds to their limits.

    • Travis Mogan says:

      You have never been Hog hunting……or dare I say hunting any type of game. Go back to your knitting and kiss your boyfriend!

  11. H Davison says:

    Canadians should have the rite to bear what the government does . This would go all the way back to ww2 . These people that have faith in this government are in for a great awakening. When they start chipping and stripping more rites away . Wake up Canada.

  12. Walter Nussbaumer says:

    For all the uniformed individuals who appear to no nothing about firearms, semi auto rifles such as the Swiss Arms Classic green have never been used in crime ANYWHERE! They were not inexpensive and were used in Canada and other countries as a "target" rifle as it is very accurate and used in world competitions. No amount of gun control would have prevented the event in Nova Scotia. Trudeau and Blair are feeding Canadians lies and are circumventing due process. It will be very interesting to see just how much cooperation they get for the owners of the items on their list of "bad" firearms!

  13. Judson Graham says:

    Hey everyone, read this article on the man-child Trudeau and his agenda for Canada then share with everyone

  14. Johnd says:

    Fuck treadu

  15. TRAVIS MORGAN says:


  16. 2WarAbnVet says:

    "After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it." ~ William Burroughs

  17. Claude Poirier says:

    Probably Banning Replica Police Cars would serve better A little while ago a Rental truck ran over dozens of people in Toronto 10 dead 15 more in Hospital. It’s not the Truck or whether the drive had proper credentials to drive the Truck. Removing all the Vehicles , hand guns or Rifles won’t change anything Bring back the Death Penalty The lash Stop Coddling the offenders because that creates more offenders that laugh and torment the victims and use our judicial system to do it, while incarcerated in a 5 star hotel these are not real Jails at least make them serve all their time 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 We are attracting criminals to Canada with our Rehabilitating Laws Don’t be Nivea Criminals are not Registering their Weapons

  18. George McKenzie says:

    What kills the most people Guns or cars ? So now we have to take away all the CARS

  19. Albert Daniel says:

    You cannot stop DUIs by taking cars away from sober people.

  20. Bill blondin says:

    Thé real problem at hand here . is That it did not go through Thé channels. Which means tommorow he could ban forks. Or make a new law that says. Everyone has to be in bed at 8 pm. Yes i own guns. Yes i own several semi auto riffles that the non gun people dont like. Yes i can hunt with a bow . but that chioce is up to me . not anyone else. Yes i enjoy going out and blasting off a thousand rounds at a target. What will youse do when they take something you like away ? All theese people who think that guns are dangerous know nothing. Leagal gun owners go through a saftey course. They go though a police record search. We even have to get permission from our last 10 years relaishionships . so if you have 5 exs they all have to agree you would be safe to own a gun. The laws were allready strict. And all theese crimes that you speak of are people who dont have the right to own a gun and get it smuggled from the u.s.

  21. S.H says:

    So all this does is effect legitimate gun owners… won’t stop crime as criminals already don’t follow proper channels to get their guns…. criminals will always find a way to do what they do.

  22. Guest says:

    Trudeau is such a erroagant spoled brat. This is all his ego and personal gain . Has nothing to do eith public saftey. Go after crime . Stop makingnus criminals. Stop letting criminals out on the street.

  23. Ben Dee says:

    Guest: How about looking at the root causes of misogyny and the mental-health crisis from the lockdown? Too much government control without solving real problems. Where is democracy?

  24. Joe Altman says:

    What a pathetic cheap propaganda. Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Criminals with intension to kill do not care what type of weapon to use , its caliber or technology. A stone , a knife , a handgun or anything else is a weapon at the hand of a criminal. It is not the means that counts it is the intension.
    but! i guess most Canadian are not smart enough to distinguish between cheap political propaganda and truth. or, most likely, they do not care.