Trudeau dodged normal parliamentary process implementing large scale gun ban

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on May 1, 2020

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today that 1,500 models and variants of what he called “assault-style weapons” would be banned. Some of the guns listed in the ban were leaked to Radio-Canada two days ago.

At the press conference, Trudeau said that “these weapons were designed for one purpose, and one purpose only, to kill the largest number of people, in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada,” a line that  Canadian firearms owners took particular offence.

Trudeau later admits that the vast majority of firearms owners in Canada use them safely and responsibly, but then right afterwards said, “you don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer”.

The ban would restrict Canadians from buying, selling, transporting, or using 1,500 models and variants of firearms. This, in effect, criminalizes anything and holds law-abiding firearms’ owners liable for not submitting those firearms to the police.

The ban was implemented shortly after the Nova Scotia rampage, where Trudeau first announced that new firearms restrictions would be coming. Due to the use of an Order in Council that allows the Prime Minister to pass legislation with only the Queen’s Privy Council (QPC) approval and the Governor General’s signature, it also allows him to avoid a debate in parliament over the firearms ban and a formal vote.

With the Liberal government in power, the President of the QPC, Dominic Leblanc – a Liberal MP himself – approved the policy despite the QPC need first to provide “advice and consent” and not merely rubber-stamp the controversial piece of legislation.

The Order in Council has also avoided engaging with petition e-2341, which called for a formal debate to be held in parliament on proposed gun control measures. The petition had amassed 175,310 signatures between December 17, 2019, to February 15, 2020, making it the most successful formal petition ever to reach the Canadian parliament.

Brad Manysiak, the man who launched the petition with the sponsorship of MP Glen Motz, spoke to The National Telegraph regarding his petition being ignored in a rush to implement a new firearms’ bans.

Manysiak said, “The Liberal government pushing the Order in Council through while parliament isn’t fully functional and before e2341 can be presented in the House of Commons shows how they feel about the democratic process. They have no respect for it. It’s an opportunistic and dictatorial move that borders on tyranny.”

The statement from Manysiak reflects the sentiments of the pro-firearms community in Canada, who have been universally outraged by the announcement of the ban, exacerbated only by the view that an Order in Council is an illegitimate way to pass such controversial legislation that dramatically affects firearms ownership in Canada.

Now that the Liberal government has put in place the firearms ban, the big question concerns how the ban will be enforced. With hundreds of thousands of firearms suddenly banned and gun owners far from enthusiastic on handing in those now banned models, it seems unclear how the gun ban is going to work in practice.

Regardless of what happens hereon, it is clear that the new firearms ban will be a significant issue when parliament adjourns next.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

29 responses to “Trudeau dodged normal parliamentary process implementing large scale gun ban”

  1. Natasha Crouser says:

    Yet he loves China’s Dictatorship and he has been slowly, steadily and systematically turning Canada into a Communistic Regime. Communists think nothing of killing and torturing others to remain in control. Trudeau is the most evil and vile thing CANADA has ever encountered. He has only one agenda. The ONE WORLD ORDER and that definitely aims to depopulate the entire world. This Covid 19 epidemic is no accident. It is biological warfare and it is being used to reign in the masses. Don’t be a sheep. For if you don’t wake up and take notice of the very seriousness of what is really going on in this world with the world leaders and the lengths they will go to to have complete control then you will not only be led straight to the slaughter but you will make sure that millions are also slaughtered. This is a war between democracy and communism. Freedom and total control of the people. This USA war between good vs evil.

  2. Natasha says:

    My first post should have said (at the very last sentence) THIS IS A WAR BETWEEN GOOD vs EVIL.

  3. Glen says:

    He’s nothing but a idiot

  4. Lawrence Tierney says:

    Again the Liberal Party is exploiting the loss of Canadian Lives for their own political gain. All under the Lie, that it is for the Safety of Canadians.

    If Canadians should fear anything, Canadians should fear the Liberal Party and its agenda of stripping away Canadians rights and freedoms.

    Canada does not have a Gun Control Problem, Canada has a people Problem.

    More Specifically Canada has a LIBERAL/SOCIALIST Problem.

    Innocents Betrayed – A Brief History of ‘Gun Confiscation’

  5. Paulette Canam says:

    Trudeau is an out of control idiot.He needs to go.

  6. Paulette Canam says:

    Trudeau is an out of control idiot.He needs to go.

  7. Paulette Canam says:

    Trudeau is an out of control idiot.He needs to go.

  8. Michael Ackermann says:


    Date: 20200501

    I think it is appropriate that I write this letter today, in that May 1st is May Day, or in this case “mayday!”, and our country is in dire need of rescue from ideologically blinded zealots who haven’t had an original crime control idea in five decades.

    In all that time, the typical reflexive, thoughtless response from all political parties to violent crime, especially mass killings, has been to blame anyone and anything other than the perpetrator, to attack the people least likely to ever commit violence, and to deny the evidence that plainly shows that making intended victims helpless does not make violent criminals less dangerous.

    The level of my disgust with the current government cannot be adequately expressed in words. They are hell bent on destroying one of Canada’s richest cultures and along with it the very spirit of capable self reliance, safety, responsibility, respect, camaraderie and civic duty that are the hallmarks of the Law Abiding Gun Owner (LAGO) lifestyle.

    These people are deeply disturbed, and they project the demons that lie in twisted fetid coils deep in the bowels of their blackened, shriveled souls out onto the world around them. Unable to conceive that there are vast numbers of people that are their moral and intellectual superiors and who own and use firearms responsibly, they falsely believe that we would all be as inept and dangerous as they would be, if ever they were to lay hands on one.

    That’s OK as far as it goes. There will always be people who cannot run their own lives adequately. Where it becomes a problem is when they then gain political traction and think that they can run others’ live for us. There are no lower limits to the depths they will sink to in order to push their virtue-signaling agenda on us. They will lie, cheat, steal, hide the truth, cherry-pick statistics, and even outright fabricate “evidence” to support their totally false view that a world where only governments and violent criminals are armed would be an idyllic, peaceful paradise. They have no trouble lying to us, because they have already sold the lie to themselves.

    We LAGOs have tried to educate them to no avail. We have tried to work with them to enact evidence-based laws that are effective at reducing violence, or at least minimally harmful to the innocent, also to no avail. These zealots are not interested in polite, reasoned discourse. They are vampires who perpetually live in the darkness of deceit as they feed on the blood of innocent victms.

    I think their real goal is social chaos. Why else would they do everything possible to minimize sentencing and incarceration for violent offenders, to routinely let them out on early parole despite their own parole boards warning about the high risk these criminals pose, and at the same time do everything in their power to destroy any chances decent, lawful folk have of training and equipping for, and then practicing proactive, multilayered, timely and effective personal defense? We LAGOs are 1/3 as likely as non gun owners and ½ as likely as police members to ever be the perpetrators of illegal violence, and yet following every act of barbarism it is always us and not the violent criminals who are made to pay the price.

    The vampires want the pile of victims’ bodies, they need the endless flow of blood, they cannot live without the broken families, and they abuse these poor people and their own positions of authority to undermine Canadian values at every turn.

    When the actions of someone in authority belie their words, there are only three possible explanations: Either they do not know what they are doing, or we don’t know what we are doing, or they have a hidden agenda that they are not willing to reveal. In the case of our rarefied elites, I think the latter is the only possible explanation.

    Well, I for one have had enough. We LAGOs to this point have obeyed every single law, rule and regulation you monsters have imposed on us, no matter how ineffectual, ridiculous and counter productive, because that is what law abiding folk do. All the while we have watched you consistently choose the path most likely to further the violence you claim to be trying to fight. We have watched your policies not only utterly fail to save lives, but in fact cost lives.

    Well let me tell you, no more.

    I will not be subject to any more arbitrary, useless, ideologically driven rules. While I remain dedicated to working with any government agency or NGO that honestly wants to pursue evidence-based laws that actually reduce violence, my days of obedience for its own sake are over.

  9. Frank says:

    This is the worst government to ever govern Canada. It’s akin to a simple dictatorship that the liberals and Trudeau in particular admire. I have no doubt that if he/they can steal dictatorial powers over us, he will.

  10. R weir says:

    There was never a single charge laid for failing to register a long gun. The liberal track record speaks for itself.

  11. Sharon Shumard says:

    No kidding!! This move of doing it without ANY input or proper parliamentary procedure is unprecedented! And this Prime Minister should be called out on this travesty! As far as we know our Canada is still a democratic country is it not?

    • Spencer says:

      It’s not unprecedented, daddy Trudeau tried it before and was pushed back on the M16 part. Now there are more gun owners than even in Canada and the Jr. is only half as competent as daddy, we’ll be damned if we can’t have this overturned.

  12. Sean says:

    Of course he did. He’s a spineless dictator.
    Slithers through holes like the snake he is

  13. David Michael says:

    The convicted criminal traitor can go fk himself

  14. Jake Thompson says:

    Another example of how we are fooled into thinking we live in a democracy. This isn’t the only time or the last time something like this has/ or will happen. Many Canadians voices are ignored by our governments.

  15. Ivar Songer says:

    Sounds like he has pressure being applied by people that have no clue the gun owners (land owners farmers and even hunting activists ) will not be able to protect their livestock or rid their land of various animals that dig holes and causes thousands of dollars in costs in repairs and cattle deaths ? So when or when cities towns and parks get overrun by these animals that won’t be controlled on golf courses oh don’t complain as you folks wanted this or you child or grand child gets bitten by an animal that’s diseased and we can’t destroy them as we’ve done for many years there’s going to be more and more infections soread by animals and you think covid is bad , Mark my words people these infections and diseases are going to be he end of he gun ban . I agree there’s some types that have no place on he street so why not put more of our tax dollars to work instead of wasting time raid cities , put up blockades on highways each vehicles properties one by one on suspected know addresses and vehicles to collect you’re so called bann d guns illegal possessions for unregistered guns that people have then pick that up ? Legal owners that have proper licence and permits shouldn’t be at the losing end of it all as the political parties are just looking for vot s and about her to ay to keeep their jobs instead of raising taxes and holding healthy people from losing their jobs or lifestyle. The last time they tried this it got worse instead of better .

    • mike says:

      Who is shooting groundhogs with a5.56? The overwhelming majority of the banned weapons are 5.56 mm. That round is NOT used for what you’re talking about. Plus, it’s also super impracticable, no, you’d use a shotgun to cover more ground and use less ammo. Nope, 5.56 is exclusively used for killing humans or sport shooting. And I’m fine with no longer being able to take an assault rifle to the range.

      • John Toth says:

        Incorrect and ignorant. 5.56 is the round of choice for farmers to kill varmints. It’s also the round used for feral pig eradication. I’m guessing you are from the east and a suburb dweller. Your reality is not everyone else’s. This is just another reason the movement for the West to leave this shell of a country is growing in popularity.

      • Eric Metcalfe says:

        5.56, aka .223 Remington was designed for shooting groundhogs and other varmints at a longer range than a shotgun. It’s one of the most popular cartridges in North America for varmint and predator hunting, and also used, though in my opinion a little too light, for hunting deer. Shotguns are used for shooting animals that are on the wing generally and close in. Shooting groundhogs in your pasture requires you to be able to reach out further.

      • Alex says:

        An ar15 is not an assault rifle. Its not fully automatic.

      • Spencer says:

        5.56 is a very fitting round for coyotes, mike you’re just a dumbfuck. And if the intention was to ban all guns that shoot 5.56, they didn’t have to put M14 or AR10 which exclusively shoot 308 on the list.

  16. Lala says:

    So we as law abiding citizens are not longer allowed to have guns, but your allowing all natives to keep any and all of the 1,500 guns that have been banned? What a racist fuck. It’s not the law abiding people going out killing people it’s the criminals who illegally obtain these firearms. So tired of all this double standard shit. Maybe it’s time for you to step down and go back to your mommy cause you have no idea about anything. If you make a stupid immature law forbidding someone from having something you make it for all.

  17. Allan poelzer says:

    Canada should get together as one and demand a recall.. For this dictatorship move.. This was a move done by a scared bully.. This is your fault Ontario and Quebec and Maritime provinces you voted him now you have to live with it.. Not one of these guns are assault weapons cause in Canada we weren’t allowed to have magazines with more than 3 rounds.. Having an ex-cop tell us what guns we can or can’t have when cops only need to score 225 (RCMP) and 250 (all other police) to qualify so they changed the scoring so everyone awould pass.. Canadian military you need 290 and 300 to qualify.. So I also feel if we can own these gun neither should the police.. They kill more people than they should. Once more Canada should get together and recall Justin..

  18. Janes says:

    people can complain all they want, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, Trudeau will regain a majority government in 10 months when he call snap elections. Canada is absolutely screwed under this tyrant. We will never see another conservative government ever again in Canada.

    • Gord Kellerman says:


  19. Bruce Symington says:

    Politicians can spin anything to sell their Brand. Scum of the earth. The AR 15 that Trudy is talking about is not the A/R 15 that can be legally owned and bought in Canada it is the the one that can be owned and carried into their Churches with drum magazines in the USA. The one that can be owned in Canada can not be automatic or made to be automatic and has a 5 round clip period. Shot guns owned in Canada cannot be automatic and are made to hold no more than 3 rounds ! Hand guns are limited to 10 round magazines and in fact most hand gun sport shooters in Canada have 5 round clips limited by competition. We have the extremely strict laws already and have had them for decades. We also have a culture of legal gun owners that are true Sportsman and are checked constantly to ensure that their stability does not change over time. Its time politicians stopped selling their brand with the phony solutions and started getting serious about fighting crime and the reasons why criminals do what they do with any killing device.

  20. Doug Tarbet says:

    The Liberals vigorously argued during the passage of Bill C-71 through the House and Senate that Firearms classification should only be done by the RCMP to avoid partisan policy UCD using OIC. C-71 recited Royal Assent in June 2019 yet the Liberals delayed it’s coming into force so they may do exactly what they argued against and l mol passed laws to prevent. $&&@“$) Hypocrites!

  21. David Byrne says:


  22. Steve Gunn says:

    This has been coming down the pike for a long time. Yet people seem to be surprised, even shock by what Trudeau has done. A little history of liberal hatred and lies.

    Sharon Carstairs
    "C-68 (Firearm Act) has little to do with gun control or crime control, but it is the first step necessary to begin the social re-engineering of Canada."

    — Quote by Senator Sharon Carstairs (Liberal) 1996 January 26 – 11th Annual Community Legal Education Associations (CLEA) Conference, Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Several people witnessed her saying this, but it is denied by the senator.

    Allan Rock
    "I came to Ottawa with the firm belief that the only people in this country who should have guns are police officers and soldiers."

    — Allan Rock, Canada’s Minister of Justice
    Maclean’s "Taking aim on guns", 1994 April 25, Vol.107 Issue 17, page 12.

    Anne McLellan
    "… we’re not interested in confiscating their guns, as long as they are legitimate gun owners, as long as they store them appropriately, transport them appropriately and so on …"

    — Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice
    September 22, 1998, Ottawa (FED UP II)

    Transcribed from audio recording from Tom Zinck’s site: Anne_McLellan_Promise.wav