The RCMP Arrested Maxime Bernier Simply to Suppress The Anti-Establishment

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on June 14, 2021

One of the most disturbing outcomes of the numerous lockdown rules and restrictions across various Canadian provinces has been the weaponization of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Once hailed as the gold standard in federal policing the RCMP is increasingly seen as little more than political rent-a-cops under the helm of a full-time bureaucrat and part-time police commissioner Brenda Lucki.

Sources within law enforcement have told The National Telegraph that most RCMP front line officers up to the detective sergeant level are so disillusioned with RCMP leadership that the organization more resembles Mexico’s federal police force under its past president, and now criminal in exile, Carlos Salinas wanted on Murder charges. 

Now the RCMP leadership, at the behest of Canadian politicians has brought the organization to a new low where arbitrary enforcement of restrictions, (not laws) at the will of the political establishment against those who simply disagree with government policy. The controversial public health orders implemented by many premiers such as Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Brian Pallister inline with the policies of Justin Trudeau, now seem to be lacking evidence to support the measures. The result of these draconian actions has resulted in the arrest of PPC leader and former Conservative Party of Canada Member of Parliament Maxime Bernier in Manitoba.

Bernier’s violation was a failure to self-quarantine which is odd because quarantine is not law and as many people argue, but it is a mere restriction because it is in direct violation of Canada’s constitution and Canada’s charter of freedoms. This would be the legislative equivalent of being arrested for a parking ticket. 

The people of Manitoba need not worry about Maxime Bernier’s organizing an outdoor protest, because the RCMP is there to save the day and can take him to jail. Ironically the police force that “always get’s it’s man,” The RCMP has long been delinquent on various other investigations including global terrorism funding, money laundering, and a host of other serious crimes which are secondary to enforcing public health violations. Comparing the incompetence of the current RCMP leadership to the former Salina’s era Mexican Federal Police might be unfair to Mexico.  


Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister is unable or unwilling to accept the World Health Organization (WHO) and US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) findings which indicate there is no evidence COVID-19 has a significant chance at spreading outdoors in any form of outdoor gathering. This is perhaps why there were zero Covid spikes after BLM riots or Communist Antifa riots across the US in cities like Portland.

Regardless, Mr. Pallister seems motivated to use the RCMP in his region in an attempt to humiliate and discredit PPC leader Maxime Bernier, likely to be a horribly calculated political move. Mr. Bernier has proven repeatedly he is unfazed by attacks and smears from the media or his political rivals and this is likely to reflect negatively on Mr. Pallister. 

While Mr. Bernier is now seen by many as a freedom fighter, Mr. Pallister will likely be remembered for achieving economic depression caused by unconstitutional regulations. He may even be one of many political leaders to be on the wrong end of class action lawsuits rumoured to be in the works of many private business owners decimated by COVID related restrictions.  

(Photo from CTV News Winnipeg)

(Photo from CTV News Winnipeg)

While Bernier was later released from custody on the evening of June 11, he left Manitoba with his team, presumably due to further threats from the RCMP that he would be rearrested and probably held for a longer period of time if he went ahead with any more of his planned events in the province. This may be a missed opportunity for Mr. Bernier as he had already been photographed being arrested so may as well keep pushing back on the RCMP rather than bending to their threats soon after supposedly ignoring their orders previously.  

It is perplexing why the RCMP, Manitoba Health Service, and the Premier’s office would act so foolishly considering Bernier’s events in Manitoba were mostly planned in smaller towns where massive crowds were not to be expected due to a mere lack of population density.  

In some cases, the crowds were small enough and spread out; they were likely compliant with MHS rules, but it seems the Manitoba government simply disliked the message being spread in the gatherings. The decision to target Bernier is at best incoherent and the result of a political class increasingly dominated by village idiots who failed miserably in the private sector. 


Pallister is yet another premier who seems unable to admit his lockdown measures were ineffective, unjust, and a mere dopamine hit of power but as those country folk like to say, “the chickens are coming home to roost.” 

This same phenomenon is occurring in Alberta where once Conservative Premier, Jason Kenney, already disliked by the conservative base for weaseling his way into UPC leadership on unethical grounds, has doubled down on his failed lockdown policies. This while Mr. Kenney and his staffers were seen recently on a rooftop patio in direct violation of multiple regulations he has imposed on the people of Alberta. 


Mr. Kenney and Mr. Pallister are lucky they do not live in the Salinas area of Mexico mentioned earlier or similar Latin American country because if they did, they might not make it to their next birthdays. Just this past month Mexico had 88 political candidates assassinated in public, and sadly, this is the political climate these vacuous political leaders are introducing to Canada. This is the kind of dangerous reciprocal extremism their failed policies, push for identity politics and unconstitutional restrictions and fuelling across their provinces. This is perhaps the reason that amongst Alberta conservatives, Jason Kenny is now less popular than some sexually transmitted diseases.  

While Mr. Kenny has unsurprisingly been quiet on his former colleague’s arrest as have most other political leaders aside from a few screeching smears from wannabe communists on the fringe left, Mr. Bernier issued a statement. 

In a press release after his release, Bernier stated:

I knew I risked being arrested in Manitoba after the threatening letter I got from the province’s public health official and declarations from local despot Brian Pallister. But it’s still always a shock when it happens when the police treat you like a criminal and handcuff you because you dared talking to a dozen people outdoors in a small village half an hour before. 

It’s crazy to see this happen in Canada. Meanwhile, politicians from Trudeau to Kenney to various ministers get caught flouting regulations, and nothing happens. It’s only ordinary people who pay for not following these tyrannical rules and politicians like me who openly fight them. The hypocrisy is astounding. 

No doubt the RCMP and MHS’ actions against Bernier have pushed things well past the annoying ticketing of protesters standing up for their freedoms and now into the realm of American-style partisan legal attacks on political opponents, and because of Bernier being a polarizing figure, many Canadians will likely cheer this violation of Charter rights.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

2 responses to “The RCMP Arrested Maxime Bernier Simply to Suppress The Anti-Establishment”

  1. Brad Couch says:

    Great piece Mr. Claypool! As a 5th-generation Manitoban and longtime conservative supporter, I am appalled with Premier Pallister’s unwarranted conduct. That said, this sad event is a strong indicator that the "old guard" is scared of the PPC’s straight-up, no-BS policies that would undermine their vested, lucrative business interests and crypto-fascist agendas. Clearly, we must praise Mr. Bernier for his courage and integrity. I will definitely work/vote for/donate to the PPC come next election!

  2. Weyland Yutani says:

    I second Mr. Couch’s position. I will vote PPC if they run a candidate. If not, I’ll vote Maverick. If not, I’ll vote Independent. If no Independent candidates, I’ll spoil my ballot.

    Under no circumstances will I vote for the CPC. Don’t bother mentioning the others.

    Canada as we know it has one last chance, and that’s Max Bernier and the PPC. If he fails to get traction, then Maverick it is and the sooner the west breaks free from the east, the better.