The CCFR’s Court Case Could See Trudeau’s Firearms Ban get Derailed

Written By Karl Fluri, Posted on January 17, 2021

This Monday, January 18th at 9 am EST, there will be a federal court hearing for an injunction (court file # T-577-20), filed by the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights (CCFR). 

The injunction is looking to stay the May 1st Order in Council (OIC) gun ban until the case against the ban is heard and Associate Chief Justice Gagné has delivered her ruling. The CCFR will post a link for limited viewing, allowing only up to 800 people to virtually attend the hearing live.

Along with the CCFR we see Christine Generoux, self-represented litigant, who speaks on behalf of various groups (court file number T-735-20) and Lawyer, Arkadi Bouchelev, for Doherty et al vs AGC et al. (file number T-677-20) join the injunction application.

An online hearing was already held, in which the “expert witness” Murray Smith, former manager of the Specialized Firearm Support Services (SFSS), was brought into question, who was in favour of the Liberal’s firearms ban.

Although Smith has no legal expertise he brands himself as a “primarily technical” firearms expert, despite having no formal education in engineering either, (see the full, lengthy, questioning of Murray Smith here).

The CCFR has already spent over $1M on expenses surrounding this case, thus far, making this the largest case they’ve taken on to date; and things are far from over.


The odds stand against this injunction, as the burden of proof is much higher than that for the regular case. Although, due to this, a loss here doesn’t mean the end of the case. At this time, without an injunction in place, we see the Trudeau government pushing this ban through at an unprecedented pace.

In late 2020 the government announced that they will be contracting IBM to help with the creation of the buyback program; of which phase one is to be completed by February 8th.

After consulting with various federal agencies, IBM will be developing a plan that includes a compensation scheme for the affected firearms, and an analysis of the benefits, risks, and “other considerations” associated with each compensation model.

Phase two of the project will be a complete review and revision of the program design and implementation of the approved options.

Despite many Canadians being opposed to the ban, describing this as an infringement on Canadian’s rights and freedoms, there are individuals and groups urging the Liberal government to establish even stronger regulations than are currently planned.


A leading group of gun control advocates, PolySeSouvient, is fighting for the government buyback program to be made mandatory; stating that giving Canadians the option to keep their banned firearms will make it easier for a future government to reverse the legislation.

Last May, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Bill Blair, stated that the government plans to create “a new evergreen framework” for firearms classification.  

This new framework would be developed to alter firearms classifications and ensure current federal intentions can’t be circumvented, effectively cementing the ban.

Blair states that the outdated system is “rigid, inflexible and it kind of let us down because quite frankly the manufacturers brought in a number of different variants that got around those classifications”.


The newly developed system will ensure that “only those weapons which are safe for use in this country will be available to Canadians.”, even as new firearms come on the market, as per Blair. 

PolySeSouvient is also pushing to see the new prohibitions established into law, rather than by regulation, in order to further attempt to render the ban permanent.

The Liberal government has said that this is something they will fight to see through, although the CCFR noted that in the mandate letter Prime Minister Justin Trudeau handed down to Blair stated very little about their current gun control policies. This may or may not be signaling an acknowledgment by the Liberals that their gun ban may get derailed in court before it can be fully implemented and don’t want to overemphasize that area of their policy.

If the CCFR injunction is successful the government will have significantly more trouble pushing this ban through; and with the strong possibility of an election looming, the future of the ban would be sent up in the air.

Karl Fluri

22 responses to “The CCFR’s Court Case Could See Trudeau’s Firearms Ban get Derailed”

  1. Christopher Babes says:

    Fingers crossed. The CCFR are heroes for the hard working people who are having their property forcibly confiscated for the sake of politics instead of any data proving this will help do anything regarding gun crime. It’s not a buyback. The government never sold my firearms to me and if I refuse I guess they will come with their own firearms to take my firearms. Disgusting. On top of that my expensive AR armourer course is useless now. I will be donating again to the CCFR as will both my gun clubs.

  2. Rob Boal says:

    This government from the first election has only respected their own agenda. In whichever endeavour they have put their hand to the wishes of the people have been completely ignored. There is no middle ground.
    Their dedication to the gun ban is unwavering. Its motivation is at best questionable.
    We have a Supreme court that has been overwhelmingly Liberal going back three generations. Their judgements are solidly behind the governemt to the point where they are biased.
    Consequently I for one expect a judgement that runs along the lines of "cause its good for ya". Case law and logic are unlikely to have a part.

  3. RDG says:

    You might want to be careful about saying "over my dead body." They can arrange that.

  4. Robert Bartlett bartlett says:

    As I see it there is no way in hell they can buy all the guns from gun owners and the problem has never been gun owners licensed and checked daily its Criminals like Turd that is the problem and when you need police they are not around I have been a gun owner for 65 years and not one of my guns committed a crime Turd has been in office 5 years and has a long rap sheet RCMP do your job arrest Turd charges you pick there are lots and more coming stealing out private property solves nothing we all know the answer ??

  5. Randy says:

    "only those weapons which are safe for use in this country will be available to Canadians.". Since every firearm that enters the country for sale has to be vetted by the RCMP and added to the FRT is he saying that the RCMP is the federal body responsible for previously allowing all of these dangerous "weapons" into the country? And if that is the case since he is ultimately the Minister responsible for the RCMP is he saying that he himself is responsible for allowing all of these dangerous weapons entering Canada?

  6. CLeBlanc says:

    Isn’t banning firearms taking away the freedom of the good willed people and taking away their ability to protect themselves against the criminals who will still find a way to get a hold of the “banned” weapons? If the government is supposed to “represent” the people, then why are the good willed people being treated like criminals? If cars won’t drive by themselves, neither will firearms… It concerns only the mental health of the one using it.

  7. lloyd says:

    Trudeau said during his pitiful speech announcing the gun bans , that "you don’t need an AR-15 to take down a deer , there is NO place in Canada for these weapons" Except ….right in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings , mere meters from his and Blairs offices are the most heavily armed officers in one location in Canada. After the episode with the parliament shooter and the revamped security a quote from the RCMP was "we are armed to the teeth" I wonder how may FULL AUTO weapons they have ?? ….You know , the ones that are supposed to be banned….

  8. lloyd says:

    Parliament Hill doesn’t look much different today. Tourists pose for photos by the Centennial Flame, anti-abortion crusaders, gay
    But there, in the midst of the pedestrian throng, stands one of a handful of Mounties with deadly, made-in-Canada Colt C8 carbines slug across their chests. It’s the only place in Canada where federal police routinely and openly carry such heavy firepower.

  9. lloyd says:

    And, in the words of RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson, “We’re armed to the teeth.”

  10. Mario says:

    "I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

  11. LAIRD says:


  12. Dragon says:

    Covid means certification of vaccination id. The great reset is designed to depopulate unarmed populations and force toxic vaccines. The synagogue of s@tan is behind all wars. Communism is covid to scam the world into ww3.

  13. B.Long says:

    They keep using the word "safe ", or "safety" when talking about this subject . Our PM uses the phrase regularly "to keep Canadians safe" , or "for the safety of all Canadians" . All normally functioning guns are safe, It’s those using them in an unsafe manner that aren’t safe . People are killed every day in one way or another , auto accidents , because someone was using it in an unsafe manner , what makes guns any less safe for Canadians to own ? It’s akin to taking my car away if a neighbour killed someone with theirs ! This isn’t about what it was designed for , it’s about trust and responsibility , and suggesting I may be a murderer because I own a particular gun , is a trust issue and a wrongful accusation . Just because it isn’t a vocal accusation doesn’t make it invalid as one , by the action of doing it in the manner it’s being done (gun ban) , does put some validity to it .

  14. Denis Tarko says:

    Open up the constitution and have same wording as the States.
    Ouvrir la Constuition et inscrire les mêmes amendements que les États-Unis.

  15. JamesHaIifax says:

    If one Iooks at history, you can see that the Governments most anxious to confiscate firearms, are aIso the most IikeIy type of Government to use them against its own citizens.
    None of this wiII stop criminaI use of firearms; this is meant to get the votes of iII informed peopIe from Toronto and most of Quebec. What a bunch of useIess virtue signaIIing morons we have running the show. Remember the time when we had a Prime Minister of the country was actuaIIy inteIIigent and competent? I miss those days.
    We can’t say we weren’t warned.

  16. PETER Thompson says:

    This fight is about our right to posses legally acquired firearm for our sporting and recreational use. We have no property rights in Canada and we need to establish some or the government will be coming for your property next. It may be 2 cycle engine powered equipment because the Lieberals signed on a clean air accord with the UN or something like that. Are you willing to give up your property because someone lies about how it is being used and says you don’t need it?

  17. RvB says:

    The cost of this gun grab could definitely be used to deal with the criminal elements and gang members!
    That would make far more sense than punishing the honest law abiding citizens!

    • d says:

      it would be cheaper to deal with the criminals it’s not what thay want look at how they went soft on criminals for fiararm crimes

  18. Dragon says:

    Covid is an excuse for an ancient satanic elite group to push their global reset agenda.

  19. K m says:

    Wat to go CCFR!! I am a member and there going to have a fight getting any Gun’s from me! Douchebags!

  20. James Wiechnik says:

    If Canada is no place for guns why does Trudeau need armed guards? He should prove it to us and do away with them, follow his own preaching

    • d says:

      those who have armed guards have no business telling me what I can carry much less what one can own