Potential Red Tory Plot Against Pierre Poilievre?

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on March 3, 2022

Multiple sources within the Conservative party, who wish to remain anonymous, have reached out to The National Telegraph to talk about a potential backroom deal between Jean Charest and Patrick Brown in the upcoming leadership race.  

Currently, this is just rumour, as Patrick Brown has not entered the race, but the story from our sources goes as follows: Jean Charest will bring Patrick Brown support in Quebec and down-ballot support, and in exchange, he will get a high-ranking position in a Brown government. There is also word that there will be a campaign led by the political hitmen within the Red Tory ranks to smear Poilievre as a racist/radical/white supremacist.

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest.

This is a real possibility as it does fall under the modus operandi of the CPC elite, who for some reason detest their base and continuously push the failed narrative that they must be diet Liberals to win elections in the GTA. This was the O’Toole philosophy and it failed miserably, yet the idea survives in the hearts and minds of the big wigs in the CPC, likely due to flawed polling data from corrupt polling companies.

If this scenario were to play out it would look like this. Charest enters the leadership race as the furthest Left candidate to ever attempt to lead the Conservative Party. In doing so he would soak up most of the criticism from the base. This would allow Patrick Brown to play himself off as right-leaning in contrast to Charest. Brown has a history of lying to the base to gain leadership before pivoting and throwing them under the bus. He did it in Ontario after winning the PC leadership race in 2015, and his team assembled around Erin O’Toole when he did the same on a federal level in 2020.

Patrick Brown after winning the PC leadership race in 2015. (Photo from the Globe and Mail).

In order for this plan to be successful, there would need to be a repeat of the conditions of the 2017 leadership that saw a highly popular candidate in Maxime Bernier lose to the down-ballot support of the less renowned candidate Andrew Scheer. In order to beat Poilievre, Brown would need a large field of candidates to thin out the margins and draw local supporters away from Poilievre, and then just like in 2017, non-CPC voters can be drawn into the party momentarily to vote for an establishment candidate before they return to the Liberals, NDP or Bloc.

With the announcement today that the leader will not be determined until September, one of the conditions for this scenario is already set.  

(Photo from The Hill Times)

Not to mention that the Conservative party has a history of simply changing the rules to disqualify candidates who are not in line with the establishment like Jim Karahalios. Pierre Poilievre is likely too big to remove, but any potential allies of his might meet this fate.

What looked like a coronation for Poilievre last month might turn out to be a real fight for the soul of the Conservative Party going forward.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

9 responses to “Potential Red Tory Plot Against Pierre Poilievre?”

  1. Micheal Christensen says:

    They will never win with a red Tory. All of the real conservative’s will vote for Max. You can’t out liberal a liberal. They must be unapologetically Concervative.

  2. Beverly Williams says:

    When Pierre was just starting out and in our riding, my husband and I supported his efforts and helped by doing the polls for him on election days. We sat back and waited for the years to roll by when we thought he might have a chance at being Leader of the Party and eventually Prime Minister. We thought he would make a good Prime Minister. However since the Convoy that entered Ottawa and his siding with people who brought children and animals with them to live in trucks and subjecting said children and animals to horns continually blaring for two weeks and emitting gas fumes 24/7 for three weeks, not to mention the businesses that were kept closed, defacing the War Memorial etc. we will not be voting for Pierre if he does become the Leader of the Party. Sorry Pierre, we are very disturbed by your actions.

    • Ron says:

      Bev, I have so much respect for ordinary Canadians like you and your husband who work so selflessly on behalf of the conservative movement. You are the grass roots. I observed the Freedom Convoy as another grassroots conservative based expression of dissatisfaction of the trajectory of our country.

      The protest was grassroots and learned to mitigate most of the negative harms ie horns etc over time. It was non violent and peaceful unlike so many protests on the left. The average Canadian is a peaceful, hard working and fair-minded person and that is what Freedom Convoy represented to me. My extended family are commercial fisherman and would take their kids with them when out for a month of fishing while they were preschool and in the summer. It was good and wholesome for all concerned. They were self sufficient and independent not wishing to have the government in their day to day lives and teaching their children the truth of real work. This is a very common phenomenon in the trucking sector to have your wee ones and wife with you on the road.

      I hope you can see past some of the negatives you listed above and perhaps look into the negative things that you listed in your comment and see it from the protesters point of view.

      Again thank you for your good work on behalf of the conservative movement.

    • Ron says:

      Also I am a veteran with 27 years of service. Their was no defacing of the war memorial by the right. One or two people walked over the headstone (probably not knowing the significance of the headstone). The site is the peoples site. Not the governments or the politicians; the peoples. The folks who unknowingly made that error were used by politicians who wanted to paint that action as the Freedom Convoy organizers deliberate act and paint all the protesters with an intolerant brush. The arson at the apartment building, the accusation of foreign funding, the accusations of assaults’, violence have all been proven untrue. The government of the day and compliant trusted media needed to harm this grassroots political movement. The conservatives were the only people to talk with the protestors. I find that instructive.

      I hope you would take a moment and perhaps reconsider this protest from the light that the Liberals and NDP refused to talk, and cast horrible lies and accusations towards peaceful protestors.

  3. Murray Reimer says:

    Yup just like last leadership race. If Pierre wins the leadership he needs to cleanse the CPC by getting rid of back room boys. Remove their memberships and make the removal permanent. If he does not do this he will spend his time on party infighting instead of fighting the liberals

  4. Roy says:

    Very interesting and how typical of the Conservative Party of Canada to encourage Brown and Charest to swing the party’s leadership process their way. If the Party fails to stick to conservative values, Maxime Bernier will benefit greatly (along with Trudeau and Singh).

  5. Grant says:

    If Pierre doesn’t win, Canada is finished!

  6. Dr Doom says:

    As a long term vouleenter, activist and financial donor to the CPC, I expect PierrePoilievre to win decisively, however if the cpc brass play games. I will work non-stop to defeat the cpc is Charest or brown is installed. My goal is to see the get kimcambelled. Enjoy the 2 seats . Also expect many sitting MPs to cross to ppc or maverick . When that happens in Sept.

  7. Ross N says:

    Everyone should know evil forces within this Party are now actively working to keep putting weak leaders in charge to make sure THEliBerALs remain in power. When will Canada wake up and rid our country of these treasonists within?