Pierre Poilievre Says He Would Ban Federal Ministers From Attending World Economic Forum

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 9, 2022

Carlton MP, and Conservative Party leadership contestant, Pierre Poilievre said at a Stampede event in Calgary that when he is Prime Minister he will ban federal ministers in his government from attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland.

(True North reporter Rachel Emmanuel captured the video at the event)

As many more conservative Canadians know, the WEF is controlled by Klaus Schwab who has in the past bragged about having influence over the Justin Trudeau federal Liberal cabinet. Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland even sat on the WEF’s board and supports their radical environmental views and their brand of corporatist economics. 

Although the WEF has no literal power over any government around the world, they clearly do have a philosophical influence over many politicans, who have their views shaped by the internationalist propaganda put out by the WEF.

Poilievre, by making the public statement against the WEF, is not only striking at one of the philosophical roots of the Liberal Party, showing he will lead a very different type of government if he becomes prime minister, but also that he won’t be mainstreaming any Conservative MPs with sympathies for internationalist organizations like the WEF.

Specifically, Poilievre seems to indicate that MPs like Michelle Rempel Garner will have far less influence within the Conservative Party when he is the leader. 

Rempel is well-known for having attended two WEF meetings in Davos and once wrote an article denying that the WEF had any influence over the Canadian government. She has also been at the forefront of trying to push far-left progressive social politics into the Conservative Party, and by saying he will ban ministers from attending WEF events, Poilievre may also be signaling that what MPs like Michelle Rempel more broadly represent will also be sidelined within the CPC if he is the next leader. 

At the very least this statement by Pierre Poilievre should help make many Canadians more comfortable voting for with as the next Conservative Party leader and prime minister, (especially those who voted PPC in 2021) as it was a common criticism of Poilievre that he had not made firm enough statements against the WEF over the past few years.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

8 responses to “Pierre Poilievre Says He Would Ban Federal Ministers From Attending World Economic Forum”

  1. Ra says:

    So Poilievre says his ministers can’t go to WEF meetings so his other MPs can

  2. Dan Mancuso says:

    Well…shouldn’t someone say something now about what other CPC MPs, besides MP Michelle Rempel Garner, are being ‘influenced’ by Klaus Schwab and the globalists…

  3. bluearea says:

    When you become the next PM and I believe you will, get rid of Michelle Rempel by members vote and hold her accountable like the rest that support that sick man of WEF and the rest of their sick minds but I’d like to see Max of the PPC be invited back into the party with an apology from the dirt bags that forced him to do the right thing

    • Dan says:

      He wasn’t forced out. He left in a childish fit, showing his elitism and personal agenda. The PPC was seeded and paid for by Soros’ Tides Foundation to steal votes from Conservatives for trudeau. It’s not even a party. It’s just Bernier. No bylaws. No agenda. No Board of Directors. Nothing.

  4. Ruth says:

    Excellent proposal……No Canadian elected official needs to attend this enemy conglomeration…..it is the opposite of wholeness to our planet and freedom of the people.

  5. Guy St Hilaire says:

    Pierre Poilievre also said if he becomes the next Prime Minister he would explicitly ban any ministerial position on his cabinet if they have any affiliation with the WEF .And that is why I am supporting his appointment as the next leader of the conservative party and the next Prime Minister of Canada .He sounds very sincere and hope he follows through on his promise .

  6. Deb says:

    Every member of parliament has had ample opportunity to oppose the WEF, WHO , Turdeau agenda of turning this country into Chinada. The allegedly conservative members have been silent in the House of Parliament despite being the Official Opposition, and paid handsomely to do that, BUT THEY DID NOT OPPOSE THE GOVERNMENT when it was a MINORITY government. So if they want to blame the useless Toole for not “allowing “ them to have integrity in the past, WHO WILL THEY BLAME WHEN THEY FAIL TO STAND UP FOR CANADIAN FREEDOMS in FUTURE?

  7. NancyW says:

    Why can’t we print and say what is really taking place here to the whole world? It is no longer a conspiracy theory but truth. Maybe people would really think and they better start soon, look into what is really happening. Already some countries are collapsing with these paid puppet globalist pretend governments with really harmful to us agendas. They are buying up or ruining the farmers around the world, saying and lying it is the Ukraine war, not so, more countries people are getting very hungry and now starving, a horrific death. The caused inflation (actual kleptocracy) leaves us regular people unable to buy much food with what they leave for us to fight over. In the Netherlands they now want to take the protesting farmers lands , cutting off fertilizers etc. so they protested and the ultra rich Globalists running the UN’s WEF’s puppets here want the same for us and worse. This Globalist Utopia dream they spout, is for themselves, not for us it is for the ultra greedy one per-centers running all the big global businesses worldwide, countries get in their way, we are in their way small businesses are ruined, by their UN’s WHO plannedemic. This WEF run "Nazi Ukraine" WEF puppet leader war started to keep our attention away from other agendas like global money system they will control. According to Klaus Swchabb, at Davos, he said "hungry people work harder" and other things our tax paid lieberal WEF run "agenda government" paid media lies bald faced for, no longer to trust for Canadians.
    Followed this all since it was right on the UN web site but not in our sick liberal media nothing believable there is the real truth. Be scared, or we must stand somehow and stop them all. O’Toole was WEF and in WE and ME and lied to us, flip flopped. Pray that Pierre Poilievre can stand strong for us as the whole world needs honest and love for their own countries, to reign in this huge worldwide criminal corruption.