Ottawa Police Are Lying About An Elderly Woman Being Trampled By A Police Horse

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 19, 2022

In probably the most disgusting episode of the peaceful Freedom Convoy protest so far, during an aggressive crackdown on the demonstrators yesterday Ottawa police, along with its crowd control units on foot, sent in mounties riding horses to try and break up the crowds causing some protesters to be trampled, including an elderly woman.

The woman in the red jacket was an elderly woman who had been seen standing in the protest line not long before she was hit by the mounted police officer. She had been completely peaceful and pleading with officers not to violently break up the Freedom Convoy demonstration.

Ottawa Police knowing that photos and videos of the woman being struck by the horse were circulating on social media put out a tweet implying that both she and her walker were a “bicycle” that was “thrown” at the police officer’s horse. 

This is an absolutely abhorrent lie. There is no mistaking the woman and her walker for a bicycle.

On top of that, if the police are alleging one of the peaceful protesters had thrown something as large as a bicycle there is virtually no chance it would not have been recorded by one of the dozens of people live-streaming the standoff with police.

Just like the legacy media, the Ottawa Police Service is spreading disinformation to try and demonize the peaceful truckers and convoy supporters.

The woman was not only struck by the horse but she was likely seriously injured; her current condition has not yet been officially confirmed. Fox News reporter Sara Carter said that she is getting reports that the elderly woman may have even died of her injuries. (It was later shown the elderly woman did in fact survive)

Police exist to serve and protect, but under the leadership of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the authoritarian Ottawa municipal government, they are being used as political weapons. 

First, they attack peaceful protesters, then they try and cover it up by putting out demonstrably false information.

Absolutely sickening.


The elderly woman struck by the horse had her shoulder dislocated and suffered other minor injuries but overall is ok and is recovering.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

31 responses to “Ottawa Police Are Lying About An Elderly Woman Being Trampled By A Police Horse”

  1. jeff rankin says:

    If this does not move Liberal MPs to a confidence vote nothing will. It is unacceptable to condone such depraved indifference Even worse not taking responsibility for it. Almost as egregious as insulting his peers, by implying they stand with swastika flag wavers.
    What will be his next act of tyranny ? Not that I am looking forward to finding out. He no longer deserves to hold office. We should be ashamed of our media as well. But thats another issue. First things first. The last three words she spoke were peace , love and happiness. Why did they not show that?

  2. michael godtmark says:

    time to protest every rcmp detachment acrosss canada

    • Linda Briggs says:

      Michael, I deplore this, too, and sincerely hope the poor woman is recovering well. However, I don’t think these riders were members of the RCMP (Mounties, as reported in this article) but were members of the Toronto Police (as reported by Global News). Regardless, this thuggish behaviour and subsequent lies by the Ottawa police should send chills down our spines.

  3. JA says:

    From what I understand the woman trampled is/was a Mohawk Elder. That means she is exempt from the Emergency Act.

  4. Scott Campbell says:


    Congtats! You have successfully turned THIS Pro Police 50 year old man into an ANTI POLICE man!


    • Rational Reasoner says:

      Stay retired. Any officer using the word Tyrant was either never really an officer, or should stay retired.

      • T.S. says:

        You really are an outright authoritarian, aren’t you.

        "If you question my tyrannical orders, you’re not an officer". What do you want police to be, unthinking robots that simply carry out your every last whim? I guess you didn’t know that "I was just following orders" didn’t stop Nazi officers from being executed at Nuremberg.

        In your opinion, questioning the legality of the actions of your superiors means "they were never an officer". In my opinion, it means they never stopped being a thinking, feeling, caring human-being, something I think you’ve lost touch with, but hope you can return to.

  5. Ruth Adria says:

    Is it time to stop using my tax dollars for this massive, deadly police operation nd instead lift the mandate? Ruth Adria

    • Rational Reasoner says:

      Thanks for the comment. There has been zero deaths – so lets start there – any other lies you’d like show the world? And in no way should any illegal activity instill change at all. How undemocratic of you for saying such things. Especially since the protestors are non-professionals on the matter. I don’t see any accredited professionals among the crowd. Also, most mandates are provincially driven. Also, all mandates – refer to history – are lifted at some point if it deems best for the collective. If I were you Id be far more worried about the billions all these illegal blocks across all borders and Ottawa costing you as a taxpayer – pales in comparison to the removal.

      • T.S. says: – Here is an MD Physician at the protest giving a message to other licensed practitioners of medicine. "If I haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist!" is not very rational. – Brian Peckford, third premiere of Newfoundland and the last surviving signatory of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is suing the government of Canada over extralegal actions.

        Non-professionals are not allowed to have opinions? You are unlikely to be an epidemiologist, so why are you permitted opinions on anything related to the pandemic? Johns Hopkins says the efficacy of the lock-downs were questionable at best, so "I’d be far more worried about the billions" all these lock-downs and money-printing is losing, as it "pales in comparison" to the truck-blockades.

        "All mandates are lifted – refer to history". Citing "history" is as intelligent as citing "Google". If you knew anything at all about history you’d know how frequently governments are usurped by authoritarians who never stop until they are made to. "Everything just works itself out eventually, just read history!" Genius take.

        You speak like such an authoritarian yourself. By suggesting that "illegal activity" should not instill change, you imply that any and all laws are always justified and meritorious. The Civil Rights Movement committed mass acts of civil disobedience and more. Your claims literally make you an antagonist to the Civil Rights Movement, yet you probably think you’re "on the right side of history".

        What’s "undemocratic" are the actions of the PM. Emergency Authorization over what is clearly not an emergency, then enacting measures before it has been passed, suspending parliament when they are supposed to be debating the matter which shuts down the ability of the country to have a say. And all this happens only after he receives an angry phone-call from Joe Biden complaining about the damage to American manufacturers.

        I was on the fence about the tactic of truck-blockades, but I strongly support the CCLA who are presently filing suit against the government, who can freeze the bank accounts of anyone it deems "undesirable". That is an attack on someone’s ability to feed and shelter themselves or their families. How long until they turn that weapon against you, or someone you support? What honestly makes you think they won’t? Because you’ve been so obedient?

        Rational Reasoner. Sounds more like Rationalizing Ridiculousness.

      • Non-delusional says:

        The mandates are both Federal and Provincial that fact #1. You ask for sources well then could you supply the source to prove a bicycle was thrown at a horse other than the police say so. I see numerous videos and photos of proof from many angles that an elderly woman on a mobility walker/scooter was trampled by a police on horseback. Hey I get that things are a little unnerving at this time and it’s really hard for so many people to grasp the absolute tyranny happening right before their eyes but the fact remains, we are under siege from our own government and these brave protestors will regain your freedom whether you deserve it or not. OH and an aside, the professionals and “experts” have lost the respect and aren’t reliable to weigh in on much these days based on what narrative they’ve adopted. The pandemic is over, it seems the only people who don’ t know that are in our government or delusional.

      • Leo Frey says:

        So all of a sudden you are worried about the economic impact. Where were you when they were shutting down businesses with their mandates? And in case your glasses are stuck up the PM’s butt, it was the federal governments mandate for truckers coming across the border that started this. That’s FEDERAL…not PROVINCIAL. How many more years are you willing to live with the mandates. You must be one of our overpaid civil servants who don’t have to worry where their next dollar is coming from.

      • BranchCovidiansRTrash says:

        AlL mAnDaTeS aRe LiFtEd At SoMe PoInT…
        Two and a half years later

        Lmao trash

  6. NancyW says:

    This was our country, these were our well respected police, I have NO respect for our illegally placed puppet WEF government since our last true legal PM, PM S. Harper was demonized and lied about in all of our NOT Canadian but globalist NWO medias, bought out with our tax dollars and more debt.
    Since I am an old lady with a walker and wheelchair, I sit terrified wishing to help, I was so proud of our good Freedom peaceful good Heroes these men and women with their children and pets our great Canadian Truckers who are tax payers and such hard workers and all the supporters there to have the fascist "police?" or hitlers men and women against Canada following illegally this greedy globalist coup government now taking everything off of these good people, their houses, cars, trucks, finances frozen, insurance gone, and worse their children, unbelievable that what were our good police stood up for this illegal puppet globalist government and destroyed our own Country. Now we can wait for them to do the same to all of us, or do we finally really see we need to stand and take this fake government down for good. If we searched all their holdings and finances and could get this back we probably again have a country with little debt as the NWO kleptocracy controlling our lands nastily will continue on lying and getting much worse as they take down the world and we sit and are lied to and watch but soon we will be cold and very hungry unless we fight for our truckers we know for sure they are for Canadians unlike our police.

    • L. Reid says:

      This was not a "peaceful protest" it was an invasion of Ottawa to get what the minority wanted. People had to leave their homes to get some peace and quite from these truckers. They don’t want mandates to be taken away too soon and this would be a little to soon. You may not care about the majority of the population but thank God the Government does. God gave you freedom from sin and wants you to care for your neighbour and treat them as you want to be treated …. not go to their homes(city) and disturb their way of living. If you don’t want to wear a mask or get vaccinated, great, pay the consequences. The rest of us want to be safe and then carry on with out lives LIKE WE DO EACH DAY.

      • Leo Frey says:

        Go back to school. 34% is not a majority. Maybe it is in small minded Ottawa but not in the rest of the country.

      • BranchCovidiansRTrash says:

        YOU are the minority, blindly slaving away while these OBVIOUSLY corrupt institutions continue to ruin the planet, lie, and cheat to get their way. This would be too soon? Two and a half years later with constant lies the entire time. You are living in a fantasy world my friend and the Government wont save you after these corporations turn out the lights. Your precious government will be lying right there with them while you and your family starve and freeze to death.
        F*** your mandates, masks, and sketchy a** VAX. Your pathetic way of living is trash now pay the consequence for forcing people to do something they don’t want.

  7. Ppe says:

    Stop funding.

  8. Jonas Boll says:

    Justin Trudeau, your ego has killed Canada’s Grandmother. The Queen of England has been notified.

  9. Allen says:

    Lay assault charges against the officer if the elements of the offense are there.

    • Rational Reasoner says:

      woman was illegally there. You have your story backwards.

      • T.S. says:

        Protesting peacefully is not illegal. She was not blocking traffic with a truck, so you don’t have that excuse either.

        Nice to know you think that police violence/police brutality is acceptable as long as it’s against the wrong type of person. Namely, a disabled old woman.

      • Leo Frey says:

        It wasn’t illegal just because the Turd proclaimed it. This was not unlawful assembly just because you were there, no matter how Trudeau and his cronies spin it.

  10. Beth says:


  11. St.Michael says:

    Bull Connor taught crowd control in canada I see..castro jr is to blame

  12. beaastor says:

    Wyatt Cesspool, thank you for continuing to spread lies and hate, nothing in this drippy rag is true, you should be ashamed of yourself for promoting this crap. By the way, the emergencies act is still in place, and the authorities are going after all of those who are promoting the lies of the convoy, I’ll forwarding this to them, I am sure they’ll want to have a little chat with you, FW.

  13. Jesse says:

    beaastor, so you’re stazi now?

  14. Tara Chisholm says:

    You truly are an idiot. You can watch videos. Where is this report lying? I’ve watched several livestreams. None show a bike. First, the police said it was a bike. Then they said it was flares. Did you see any flares?? Now, the police chief said…the photo you saw is photoshopped. Here is the thing. They were all wearing bodycams. Why not show the bike? They can’t. Why not show the flares? They can’t. You know why? Because they are lying.

  15. Ted R. Weiland says:


    That said, any movement/*any response* that does not recognize Yahweh God of the Bible as its Sovereign and thus promoting His moral law as supreme is just another contemporary instance of man doing what’s right in his own eyes, per Judges 21:25. In turn, if "successful," it will inevitably destroy itself. See Matthew 7:26-27, 12:25, etc.

    Case in point: America’s 1776 secession movement from Great Britain that eleven years later culminated in what’s just another tyrannical government, worse than the one it seceded from.

    Judges 21:25 is what today is commonly known as humanism, aka We the Peopleism, in it’s multifarious forms.

    For more, see Chapter 3 "The Preamble: We the People vs. Yahweh" of free online book "Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective" at Bible versus Constitution dot org. Click on the top entry on our Online Books page and scroll down to Chapter 3.

    Then find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of the 85-page "Primer" of "BL vs. USC."