Ontario College Of Psychologists Attempt To Strip Jordan Peterson Of His License

Written By Marc Patrone, Posted on January 3, 2023

Canadian psychologist and author Dr. Jordan Peterson could be stripped of his license to practice clinical psychology over his sharing of political posts on social media.  The College of Psychologists of Ontario which regulates the profession in his home province has disciplined Peterson over the sharing of political posts on Twitter. 

Peterson says he got in hot water with the College because he retweeted posts about PM Justin Trudeau, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre, Trudeau advisor, Gerald Butts, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, and others. 

The College has ordered Peterson to undergo mandatory social media communication retraining to “modify his objectionable behavior.”  It’s unclear what it is about the Tweets or the sharing of them that may violate the College’s Code of Ethics.  Either way, Peterson says he will not comply.

“I have absolutely refused to do so,” said Peterson.  The next step for the College is to demand he submit to an ‘in-person’ disciplinary hearing. If Peterson does not satisfy the College and commit to changing his behavior, it could strip him of his license to practice.  

“Canada has been given over to the commissars,” Peterson said, “something I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.”  He says he’ll make the issue public in the days ahead.

Some of the posts that may be drawing the ire of the College include one on December 24th in which Peterson tweeted out a link to Conrad Black’s column in the National Post: A moral imperative for Trudeau Liberals to resign.

Then on December 27th, he tweeted,

I learned to watch for people’s psychological age during my years doing intensive clinical work. @JustinTrudeau appears to me to be perpetually 14 yrs old.

Even the German socialists have figure this out. Are you watching, @JustinTrudeau — the man who claimed there was “no business case” for supplying our German allies, in the face of the Russian war, with LNG?

Every year that our marionette PM stays in power is a “tough year” for Canadians @JustinTrudeau @theJagmeetSingh (and the latter props him up and complains about doing so constantly)

Has Jordan Peterson become The government of Canada’s latest political target for holding the wrong opinion?

This article was originally posted on the Honking for Freedom substack which can be found linked here.

Marc Patrone

5 responses to “Ontario College Of Psychologists Attempt To Strip Jordan Peterson Of His License”

  1. Willissa says:


    I have no doubt in my mind that Trudeau is behind this persecution.

    Trudeau is an absolute traitor to Canada! The worst PM in Canada’s 155 year history.

  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you for posting this article. A college, with completely unrelated and limited evidence, is demanding a professor of profound global influence, proven so by physical evidence (written and visual), be “retrained” in his very thinking under threat of license to practice. Coincidentally enough that a forthcoming election is rumoured, Jordan being factual and vocal in his presentations and posts in opposition of the Trudeau government. Not to mention his overwhelmingly supportive global following, influence and, in turn, possible effect on said election.

    This schoolyard method of peer pressure may work on celebrities and weak politicians that begrudgingly accept in order to maintain their income and status, but they are severely underestimated their target here. For it is not just Jordan Peterson they have in their sights. It is the millions who stands by him. The college has effectively “dropped the gloves” thinking theirs is the upper hand in this fight and are completely unprepared for what is about to transpire. Or are they?

    Is this a veiled threat with the underpinnings of a more serious repercussion? A design to create a situation of attack, either personal or physical, on Peterson only then to cover it up by label or virtue signal of said design? To the extreme: Lee Harvey Oswald incident anyone? This is a definitive moment the scope of which cannot be understated. It’ll be very revealing to see how legacy media spins this one, if they do at all. IStandWithJordanPeterson.

  3. Chris says:

    Zimra Yetnikoff
    Director, Investigations and Hearings at The College of Psychologists of Ontario

  4. Jack Reynolds says:

    AARON KHERIATI – American Thought Leaders – The Epoch Times
    The February 2022 Emergency Act had several predecessors. Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in 1933, but he continued to rule without further elections until 1945, after he enacted the Weimar Republic’s Emergency Act. Skip forward to the 53-minute mark of this video.
    The College of Psychologists of Ontario’s attack on Jordan Peterson is a continuation and an escalation of this process. Its members are uniquely qualified to recognize the symptoms of Mass Formation Psychosis, so their actions cannot and will not be forgotten or forgiven.
    This may be a carefully planned trap however it is one that can easily be escaped from.
    Part One … https://rocanada.substack.com/p/justins-war-against-canadians
    Part Two … https://rocanada.substack.com/p/warning-world-bank-digital-currency?sd=pf
    Independent Republics of America … https://1drv.ms/u/s!AiGnteD9iWfngTOVs0kTqut5xJ5_

  5. Yuri says:

    Those who will not learn for the past …. and we didn’t