Legacy Media And Leftist Activists Are Doxxing Convoy Supporters

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 15, 2022

Canada’s legacy media and leftist activists around the country are attempting to socially pressure people into not supporting the Freedom Convoy 2022 by shining a spotlight on anyone who has admitted to donating to it or had their information leaked from the hack of GiveSendGo.

The media and activists are effectively doxxing donors by taking the personal information leaked by the hacks of GiveSendGo and then putting a face and name to it by tacking down the biggest donors and interrogating them about how they spend their money. 

The CBC just did this with a New Brunswick man who donated $75,000 to the Freedom Convoy organization. The CBC story, written by Jacques Poitra and Karissa Donkin, even admits that they only tracked the donor down based on information obtained from the hacking of GiveSendGo.

The writers’ state:

CBC News has reviewed information that appears to identify tens of thousands of Freedom Convoy donors to the website GiveSendGo.

The data, hacked and released briefly on its front page, includes names, locations, dollar amounts, personal email addresses, even the credit card companies used for each transaction.

Apparently, the CBC has already emailed several people who have donated to the GiveSendGo and are seeking to do to them what they did to the New Brunswick man. 

One of the most blatant examples of someone actively seeking to dox donors and having malicious intent would be former radio show host turned leftist activist Dean Blundell.

The Twitter account Defiant L’s, which contrasts new and old tweets to demonstrate left-wingers’ hypocrisy, showed Dean acknowledging that doxxing is wrong and that he would not do it and then eleven days later releasing a list of Freedom Convoy 2022 donors personal information.

(The below image is from Defiant L’s but shortly after this article was published they had their account suspended so a posting of the image from Toronto 99 is now being used)

A website has also been set up titled ConvoyTraitors.ca which is attempting to name every business that supports the Freedom Convoy or who has an employee that shows up to the protest in Ottawa.

They have been taking photos of every company logo on trucks in order to shame the business for supporting the protest, or get the employee or contractor punished who has the company logo on their vehicle. 

The CBC has even been promoting this doxxing effort.

This is all so blatantly wrong even the MIT Technology Review has written an article citing experts in cybersecurity who see this doxxing effort as highly unethical and malicious. 

Other legacy media organizations and activists have also engaged in this behaviour, including a polling firm working from Abacus Data, which should worry those who answer polls from that organization.

Fundamentally doxxing is against the culture of free speech. It is an attempt to make people unwilling to donate to causes they support or express their real views out of fear someone will post their personal information online and organize online activists to try and harass them, get them fired, or have their business boycotted.

The fact that doxxing is coming from the pro-mandate media and activists shows the lack of respect for personal freedom that side of the debate has. They don’t care about Charter Rights so they see it as totally above board to threaten the privacy of convoy supporters to try and get their way. 

Anyone who takes part in the doxxing of convoy supporters could be subject to future lawsuits based on harm they cause those they name and attempt to stigmatize.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “Legacy Media And Leftist Activists Are Doxxing Convoy Supporters”

  1. A Loyal Canadian says:

    Bring suit against the networks. Won’t be long now when CBC and CTV are hitting the bricks.

  2. RJJ says:

    To be fair… and to skewer another wretched media corporation, the TELEGRAPH JOURNAL (the Irving newspaper in Saint John)
    was active in the outing of Freedom activists, at the same feverish pace as CBC was maintaining on February 14. The Irving paper went after
    Easy-Kleen, a $75K donor, (in print and online) and was using its social media pages to stoke the hate, selectively allowing pro-government
    buffoons to spout the usual screed. Trudeau lovers demanding that Easy-Kleen, and any other corp donors to Freedom movement be stripped
    of any job-creation or economic incentive monies past/present future. New Brunswick Provincial Budgets are often 40 percent (plus) funded by
    Federal Transfer Payments. Trudeau owns their ass, and they feel his lash. "Freedom" is not on their dance card.

  3. Rose Fox says:

    Speaking of internet companies supporting the doxxers, GoDaddy is the host provider for Dean Blundell’s website which has a downloadable copy of the donor database. This is in violation of their own terms of service as well as Canadian privacy and online crime laws. I contacted their abuse department several days ago demanding that the database be taken down. They replied today (Feb 16) refusing to remove the hacked database from their servers and claiming I need a court order to get it removed. This is pure bullshit, there’s nothing about court orders in their TOS or their abuse page.

    I can see a huge class action lawsuit coming, from everyone whose information has been exposed and maliciously used.