Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Probes Her Audience About Possible CPC E-Mail Bias

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 17, 2020

Conservative author, speaker and former PPC candidate for Red Deer—Lacombe Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson recently asked members of her audience whether or not they had been experiencing a peculiar pattern of only receiving certain Conservative Party leadership candidates’ emails—and not others.

Thompson had many people get back to her stating that they were only receiving e-mails concerning O’Toole and MacKay from the CPC, whereas Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis were apparently far less prominent in the CPC’s e-mails, or absent altogether.

The following excerpts below are statements made by Thompson’s viewers who are registered members of the Conservative Party.

Murlene Brewster: ‘I only get e-mail from Erin O’Toole. No one else. However, I did receive mail from Leslyn Lewis.’

Arlene Poelke: ‘I have been getting non-stop emails from O’Toole and MacKay as well. I have stopped them now and unsubscribed. I chose to get emails from Sloan and Lewis.’
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson: ‘Did the Sloan and Lewis emails come to you automatically at the start of the campaign?’
Arlene Poelke: ‘I signed up for their emails.’
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson: ‘So to be clear, they didn’t automatically come to you like the other two candidates?’
Arlene Poelke: ‘Correct.’

Kim Jensen-Laevens: ‘I’ve been getting non stop crap from both O’Toole and MacKay. I keep unsubscribing but they keep sending them…I have never got one from Sloan. Just got a flyer in the mail from Lewis.’

Lisa Munro: ‘I have never received an email from Leslyn Lewis and wouldn’t even know she was a candidate if I didn’t follow you. I had to sign up for Sloan’s and again, I would know nothing of Sloan if it weren’t for LL.’

Dawn Parkin Hames: ‘Exactly what you are saying is happening, I am not getting any emails from Sloan, I signed up for Lewis, but I am getting from O’Toole and McKay, and both of those I never gave my email address, so there is a leak, but it is not leaked to Sloan.’

Margot Forman: ‘I had the same problem. Seemed like I couldn’t unsubscribe to Erin Otoole….I had to specifically go to Derek Sloan and put him on See First before I saw him at all. Not getting emails from Derek either, although I’ve asked for them. Finally unsubscribed from Erin and Peter. Getting Leslyn nonstop. No Derek.’

Deanie McGrath: ‘Ok. That explains what was happening in my emails perfectly…even after I unsubscribed.”
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson: “Did you get them from all four candidates?”
Deanie McGrath: “No. Just the candidates I would NEVER even consider. And it started out of the blue, I had to unsubscribe 2x and then just started sending them to spam”
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson: “Isn’t that interesting!’

RJ Laird: ‘I don’t get anything from Sloan or Lewis but get daily emails from the other two. The joke is on them, I hit delete each time.’

This trend will need to be followed more closely in the future. One would assume that since every candidate should have access to the full Conservative Party email list, every member who hasn’t intentionally blocked any of the candidates’ emails should be receiving all of the emails sent out from each candidate.

For the race to remain fair and balanced, issues revolving around the dissemination of information needs to be addressed. There may be a major disadvantage placed on candidates like Derek Sloan and Leslyn Lewis whose campaigns appear to be the most affected, at least according to the testimonials provided.

Election results cannot be allowed to be skewed by intentional or unintentional gaps in information provided to the CPC membership. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

2 responses to “Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson Probes Her Audience About Possible CPC E-Mail Bias”

  1. Thanks for covering this!

  2. North22 says:

    I have experienced the same issue. I only subscribed to Sloan and Lewis, however about six weeks ago I started receiving McKay and O’Toole emails. Quickly unsubscribed to that nonsense.