Justin Trudeau’s Popularity Hits Record Low – Unlikely To Ever Win Another Election

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 31, 2022

Abacus Data released new polling numbers yesterday showing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government in a deep approval rating crater.

Despite what could be described as a fairly lazy summer for the Trudeau Liberals, especially after the Freedom Convoy 2022 protests in Ottawa back in February, it seems that Canadians have moved decisively against the Liberals. 

Currently, the Liberal government, propped up by the NDP, has a disapproval rating of 51 percent with only 34 percent of Canadians approving of the way they are managing the country. That is one of the highest rates of disapproval the Liberal government has ever experienced since 2015, only being matched by their disapproval rating during the SNC scandal.

The numbers for Justin Trudeau himself are somehow even worse, despite his recent charm campaign across the country. Trudeau also has a disapproval rating of 51 percent, but only has an approval rating of 31 percent, his lowers rating ever. 

Added on top of that only 9 percent of Canadians overall strongly approve of Trudeau, meaning that the vast majority of his Liberal base is only somewhat satisfied with his performance. On the flipside 34 of the 51 percent of Canadians polled who had a negative view of Trudeau specifically had a “very negative” view of him. 

It seems that since February Canadians have taken time to mull over what they think of Trudeau and the Liberal government’s performance in the context of the harsh crackdown on the freedom convoy, travel mandates, and runaway inflation, and are overwhelmingly tired of the current ways things are being done. 

Right now if an election was called, the Conservatives would easily beat the Liberals, currently outpolling them 35 percent to 30.

The Liberals rely on winning the vast majority of seats in Ontario and then taking a significant chunk in British Columbia, but Abacus’ polling results currently have the Conservatives and Liberals tied in Ontario, and the Conservatives opening up a wider lead in B.C. than they had in 2021. 

This is a dire situation for the Liberals, and currently, the Conservative Party does not even have an official leader, so we can assume the numbers will begin to get even worse when the presumed winner Pierre Poilievre takes the helm of his party. 

It makes one wonder what is keeping JustinTrudeau in office knowing that all of his economic policies have failed and his social campaigning has only divided Canadians. 

The only negative thing about the polling for Trudeau and the Liberal Party is that it may only incentivize them to not call an early election before 2025, unless Jagmeet Singh and the NDP forces it to happen. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

2 responses to “Justin Trudeau’s Popularity Hits Record Low – Unlikely To Ever Win Another Election”

  1. JB says:

    34% approval of Justin Trudeau is still too high! Why anyone would support this evil little WEF puppet, I’ll never understand. People are so brainwashed and indoctrinated in this country, it’s unreal. Alexa Lavoie from Rebel News did a segment recently in Ottawa asking people on the streets what they thought of Justin Trudeau, the answers most people gave were concerning and pathetic. One guy actually said that Trudeau represents Canadians and he thought he’s a "good guy." Wtf is wrong with people?? I just don’t get how they can’t see Trudeau for the slimebag he is. He’s a liar, a thief, a fraud and a child rapist, but he represents Canada!? Our country needs some massive deprogramming done. But I do hope you’re right about him not winning another election. He should’ve been gone a long time ago but morons just kept voting him in.

  2. Thomas says:

    Canada is still 3 years away from an election if the country holds together that long.