Justin Trudeau Blinks And Revokes Emergencies Act

Written By Fringe Kaiya, Posted on February 23, 2022

As of 4 pm EST today, the federal government has revoked the Emergency Measures Act, nine days after being invoked, ostensibly to provide the City of Ottawa with more resources to end what remained of the Freedom Convoy protestors and their vehicles, which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other left-wing politicians labeled an “occupation.”

During the duration of the EMA’s invocation, the presence of law enforcement increased, and measures were taken to vacate the Ottawa streets after a few weeks of peaceful protesting by the convoy supporters. This resulted in the police aggressively breaking up the demonstration, resulting in several protesters being injured and the area around Parliament being fenced off.

Additionally, during this time the federal government allowed banks to freeze the accounts of individuals who were involved in the protest which ended up including people who simply donated to support the cause of the Freedom Convoy.

While it’s somewhat unclear as to what the rationale of this pivot is, there are several reasons why this could be happening:

  • The threat of court challenges from civil liberties groups and the Government of Alberta

  • Discouraging internal poll numbers

  • Poor media coverage both inside and outside of Canada

  • Canadian Senators’ vocal disapproval in regards to invoking of the Emergencies Act

In the news conference which broke this announcement, Prime Minister Trudeau reassured Canadians that the Act was not to be used longer than it was needed, despite not long before saying he would keep it in place to prevent protests similar to the Freedom Convoy from spouting up.

Fringe Kaiya

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  1. BettyJo says:

    Justin, YOU’RE FIRED!!

  2. Bruce Hutchinson says:

    Please no more pictures of evil. Thank you.