How badly has China Infiltrated Canada?

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on December 17, 2020

With the story broken last Wednesday by Ezra Levant and Rebel News that Trudeau’s Liberals wanted to train the Chinese army (PLA) in winter combat, an important question needs to be asked. Just how powerful is the CCP’s influence in Canada?  It is obvious that it is not 100% top down control being applied by Beijing in Ottawa, but it is also very reasonable to assume it is not 0% either.

The events of the last week should be very sobering to the Canadian public. It wasn’t just the political class that seemed to be willing to capitulate to the dangerous authoritarian regime in Beijing, the CCP has been making inroads in Western media and culture as well.


The most obvious institution to consider when talking about infiltration from a foreign power is our political system.  There is always risk of elected or appointed officials being corrupted by money or threats from our enemies.

The most obvious example of a Canadian politician with dangerous pro-China views is Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who admires China’s “basic dictatorship”.  The same man who will breakdown in tears if there is a questionable story of Islamophobia anywhere in the West admires the same dictatorship that has put millions of Muslims into concentration camp has probably engineered the worlds biggest government program of systemized rape of the Uyghur people

Trudeau’s love of human rights abusers has been something that the Canadian media has been very reluctant to cover stories that negatively portray the Prime Minister.  This presents a rather large confounding variable when dealing with CCP influence in Canada.  How much media protection on these issues is from the $595 million the Liberals paid them and/or personal political bias from “journalists” and how much pressure is being applied by the CCP and it’s proxies. 


The real coverage of China’s aggression towards us started when the media was absolutely forced to pick up the story of the CCP kidnapping the two Michaels and using them as political hostages for the Meng Wanzhou case. The new focus from Canadians on the dangers of the CCP revealed an uncomfortable truth in Canadian politics.  Justin Trudeau is not to blame for the Chinese influence in Canada, if anything he is tougher on China than his predecessors in the Liberal party.

Yes, Trudeau is bad on China, but the holdovers from the Chretien days are worse. Trudeau was forced to fire John McCallum as ambassador to China when he took the Chinese position over the Canadian one and even held events closed to the Canadian media but open to CCP friendly outlets. Elder Liberal officials have even been publicly lobbying on behalf of China and Meng Wanzhou.


As I will point out later the Conservative party does not even do a good job of being a bulwark against Chinese influence. It should be no great surprise that we are helping out the Chinese military under the Liberals, which has all of our allies very worried about continued cooperation with Canada.


The CCP is a very well funded and sophisticated organization and they understand full well that there are many ways to assert control on a country outside of its elected leaders.  For years, the CCP has been acquiring most Chinese language media in the West. A recent article from the National Post quotes Victor Ho the former editor of Sing Tao, the largest Chinese language newspaper in Canada, as saying that there are no independent Chinese language outlets in Canada, and that Beijing are now basically the editors of these papers. 

The corruption of our Chinese language papers is understandable to a degree.  The CCP is totalitarian and they have no moral qualms with threatening the safety and/or family members of dual nationals, writing about the CCP might get family back home killed, so better to remain quiet.  It is the cowardice and corruption of Western media outlets that are much more troubling. 

Dozens of bond and blindfolded Uyghur Muslim men being taken away by Chinese police.

Dozens of bond and blindfolded Uyghur Muslim men being taken away by Chinese police.

For example, the story broke last Wednesday December 9th, and it wasn’t until the 12th that CBC wrote its first, and possibly only article on the subject.  Why did our taxpayer funded media take so long and contribute so little to a major story?  Was it to protect the Liberals, was it their elitist spitefulness towards Ezra Levant, or was CCP influence in play? Likely there has been a mixture of all three at play.

However, the CBC article does bring up one good point.  The Conservatives under Harper, and likely the same as O’Toole are not really that tough on China.  Granted they are not as bad as Trudeau, but there really doesn’t seem to be a movement within the political establishment willing or capable of pushing back to Beijing. 


The third area of CCP influence that we need to look at is all the miscellaneous areas of infiltration.  The most obvious example here is the Chinese taking control of Hollywood.  Movie’s are now being monitored by the CCP and only films that pass their standards will be seen as viable blockbusters.  

This is why you are now seeing the movies that include giant monster or robot battles tearing up the streets of Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong.  Pacific Rim, a movie about the monster-robot fights, did as much.  

Another example is things that don’t fit the moral standards of the CCP don’t appear in our movies.  Like the countries of japan or Taiwan, the CCP does not want to see their flags, so they were cut from the new Top Gun movie. Also, looking at black people and homosexual relationships are not in line with the CCP’s world vision. Take a look at the American and Chinese posters for the new star Wars movie and see if you can spot the difference.


The most brazen and ridiculous element of the CCP’s noxious influence in the West, is that they have learned the great weakness of the Western Left.  Racism allegations. The CPP has learned that most Canadian’s, especially public figures, possess absolutely zero courage in the face of an allegation of violation of the Social Justice ethic.

This is why you can see people who otherwise have a high moral aversion to people who want to erase black people from society in normal circumstance absolutely breakdown when a Chinese official complicit in the mass rape and genocide of Uyghur accuses them of racism for pointing out the racism of the CCP.  You can see this with NDP leader Jagmeet Singh as his brain nearly melts when forced to think critically about this issue for two minutes.

There are countless examples of CCP interference and a multitude of reasons to stop them.  But one thing is clear, we do not stand a chance of countering the CCP’s influence if we can not even bring ourselves to have a conversation on this issue for whatever reason. 

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Yes. In the early nineties at a college in bc I saw every face in the 10 or so Finance classes was Asian….I always wondered why. Foreign students were allowed to register early for $2000. Some said that this policy took away our class seats. Many foreign students were taking 9 and more classes too….which I find impossible. Then the college put a reduced limit on.
    Then we get this crazy real estate crisis as China buys many old folks homes in bc at least…. And gold mines. Now I understand they want our water, wheat and more gold mines….and they want us to train their black belts Soldiers. Lmao. Too funny. Who is the dum dum??? They don’t need training ffs. They only need to get beyond our borders. Get out the popcorn! God help us.

  2. Joe says:

    Conservatives not tough on China. Hahaha! Who was it that ran away from the genocide vote? The Trudeau government, whom are bought and paid for by the CCP.