Everything Wrong With The CPC Leadership Debate

Written By Daniel Bordman, Posted on May 12, 2022

Last night, during the one official CPC English language debate, the federal party decided to showcase why they so consistently screw up elections. After the debate run by independent media got national attention for its excitement, the CPC did what it does best, cater to the people who hate it.

While the people enjoyed the more open format that gave candidates a chance to shine on issues they cared about, while exposing their weaknesses the CPC decided to listen to the few blue check marked pundits who tried to spin the previous debate as anti-intellectual. So the CPC mandated “substance” or at least as much substance can be provided in 15 second answers.

To start, the biggest problem with the debate was by far and away Tom Clark, the moderator. There is a common saying in sports that if you notice the referee then they are doing a bad job. That applied to Tom Clark who made himself the centre of attention, when not asking frivolous questions.

The debate started out on the wrong foot with all these ridiculous rules: No mentioning another candidate, no mentioning another federal leader, no clapping from the audience (why even have an audience) and silly time deduction rules. On top of all this candidates were only given 15 seconds to answer each question.

Whenever a candidate had a good answer the crowd would clap for three seconds, followed up by a minute and a half of Tom Clark self-righteously lecturing the audience in the interest of “saving time”. A great way to kill the flow of the debate.

The CPC leadership and Tom Clark wanted substance, which is why we had questions like: What book are you reading, what is your favourite TV show to binge watch, who is your non-Winston Churchill political hero and what music do you listen to?

The biggest problem for the CPC leadership and the best moment of the night were highlighted when Pierre Poilievre finally took a shot at Tom Clark for the framing of a question. When the CPC organises a debate the moderator cannot be doing the work of the Liberal party, and that’s what Tom Clark was doing when he falsely framed the Freedom Convoy as an “occupation” of Ottawa. Poilievre slammed him for not mentioning the axe wielding eco-terrorists who attacked the pipeline when talking about protests that threaten infrastructure. 

The debate ended with an actual one on one debate section with convoluted rules about raising paddles and only having five paddles that after the first two rounds most candidates couldn’t speak anymore and the debate died.

If you did not have time to watch the debate, don’t worry you didn’t miss anything. The format was so terrible that nothing of substance could be said.

If the CPC wants to have another productive debate they must swallow their pride and leave it in the hands of independent media, which are the only people in Canada who have shown the ability to put on an intellectually engaging and entertaining debate.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel is the host of political satire show Uninterrupted, runs multiple podcasts and has written for a variety of publications. Daniel is also the communications coordinator of the Canadian Antisemitism Education Foundation. You can find him on Twitter here. Uninterrupted on YouTube

2 responses to “Everything Wrong With The CPC Leadership Debate”

  1. Ted axeman says:

    What is wrong with the conservatives?? Who ever organized this event should be fired ..!

  2. Nancy W says:

    It was a terrible WEF run lieberal/NDP Party waste of time debate, but then I see infiltrators Jean Charest, and Brown the say anything WEF liberal/NDP Party right there with their usual demented slants. I did watch a great Debate by True North, everyone of them but Brown, it was a good debate. It sure seems like the CCP’s UN and their WEF have infiltrated the Conservative Party again. I really wanted Pierre Poilievre last Conservative Leadership race, but he was a new dad and I respect his opinions, but I really wonder even though he is a strong sensible speaker and man can anyone stand up to what has taken over our country and it is taken over Trudeau has signed post national state Canada over to the WHO I read in the CFP and it appears at the WHO meeting in Finland I believe this May 22 to 28, Biden and 40+ more states are going to sign over their rights to the UN’s WHO? I hope not but Canadians do not know how much this has already cost us, billions, and we lost our country too. Ontario’s Doug Ford is now a WEF puppet but for this election his name was removed from their list, nothing is believable any more. Then again our freedom of speech/media may also soon be gone, same as the USA’s mis/disinformation controls starting to come into effect.
    I want to thank you while we still can say some things for all the good truth your media gives us.