Erin O’Toole to Remove Derek Sloan from the Conservative Party on Flimsy Grounds

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 19, 2021

Conservative Party of Canada leader Erin O’Toole is attempting to remove Hasting-Addington and Lennox MP and former CPC leadership candidate Derek Sloan from the party caucus after the publication of a smear article from Press Progress.

Press Progress reported that neo-Nazi Paul Fromm had donated to the leadership campaign of Sloan, making it seem upon first glance as if Sloan was somehow courting the tiny $131 donation from Fromm. 

In Press Progress’s own article they note that Fromm did not actually donate under his regular name and instead donated as “Frederick P. Fromm” which would have made it even more difficult to recognize his name if a Sloan campaign staffer even knew who Fromm was in the first place. 

Sloan even came out on his Twitter account to explain the situation and how he was not aware he donated and he has instructed the party to pay the donation back to Fromm as soon as he was made aware today.

In spite of the fact that this was considered a complete non-controversy as any Canadian citizen has the ability to donate to anyone and campaign volunteers will naturally not see or recognize names that are of concern, O’Toole pushed ahead with barring Sloan from running and trying to kick him out of the CPC caucus anyways.


Many Conservatives are speculating that O’Toole likely wanted to find an excuse to ditch Sloan whenever he possibly could as O’Toole has been making a concerted effort to move politically left while rejecting more classic conservatives, most notably through denying interviews with conservative publications like Rebel News.

The National Telegraph has previously written on Press Progress, and it is a wonder why Conservatives take the reports they put out seriously as the publication’s own writers have been seen supporting radical far-left political positions and communistic regimes that are responsible for genocides.

O’Toole and the Conservative Party may need to reevaluate their decision to remove Sloan from the party to prevent him from running for them again as Sloan does represent a significant portion of the CPC’s base, especially the socially conservative members, presently unhappy with the party’s increasingly liberal social policy.


Derek Sloan released a statement on Twitter laying out how not only was it unreasonable for him to have had to realize Paul Fromm donated to him, but the Conservative Party itself approved Fromm’s membership application as well as approved and counted his mail-in ballot that would have included his drivers-licence.

Sloan, at the end of a Facebook live video to his supporters, where he read his above statement, stated that, “I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

16 responses to “Erin O’Toole to Remove Derek Sloan from the Conservative Party on Flimsy Grounds”

  1. jack says:

    just park your conservative vote til we get a real conservative party. O’tool make Sheer look good. 4 more years for Justin.

  2. Ann M says:

    Mr. O Toole …You need to reevaluate your decision to remove Derek Sloan from the party over a 131 dollar donation from someone you deem a racist…accepting a donation does not mean you support racism…I for one support Derek Sloan and if it wasn’t for my faith in Derek Sloan I would not have provided donations to your party!…If the party loses Derek Sloan the party will see a sudden fallout of supporters! Mr. O Toole I believe you campaigned to unite the party and now you want to cause a division just before an election?

  3. Jason says:

    Mr. O’Toole. I am a party member thatbvoted for you and donated to your campain. If you do not revese this and appologise to Mr. Sloan you will lose my vote and my money.

  4. Ted Paull says:

    At first I thought this was a joke, like a Babylon Bee article. But it’s not, is it? Is this where the CPC is heading with O’Toole as leader? What a great way to destroy the base of a once principled party! Now, we’re riddled with ‘progressive’ conservatives, who have the same stiffness of backbone as Republican RINOs. Only here they are Red Tories. This looks like political suicide to me, Erin! I didn’t sign up for ‘cancel culture’ inside the CPC! It’s the LAST thing we need.

  5. Marion McLaughlin says:

    Mr Erin O"Toole,I am very disappointed and shocked at your attempt to remove Derek Sloan from the CPC caucus on such an obvious and meager oversight on Derek’s campaign team and you Mr.O’Toole need to apologize to Derek and drop this attempt to slander him or you are going to lose many CPC members .We need unity not decision!

  6. Dan Lucier says:

    O’toole, you are an idiot. I respected and supported Derek Sloan and this ridiculous attempt at virtue signalling is an example why the Conservatives will lose the next election! You have no backbone and are afraid of Sloan because he is twice the man you are!

  7. Tony Kiar says:

    A similar bit of ‘virtue signalling’ happened this summer to a local politician regarding a comment he made about BLM – "The North Dundas Township council showed their true colours on August 24, 2020 at a ‘special’ meeting where one Councilor was disciplined before a complaint from the public was investigated properly." Read more at –

  8. Eileen McRae says:

    I am truly surprised by Mr. O’Toole’s decision and his statement. He has rushed to judgment before all the salient facts were made available, based solely on an article from a leftist media organization. In other words he has charged, tried, and convicted Mr. Sloan in the court of public opinion. A true leader does not do that. A true leader would investigate, discover all the facts, discuss the issue with Mr. Sloan and his caucus, before taking any action.

    These are the tactics used by the Democrats/media/liberals/socialists, etc. in the USA. I am disappointed that Mr. O’Toole has chosen to use those same tactics. He does not represent true conservatism in the way that I perceive it. Perhaps it is time to build a new party in Ontario, one with true conservative values; one that does not base its policies and decisions on the prevailing winds of public opinion.

  9. steve davis says:

    Typical right wing response. Throw your people under the bus.

  10. Krystein Spencer says:

    O’Toole is the one that needs to be removed. The biggest nightmare we Canadians are seeing right now is Trudeau’s dream. The Conservatives are once again messing themselves up and at the cost of the Canadian people. We need guys like Sloan, Scheer and Hillier to keep Trudeau and his Liberals on their toes. O’Toole is a moron as he’s really a Lib-Con more than anything else. No wonder Trudeau wants a 2021 election. If the Cons can’t get their act together Trudeau will indeed have even more seats than what he has now – which is exactly what he wants.

  11. K.D.MacDonald says:

    Mr. O’Toole….I’m tired of fighting with stupid politicians, who don’t listen to Canadians. After 4 years of Justin Trudeau, are Canadians going to have to fight with you and your gang. What you politicians have to remember is….You work for Canadians….Not Canadians working for you

  12. Jane Nicol says:

    I am soooo disappointed with Mr. O’Toole. He should be standing up with Derek Sloan to to get rid of Trudeau. This is about as much as we hear from
    O’Toole. Is he in hiding?

  13. Jim Gaspell says:

    I still don’t understand how you, Erin o’Toole, made it to be the leader of this party! As far as I’m concerned, you are no more PC than your counterpart, Doug Ford! You’re both useless pieces of shit, who don’t even know which party you represent. Smell Trudeau all over you!
    There are far better qualified people in the PC party who should be representing us, the Ontario population, from these scumbag liberal politicians!!! Go fuck yourself Mr Erin O’Toole!!!
    One pissed off Canadian…

  14. Carroll J Finn says:

    If Derek Sloan is removed from the Conservative Party, my husband & I have written the LAST CHEQUE to the Conservative Party of Canada. If Derek Sloan’s voice regarding certain issues which separate him from mainstream politics and the "old boy" network, is not acceptable to the Conservative Party leader, then maybe the Conservative Party & it’s leader are not acceptable to us!! To the MPs who are voting today, may we humbly suggest, that you take the time to carefully consider your decision. Richard & Carroll Finn

  15. Cheryl Volpe says:

    The firing of MP Derek Sloan is completely unfair and many of us conservatives stand with MP Derek Sloan. The whole thing sounds kind of fishy to me and planned. The money was from a donor that hit their name. MP Derek Sloan has returned the money as soon as he found out and also was honest and made known publicly what it happened. That’s the least that we can say about other politicians who have received donations from undesirable sources.
    The last thing we need is a weak Conservative Party Leader. You didn’t get my vote Erin O’Toole. I think you’re in the wrong party. Please remember that you work for Canadians. We need a strong leader that will stand up to Trudeau and the liberals. Canada cannot survive another four years of Trudeau. We need leaders like MP Derek Sloan who stand up and speak the truth.

  16. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    Both my wife and I are long time members of the Conservative Party and voted that way in the last election and because of people like us Erin O’Toole is now the leader of this party. I am deeply upset about this unfair move by O’Toole to remove Dereck Sloan! If I had know then what I am slowly realizing now, Mr. O’Toole would not have gotten my vote and I know that I am not alone! Mr. O’Toole you unwise action in this regard will surely come around to bit you….when the leader of the Liberal Party PM Trudeau; is patting the Opposition party Leader, Mr. O’Toole on the back for so doing what he has done to one of his own MPs, without sensible, justifiable reasons…you know that we are in trouble! I am sure that this move has played right into Trudeaus hand, because this will surely lessen numbers in the Conservative Party and give the Untrustworthy, dishonest Liberals and much better opportunity for having a majority in the next election; Thanks Mr. O’Toole!