Derek Sloan won’t apologize for criticizing Dr. Tam

Written By Guest User, Posted on April 30, 2020

Today, the Ontario Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) Members of Parliament attempted to force the MP for Hastings-Addington and Lennox, Derek Sloan, to apologize for supposedly questioning the loyalty of Canada’s Chief Public Healthcare Officer, Dr. Theresa Tam.

Despite being an internal Ontario CPC caucus’ business, the existence of the motion that was meant to force Sloan to apologize was leaked to the media before the 4 pm EST deadline for Sloan to apologize.

The list MPs on the CPC Ontario caucus are listed on Our Commons website here.

Sloan, as he has done over the past week, regarding the continued controversy over his criticism of Dr. Tam refused to apologize, and instead released a statement explaining why he should not have to apologize.

Starting his statement off, Sloan said that the whole controversy is media cover for the Liberal government’s failures on COVID-19 and that they “deliberately misinterpreted my critique of Dr. Tam and further critique of Justin Trudeau.” 

Sloan stated, “I did not – and I am not – questioning Dr. Tam’s loyalty to Canada. There was no intention to question it … In addition, I never once mentioned Dr. Tam’s race or sex.”

Sloan asserted that the statement he made about Dr. Tam working “for Canada” or “for China” was rhetorical, and China could have been swapped out with “The World Health Organization” just the same.

The controversy over supposedly questions Dr. Tam’s loyalty was later explained by Sloan again, who said, “I am not questioning Dr. Tam’s loyalty to Canada, and of course Justin Trudeau is ultimately responsible for following her advice. But, in both cases, I am questioning their judgment and their competency to do the job, not their motives.”

The Statement finishes with Sloan insisting there should be an election after the COVID-19 pandemic is over and that “Canadians can, and should, fire Justin Trudeau.”

Sloan’s controversy with Dr. Tam has not only brought him up from being an obscure Conservative MP running for the party’s leadership, up to one of the most talked-about members of parliament in the past week and a half.

Despite much of the mainstream media, including the CBC, CTV News, and Global News negatively covering Sloan’s comments creating many critics of the MP, there has also been a massive backlash to the backlash resulting in Sloan gaining a lot of supporters.

From both people who do and do not support Sloan for the Conservative leadership, there has been growing criticism of how the Conservative party has handled the situation.

It is now uncertain what the Ontario CPC caucus will do now that Sloan has defied their motion to apologize. Still, it seems clear that Sloan does not see himself as being in the wrong, and is sticking to his leadership Slogan of “Conservative – Without Apology.”

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18 responses to “Derek Sloan won’t apologize for criticizing Dr. Tam”

  1. Garry H says:

    Yes it’s about time some one had the balls to say fire Trudeau . This moron has to go .

  2. Tony Plett says:

    CPC needs a strong leader like Sloan !

    • Sherri Ferguson says:

      He’s the only one, with balls enough to stand up to Truedope, Tam & Hydu ‘s BS about convid??? If we can’t get Polievre to run, we don’t have a chance!!!

  3. John D says:

    Once again political correctness drives another nail into the coffin of the Conservative party, they are playing directly into the hands of the Liberal party .
    Truly sad to see the Conservatives continue to chew up and spit out leadership hopefuls to placate the Red Tories . Political correctness be dammed its time to focus on whats best for Canada .

  4. Vito D'Alessandro says:

    My God just when I thought I couldn’t despise Andrew Scheer and his Red Tory Conservatives more than after they blew the election to Justin Trudeau again. Their gutlessness and acquiescence to the mainstream media is so offputting and nauseating to a true Conservative. Make Andrew Scheer an Insurance Clerk again. Vote PPC and Max Bernier. It really is the only way out of this Globalist mess the LibCons into which they have embroiled us to our great financial, cultural and spiritual loss.

    • Jen says:

      You are aware Andrew Scheer actually won. Toronto has the most ridings and voted liberal seats so therefore we have Sock boy again. Toronto is full if immigrants who think Trudope is awesome.

  5. Peter Enns says:

    Is it possible that this is an elaborate Kabuki crafted by Sloan’s leadership campaign?
    If it is, good work. And congrats for pulling it off with a straight face. If not, WTH is wrong with these people!

  6. Rick Fuschi says:

    The idea of ignoring the MSM and speaking directly to Canadians, is good. However, how do we make it work at a moment when isolation is the word, and once we ignore the MSM, there precious few unbiased channels with which to connect with Canadians.
    None of this is by coincidence. The neutering of Parliament and the taxpayer purchase of the media are by Liberal plan. Canadian democracy will have no meaning until these two monstrous wrongs are righted.

  7. Wallace Robinson says:

    Now we can see why Trump insists on tweeting — his only direct undisputed words over the ultra-biased media.

  8. Dave Wright says:

    Derek your constituants are with you 100%, she needs to be fired for conflict of interest, she cannot be a board member on the w h o, and in parliment as health minister. And as she followed the w h o’s missinformation and helped cause the deaths of thousands of Canadians her and trudeau need to be charged with criminal neglagance causing death if no manslaughter in every case of covid causing death

  9. Dean says:

    Her and trudeau both need to be fired and held accountable for the deaths that have happened here in Canada. They dropped the ball and did not act in Canadian’s best interest.

  10. G. J. Prouty says:

    Absolutely no need to apologize for stating true facts. Keep up the good work Derek.

  11. Curwood Fs says:

    There is nothing wrong with his question.One does have worry about the loyalties of the liberal party We have a globalist PM who worries more about pleasing China and what the united nations.Then looking after domestic matters.So who is paying DR TAMS and the PM’s bills They both come across as not being loyal to Canada

  12. Mary T says:

    Derek Sloan should not apologize for making an obvious observation in the incompetence of Dr, Tan and the Liberals. To date, there is nothing the Liberals have done FOR Canada, but so much the Liberals have done TO Canada. If Pierre Pollievre won’t run for Conservative leadership, then vote Derek Sloan (they’re the only 2 with balls in the Conservative Party)!

  13. LW says:

    Thank God for this man. We need him to run Canada!!!

  14. Ron Walton says:

    Watched the suposed "Racist" rant video several times in an effort to expose where the rasism in it was.
    🤔 Nope. None !

  15. Michele Spence says:

    He has done what a member of the opposition should be doing. Question and hold the liberals accountable for any actions of lack of actions. This particular liberal party has much for which to be held accountable, lots to explain and they don’t feel they need to answer any questions. They are arrogant and pass the blame when pressed for answers. They have forgotten they work for us, the citizens…we don’t work for them. I applaud Mr Sloan for doing his job. I wish the rest of opposition would do their job too and get a grip on this corrupt liberal party. A call for non-confidence should be made. We need an election ASAP to rid us of the liberals before more damage is done.