Anthony Koch Removed By CBC Calling Out Hamas Terrorism Supporters/Enablers Online

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on October 14, 2023

In a sane world if the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) was going to remove someone for poor behaviour it would be the CBC’s Director of Standards and Practices George Achi who told CBC journalists to not refer to Hamas terrorists using the word “terrorists.” Achi also said not to mention that Israel has not controlled the Gaza Strip since 2005, a complete obscuring of an important fact to understand the cold-blooded brutality of the Hamas terrorists invading Southern Israel to rape, murder, and kidnap, Jewish civilians.

But sadly this is not a sane world.

In our less-than-sane world, there has not been a whisper about Achi losing his job, but Conservative panelist on the CBC show ‘Power & Politics’ Anthony Koch was removed for speaking out against Hamas terrorist supporters and their political enablers online.

Yes, you heard that right. Anthony Koch is no longer allowed on ‘Power & Politics’ because the CBC sees verbally thrashing those who support the murder of Jews, or excuse/justify the murder, was not in line with the “CBC’s values and its code of code of conduct” and Koch’s post on X (formerly Twitter) “fell far short of that standard”.

So justifying or making excuses for Hamas terrorims is good and calling out people for doing so is really bad?

Individuals online (I prefer to call them morons) are trying to take some of Anthony’s posts out-of-context where he told anti-semitic Hamilton-Centre MPP Sarah Jama to “go back to Somalia,” the context being Jama claiming the Israeli people are “colonizing” Palestine with the implication Hamas is justified in forcing them to leave through violence. 

It took Sarah Jama more than a day to add the weak “I condemn terrorism” reply to her initial statement that only tried to justify Hamas terrorism and ended with the hashtag “#FreePalestine.” 

But it is written jabs at individuals like Sarah Jama that CBC standards and practices removed Koch for. 

In the government-funded world that the CBC lives in nobody gets in trouble for making flat-out evil equivocations between Hamas and Israel, in fact they are instructed to morally equivocate at the CBC by neutering the language being used about the war.

Anthony Koch’s only crime is cutting through the word games and immoral equivocating and calling out the anti-semitic individuals who are granted outsize respect by legacy media outlets like the CBC.

And let us be very clear, Koch was probably the only real Conservative to ever appear as a regular on ‘Power & Politics’, and no Andrew Coyne does not count. 

Anthony Koch on CBC’s ‘Power & Politics

By removing Koch the CBC is effectively demonstrating they are unable to work with real Conservatives and have such a morally relativistic view of the world they see outright pro-Israel rhetoric and anti-Hamas rhetoric as too edgy for their network.

Let’s all remember that the CBC gets $1.4 billion from Canadian taxpayers. If we as Canadian taxpayers have to waste money on this government-funded media organization then we should at least expect some balance but to the CBC balance means only letting left-wingers speak freely and finding excuses to cancel any real Conservatives for violations of “CBC values and its code of conduct.”

To state it once again, Anthony Koch did nothing wrong. Insulting Hamas supporters and the fellow-travelers of terrorists is a public service in a Canadian media market that is overrun by equivocating taxpayer-subsidized political talking heads and dollar-store reporters.  

We at The National Telegraph commend Anthony Koch’s moral integrity and unwillingness to back down in the face of woke terror-enabling censorship by the CBC.


Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

One response to “Anthony Koch Removed By CBC Calling Out Hamas Terrorism Supporters/Enablers Online”

  1. Avraham Stern says:

    Anthony Koch had a mental breakdown on Twitter like many other Conservative commentators who don’t know the history of groups like Lehi and Irgun. You should do some research on the history of modern Israel. There is fascist extremism on both sides and Koch’s breakdown is a great example of this reality. Cheers!