Ambrose: Trudeau, Seniors Matter Too

Written By Ambrose Ralph, Posted on June 1, 2020

Earlier this week, the military released its report on long-term care in Ontario. Sufficed to say, the revelations were grim.

Thousands of our seniors continue to be abused, neglected and have died. They amount to over 80 per cent of the province’s COVID-19 related deaths. 

The report highlighted serious concerns about staffing shortages, shortages of personal protective equipment, and failures to follow procedures needed to keep both staff and residents safe.

On page seven of the report, forceful feeding, infrequent wellness checks and patients “crying for help with staff not responding” were just a few of the many observations made.

With only one Registered Nurse for every 200 patients and staff failing to adhere to protocols because of “little or no orientation,” the mistreatment of our seniors reflects poorly on our government’s response to COVID-19.

Shocked by the report’s findings, physician and former Liberal Health Minister, Jane Philpott, urged the federal government to conduct a national public inquiry.

She told CTV that “every order of government, every political party, every health-care administrator in the country needs to take some responsibility for [this crisis].”

While the federal government has not stated it’s intent on following Philpott’s recommendation, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, also shocked by the report’s findings, recently launched a full investigation into the allegations.

As recipients of ‘universal healthcare’ and a first-world liberal democracy, we should lead by example. We flaunt our health care system to our southern neighbour, and the rest of the world, yet fail to adapt and correct its shortcomings. 

With Quebec’s report to come next, there is no reason to believe this issue is isolated to Ontario alone.

Military-vet and long-term care resident: “I knew you wouldn’t leave me behind. I knew you would come for me.”

With the report dispersed amongst the press as quickly as it was, just how much did Trudeau and the federal government know before it’s release?

As former military personnel, we wanted nothing to do with the media. We did not want our regiments embarrassed by media spins, and strict rules on talking to media determine who was privy to disclose what to the public.

As damning as this report was, that wasn’t what motivated military medics to go public.

At an Ontario nursing home, two army medics entered the room of an elderly gentleman who was bedridden. The room was consumed by the pungent smell of feces, urine, and body odour because he had not been bathed in weeks.

Instead of changing his adult diaper, another one was applied on top of the previous one.

The man was severely dehydrated and experienced laboured breathing upon discovery by the two army medics. Despite his condition, he managed to utter the words: “I knew you wouldn’t leave me behind. I knew you would come for me.”

Upon further inspection of his residence, an inventory check turned up an old army uniform and a rack of medals from having served in two wars across two continents. He served Canada in WWII against the Nazi scourge and again during the Korean War against Chinese Communist proxies.

My source told me this man had multiple campaign medals and numerous bravery medals from his service in Italy, Germany, and Korea.

Source: Liberals ordered media blackout on report to prevent public scrutiny

When our elderly are subjected to such indignifying treatment, I draw the line.

Those failing to hold the government, our medical professionals and long-term care staff to account, are part of the problem. Deflecting an otherwise severe issue by pointing out that health care is a provincial responsibility, which it is, demonstrates a lack of understanding of the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves.

The military personnel holding these care workers accountable to the federal government makes this a federal responsibility.

When a province requests aid from the federal government, military personnel are sent to assess the situation. They must adhere to a strict chain of command that includes the National Defence Headquarters, the Chief of Defense Staff to the Minister of National Defense and the prime minister.

All observations and data collected by the military medics are sent up the chain of command, as to provide frequent and up-to-date situation reports.

Trudeau would have been aware of the dire situation within hours of the first medics entering the long-term care facilities.

According to my source within the CAF, the PMO wanted up-to-the-minute information to ensure the military did not embarrass the Liberal government. They also issued a media blackout on the news coming out of long-term care and senior facilities to ensure no public scrutiny against the federal government.

Within days, the finance minister was made aware of the situation by the minister of national defence, who recommended that the military medics receive danger pay. The request was later approved.

By refusing to acknowledge the problem, I question whether the common good is a priority for our elected representatives. Given their suspension of parliament for the summer, the need for accountability during a global pandemic looks to be out of the question.

Daily we witness the greatest spending binge in our history unravel with zero accountability.

Real leaders would act. Real leaders would accept accountability. Real leaders work long hours and shoulder the responsibility. Trudeau and the NDP put together a side deal to shut down our government and send everyone home for the summer with pay when Canadians are losing their jobs.

The PMO does not run our democracy. The Prime Ministers office and orders in council are not a form of government in Canada. The elected government needs to lead.

Especially after what has been so tragically learned in the past few days about how Canada’s elderly have been and are being forgotten, abused, and in many cases, dying.

We were brought into this world in a state of dependency. Now, let’s ensure we have a government that will look after us in the twilight of our lives with the utmost care and dignity.

Ambrose Ralph

2 responses to “Ambrose: Trudeau, Seniors Matter Too”

  1. Susan Stewart says:

    This is so sad poor senior they are suffering , it make me so very sad please help them the pay for us to have freedom . Hope they get this help soon

  2. al dee says:

    Thank you Ambrose for getting it out there for all these victims. The two young medics deserve praise for reaching out to the media. Goes to show a free press is necessary for our justice and welfare system.