Ambrose: The Green movement is a business built on lies

Written By Ambrose Ralph, Posted on May 7, 2020

As we get older, we will reminisce about the things we achieved. Everyone wants to have a legacy of some sort.

But what if everything you believed in, everything you’ve worked hard for, everything you’ve campaigned for, everything your followers believed in was a lie. 

How will Canadians remember American-born Elizabeth May?

On the left, we have environmentalist Michael Moore and his eye-opening, damning documentary Planet of the Humans.

On the far-left of the environmental movement, we have Elizabeth May and, as we saw in Moore’s documentary, the #uncleanGreen Party.

In Canada, foreign-funded pipeline demonstrators and environmentalists such as Trudeau, David Suzuki, the Tides Foundation, Green Party, Elizabeth May and others are extremely ‘worried’ about the documentary.

They are in full-blown panic and trying to get it removed.

Why? Because the truth about how un-environmentally friendly green energy is has begun to service in the mainstream. They are losing their donation-based funding. 

Honest, hardworking Canadians are not willing to donate time or money to a lie or to a person they can’t trust.

If the green-job killers lose their funding, they lose their cash flow and are out of work. Suffice to say, the green movement is a business.

The green movement is about self-preservation and keeping the donations flowing. It’s all about the money; the leadership doesn’t care about the environment. If it weren’t for the hysteria and deception, they would not have a following nor get elected.

To save face this week, May attacked Michael Moore, a fellow environmentalist, in her blog. 

Both environmentalists have opposite views, and I would like to know which one we can trust and who is telling the truth. 

One is lying, and one is telling the truth. One has credibility, and one doesn’t. One needs to keep the cash flowing from donations while the other is successful and wealthy. Which one of these individuals can we trust?

May’s drunken painkiller infused rant at the 2015 Press Gallery dinner in Ottawa was embarrassing for the party. An admitted moment of poor judgement, making Canadians question her integrity and credibility.

Her 2019 Victoria Day parade choice of a Dodge Viper is absolute hypocrisy. The Viper has a gasoline guzzling 8.0-litre V10 engine making 400 horsepower. It’ll have the double-digit MPG fuel economy.

In May rebut of Moore’s documentary, she attacks his credibility and the credibility of the people who are in the film. 

Her blog is a weak attempt to smear the producer, writer and anyone else associated with the film. The blog’s theme is a personal attack as an attempt to discredit Michael Moore and his associates.

May could not dispute the truth exposed in the documentary, so she chose to attack the person telling the truth.

The blog was a complete failure to acknowledge any of the data publicly available on solar panels, windmills and the lies of the Green movement.

On the Alberta To The Point Social Media Network, I have been labelled a climate change denier for thoroughly rejecting the phasing out of our oil and gas industry. 

Truthfully, climate change will never be on the table for discussion until environmentalists stop supporting foreign oil imports.

For every barrel of Canadian oil that is left in the ground because of said policies, we are left susceptible to job loss and carbon leakage.

Carbon leakage occurs when Canada, the most environmentally conscientious and humans right orientated energy producer globally, gets shut down and imports foreign energy with less concern for the future of our planet. That is reflected in their lack of regulation.

Green Party and Elizabeth May should endorse Canadian oil to the world. 

Why are we fighting ourselves when the solution is obvious? Endorse Canadian oil. 

We can lead the world with a ‘Made in Canada’ solution that focuses on alternative forms of energy and Canadian oil and gas.

End foreign oil imports, ditch the Paris Accord, tell the French where to go and make a Canadian Environmental Accord. The lead never follows.

I guarantee that OPEC dictators do not have a carbon tax.

For oil and gas workers, please do not argue and be baited by environmentalists on climate change. Tell them that we want world-renowned ‘Made in Canada’ energy solutions that include green energy and oil and gas. Let’s lead the world instead of following.

End foreign oil dependence and build a made in Canada long term energy solution.

Ambrose Ralph

6 responses to “Ambrose: The Green movement is a business built on lies”

  1. Sandra Kraus says:

    May is a joke!

  2. Dwaine says:

    Keep it coming

  3. Lar says:

    The Green and Separatist parties lack any sense of cognitive thinking and are FOS.

  4. Eddy says:

    We need the oil industry more now than ever. Tax money to make up the COVID 19 crisis has to be paid back to the public coffers. Just how are we as over-taxed Canadians expected to make up the huge stimulus the Trudeau government unresponsible give away. Sure we needed help through the crisis but how do we pay that back. It is not free money.
    I say open up the Oil & Gas industry full-blown, Drill Drill, and build pipelines in the national interest. In no way should a mayor of any city have the say if a pipeline gets built to any coast. Pipelines are in the nation’s interest.

  5. Winson says:

    Pipeline is the vital blood vessel of Canadian economy. Liberal and Green should stop lying and start building!

  6. Edwin M. Hopkins says:

    Right now, with tho world-wide huge oil glut, nobody can bring new exports into force ( The only really reasonable pipeline project should be the fully cancelled Energy East project that would relieve eastern Canada’s dependence on imports.