Alberta Is Launching A Court Challenge Against Trudeau’s Use Of The Emergencies Act

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 19, 2022

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has officially declared that the Alberta government will be launching a court challenge against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the federal Liberal government’s unjustifiable use of the Emergencies Act.

This coming a day after Ottawa police used the Emergencies Act as an excuse to violently push back crowds of peaceful protesters in Ottawa, who were there to support the Freedom Convoy movement.

In an exclusive interview with Postmedia, Kenney went after Trudeau, explaining that the use of the Emergencies Act had not been legally justified and that blockades along the border with the US had already been cleared through normal police actions and court orders.

Kenney also pointed the finger at Trudeau for causing the Freedom Convoy, stating that, “the feds provoked a bunch of truckers by mandating vaccines when they crossed the border.” 

Trudeau of course made things far worse with his overheated rhetoric and smears against the Freedom Convoy supporters while at the same time refusing to negotiate with convoy organizers. 

Despite things getting rhetorically heated, the situation never culminated in anything that could be portrayed as a “crisis,” which undergirds legal arguments seeking to end its use, as the Emergencies Act has very specific standards on when it can actually be implemented. 

The Alberta government’s challenge against the use of the Emergencies Act is currently aimed at ending it through the court system so that the Liberals and NDP cannot vote to keep the so-called “emergency” going by voting in favour of the act’s use in Parliament.

This legal challenge will be joining similar legal actions taken by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and the Canadian Constitutional Foundation.


Alberta Premier Jason Kenney released a video explaining the reasons behind the court challenge.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

15 responses to “Alberta Is Launching A Court Challenge Against Trudeau’s Use Of The Emergencies Act”

  1. Raymond Hamilton says:

    Way to go Kenny if we can it all others Priemies to join you thank you for standing up for us

  2. Beulah Burton says:

    About time You stand up for Alberta and Canada against this dictator.
    We need him and the Liberals out of government.
    Thank You

  3. E.j says:

    Why are Alberta police services in Ottawa helping then???

    • Wyatt Claypool says:

      There is no Alberta police. The RCMP is the Alberta police force so the federal government has partial control over them.

  4. Wendy Bowden says:

    Jason Kenney, I commend you for taking this stance, BUT why did it take an Emergencies Act, for you to stand up? Fear of losing your provincial powers? You have imposed mandates in Alberta, that neglected the Charter – AFTER promising you would never take such action – you went so far as to state it was not legal to do so. Suddenly you have a conscience? I fear your motives are not for the betterment of the people, but for your own political career.

  5. Gayle Bessette says:

    The emergency act is totally uncalled for. as a citizen of Canada I totally am against the act. Let my vote count. It didn’t have to go this far. The prime minister of Canada has over reached.

  6. Linda Pepin says:

    The emergency act is totally uncalled for. as a citizen of Canada I totally am against the act. Let my vote count. It didn’t have to go this far. The prime minister of Canada has over reached.

  7. Brandi says:

    I appreciate any forward movement that is going to help protect Canadians at this time, but don’t think you’ve fooled Albertans, Kenney. You’re wishy washy at best these days and have already proven you’re willing to stomp in our rights when it suits you. We know you’re trying to win back your constituents for the upcoming leadership review… and if you have just grown a conscience, good for you, but you still can’t be trusted, IMO. Maybe you could make good in your remaining months here and earn back some of the respect you’ve lost by doing your part to get your communist boss out of office though!!

  8. Jocelyn Wilson says:

    How long will this take? I am so sick of the length of time it takes

  9. Inessa says:

    Evil resides in parliament, lots of lies are spreading there, chief police officer publicly lied in parliament about protesters being aggressive and attacked officers on horses, and elderly native lady that was run over by police on horse is a photoshop. It was a video and not a picture! They are threatening public with fines and jail for all participants in peaceful protest. The violence started when police showed up. Now in parliament the same liars insist to keep the emergencies act to punish the public so no protests can happen ever again. God help us to fight the evil 🙏

  10. Jack says:

    Since the Emergencies Act has yet to be passed by either Parliament or the Senate, Ottawa Police actions against the Protesters is illegal as there is no law to support their enforcement actions. While it is often normal public policy to move ahead of legislation, assuming the passage of the enabling Bill, this is usually restricted to spending Bills such as the Budget, or a change in CRA Regulations etc. Justin is trying to normalize this administrative rule across all legislation including the imposition of an ’emergency’ in Canada. Justin has shown he is willing to move in front of the law, despite the law and regardless of the law. This Tyrant must be shown the door!

    All Police Officers in Ottawa following illegal enforcement orders need to be reminded of their Oath of Office, sworn on their first day of Duty. They shall be duly reprimanded for acting outside the law with no exceptions! Punishments to be meted out by the relevant authority, as adjudged.

  11. France veillette says:

    Dehors les pourri comme trudeau je demande sa destitution immediatement il fait battre les personnes a coup de baton ses innacceptable dehors et en prison trudeau et legault on veux notre liberter

  12. Karen scholtes says:

    The emergency act was definitely not called for. Yes it was a huge protest and it was definitely disruptive but that is usually the point of a protest. They were still peaceful and law abiding but getting their point across. There was no need for the violence of the police. Had Trudeau met with them or acknowledged there concerns this might have ended peacefully but instead belittled them called them racist and other negative things that added fuel to the fire so to speak. Trudeau needs to step down he does not represent Canada or its people

  13. Ellen Bennett-Evoy says:

    Has this been filed? When I read the comments there are words like "is filing" and "may also intervene" .

    Alberta is filing a Court challenge to the unjustified use of the Emergencies Act.

    We may also intervene in support of other Court challenges.

    I am wondering if these have actually been filed already? Praying so.

    Ellen Bennett-Evoy

  14. Cathy Brule says:

    This entire display is unjust and a disgrace to our country. I hate waking up in Canada day after day I feel like I’m living in a nightmare. What is happening in our country haunts my days and nights! I am a first generation Canadian my Grandmother made huge sacrifices to get here. The veterans who fought and died for our freedoms and all for nothing. How much longer is Trudeau going to get away with his criminal politic agendas?!?!?