A Liberal MP Defecting From The Pro-Mandate Side Puts Trudeau In Panic Mode

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 8, 2022

After over a week of hiding in an undisclosed location, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emerged to take part in an emergency parliamentary debate on the ongoing Ottawa trucker convoy protest. 

Many were surprised to see him show up to actually attempt to even argue his point, despite barely engaging in what anti-mandate voices were saying. In the context of what just happened this morning Trudeau’s appearance makes a lot more sense.

Trudeau is in panic mode.

Liberal MP for Louis-Hébert (a suburb of Quebec City) Joël Lightbound came out today and held a press conference about what he called the “politicization of the pandemic.”

At this press event, Lightbound explained that he would not engage in “these easy and absurd labels” to smear protesters and believes the truckers and their supporters have legitimate concerns.

Lightbound, much like the current Conservative Party leader Candice Bergen, called for there to be a realistic timeline for the government to lift mandates. Lightbound also added that he had felt uncomfortable with the way his party had been trying to divide Canadians based on medical status since the beginning of the last election campaign.

Lightbound, when asked by the media, said he had raised his concerns in caucus multiple times and evidently was not listened to, and that other Liberal MPs also agree with him that the government has gone too far.

This puts Justin Trudeau’s rush back to Ottawa into perspective. Trudeau was probably ok to just sit this whole situation out and let the Ottawa mayor and police try and disperse the protesters, but he was forced to come back to Parliament at the request of his caucus. They likely were wanting him to address protesters’ concerns, appear compassionate, while not caving to their demands just yet, but Trudeau instead tripled down on his smear tactics.

Lightbound was was clearly unimpressed with Trudeau showing back up simply to rhetorically batter the protesters more and not actually engage with their legitimate demands so he made the decision the next day to torpedo the Liberal Party’s unified image on this issue.

It is likely that Lightbound has ethical disagreements with what his party has been doing on the issue of mandates and other restrictions, but an undeniable angle of this is also the political risk Lightbound faces if he doesn’t speak up. 

Lightbound may have won the riding of Louis-Hébert three times in a row, but in the 2021 election it was a competitive three-way race, and having to be the guy when the next election rolls around that stood against life returning to normal will put him in an uncomfortable position. 

Trudeau is not exactly a dynamic leader, and in trying to end the protest in Ottawa, as well as the ongoing blockades of various Canadian border crossings, he simply put himself in a deeper hole by demonstrating he has not at all tried to understand the demands of convoy supporters.

54 percent of Canadians want all the restrictions to be dropped based on the latest polling so continuing to call protesters “racist” or “extreme” is not a strategy that is going to suddenly start paying dividends.

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party are in panic mode and Lightbound just exposed the Liberal pro-mandate position as not a unified front.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

5 responses to “A Liberal MP Defecting From The Pro-Mandate Side Puts Trudeau In Panic Mode”

  1. Trudeau hater says:

    Yahooooo get him out!!! Trudeau is a LIAR!!!

  2. Scott Farkas says:

    I had hoped that there were actually some Liberal left in Trudeaus Communist party. Finally some common sense. Someone that can see outside their bubble to the true realties of the world and this pandemic in addition to acknowledging the infringement/violation of our rights. Hopefully this ‘leak’ in the Liberal dam leads to a flood of common sense and an urgency to get it resolved. Godspeed to all involved. Thank you Mr. Lightbound for your courage to speak. I’m not a Liberal, but would give YOU some consideration next election.

  3. Robert Gale says:

    You are absolutely right Mr. Trudeau, — a few people shouting and waving swastika’s does not define who Canadians are — now, what about the ten or twenty thousand others in the crowd?

  4. Margaret Tabak says:

    What is wrong with people wanting to be free? What is wrong with governing Canada according to our Constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Canada is not a communist country; we are not a dictatorship and from what I can see, Canadians will not tolerate a leader who tries to force his/her demands upon us. Mr. Trudeau, if you are not happy in a democracy, please leave and let the remainder of us live as the free society it has always been.

  5. Melissa says:

    Pretty sure if you ran the poll with everyone in Canada answering, the percentage would be a lot higher than just 54%. Try again.
    And bravo to Lightbound for speaking up. Can’t wait to hear from others coming out from the shadows to join us on the right side of history.