Watch: Convoy Organizers Hold Press Conference With Only Independent Media

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on January 31, 2022

The Freedom Convoy 2022 held its first official press conference where organizers Tamara Lich, Benjamin Dichter, and Chris Barber, took questions from independent journalists.

The organizers did not want the legacy media to be present which Dichter started off the press conference by providing the reasons for that decision. (National Post Radio reporters were present)

Dichter explained that:

The reason they were banned is twofold. First, this entire week the CBC, the Toronto Star – Yahoo News were retweeting and reposting with a few others – kept putting stories out that our GoFundMe was frozen or suspended because of nefarious reasons. You know ‘right-wing truckers,’ ‘dangerous people,’ and it was hysterical….the Toronto Star article came out that ‘GoFundMe has frozen the account,’…that was purely, purely just a fake story.

Was that a fake story to sabotage the donations that were coming in? Probably. You see a lot of that propaganda in the media. 

We know if we had invited the Toronto Star, CBC, all of these mainstream news organizations they will do what they always do…They will come in with five people and they will have these giant cameras and they will take up half the floor space and bully everybody else. That is not what this is about; this is about us coming together, talking to one another, answering any questions you have. If we have the answer we will tell you, if we don’t have the answer we will tell you ‘we don’t know’ and just have a nice conversation with one another.

The Freedom Convoy organizers may let some legacy media organizations take part in future press conferences, but it seems as though the organizers were making a point in this first press conference that there will be consequences for the media’s poor reporting and extreme rhetoric.

Keean Bexte from The Counter Signal was able to live stream the press conference and post it to Twitter.

Below everyone can view Keean’s full recording of the press conference. (Follow him on Twitter if you have not already)


There were reported from National Post Radio present at the press conference.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

6 responses to “Watch: Convoy Organizers Hold Press Conference With Only Independent Media”

  1. Clifford Chute says:

    Glad to see the organizers of this Rally stand firm and shut out the Liberal Bought Media. They always twist a story to try and make all us non believers in the government crap, look like we backwoods ruffians
    Thank You.
    Cliff Chute

  2. Geneviève Lepage says:

    Couldn’t ask for better organizers! We are so grateful, thank you so much for your dedication and for doing the best you can!! You are all amazing! History in the making!!❤

    All Canadians are forever thankful!

  3. gAIL BIRD says:


  4. Sandra L says:

    I really hope they don’t join forces with Elon Musk or promote him. His grandpa was the leader of the Canadian technocrats. The WEF Great Reset IS technocracy. Accepting his support or help, is accepting the Great Reset dressed up in rainbows and glitter.

  5. Maurade Baynton says:

    We need a complete change in leadership ..the current government is complicit in ushering in the "Great Reset" Klaus Schwab’s agenda. Where you own nothing and are happy…yeah right…maybe they can own nothing and be happy!!!! I’m so done with the Plandemic narrative and the Climate change garbage ….its all fabricated to control and tax us even harder than we are already ….Stand up people!!!!…don’t back down!!

  6. R Nafie says:

    I read an Article where Ariel Troster, an Ottawa candidate wannabe is repeating all the lies cbc, global and ctv tell of all the scared/ terrified citizens afraid to go outside because of happy Canadian’s (legally protesting), laughing, singing with children playing… that must’ve been horrifying! THEliBerAL$ love spreading their vomit propaganda because not everyone wants The Experimental Injections having been proven to cause harm and injury.