Liberals will either cancel gun ban or get trampled next election

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on February 8, 2020

With the petition e-2341 calling for the Liberals to debate their proposed gun legislation and various bans ticking closer to 160,000 signatures, it seems that the gun lobby organizations like the National Firearms Association (NFA) have already won the debate.

Not only has a petition become the most signed parliamentary petition in Canadian history, which the Liberals have grown “concerned” over, and the location signatures are coming from demonstrates why this petition could be bad news for their minority government.

Out of the nearly 160 thousand signatures, 52,103 were collected from residents of Ontario, the a province that the Liberals can never afford to underperform in if they hope to win even a minority government.

Online petitions tend to be challenging to get people to notice and sign. Out of the total Canadian population the signatures may seem low, but it merely represents a fraction of the people who are furious with the Liberal’s anti-gun agenda.

What the Liberals should have burned into their memories is the absolute collapse their government faced electorally after pushing for the long-gun registry in the early 2000s

Like the gun ban and strict legislation being proposed by the Trudeau government, Paul Martin’s Liberals went forward with their gun registry, as well as proposed a complete ban on handguns.

Predictably it turned into a multi-billion dollar boondoggle with little upside to show for all the spending. Scandals eventially emerged due to the Liberals attempting to hide overspending on the program. 

Despite the popularity of Jean Chrétien’s government and the initial demand of Paul Martin, the registry after 2004 saw the Liberals slowly lose more and more rural ridings to the Conservatives under Steven Harper. 


The Secretary of the NFA, Jerrold Lundgard, demonstrated to The National Telegraph how anti-gun legislation becomes a losing issue for any party that pursues it.

Mr. Lundgard estimated that “There are 2.2 million licensed gun owners in Canada. Those 2.2 million licensed gun owners have families that put the number [at least] up to 4 million [as opposed to gun control].  There are very likely over 2 million Canadians in possession of firearms without licenses (illegal Possession), and they also have families putting the number up to a possible 8 million voters who will be taking note of firearms prohibitions. Many of those voters who would normally vote Liberal are going to either switch parties or simply not vote at all.”

Mr. Lundgard pointed to the 2006 election, pointing out that, “Some liberals in the Paul Martin election of 2006 when Mr. Martin announced a handgun prohibition was defeated by 2 to 3 votes per polling station. That makes the votes of people who choose not to vote Liberal because of firearms prohibitions very very important.” 

That point is particularly relevant to today as many ridings back in the 2004 and 2006 election seemed to be still likely Liberal seats, which they narrowly lost due to the backlash directly against what was seen as illegitimate restrictions and regulations on gun ownership.

At this point, the Liberal minority government should be worried if they can even reverse themselves on their proposed gun ban and have Canadian gun owners trust them not to try and seize their property.

If the Liberals decide to ignore the opposition to their gun legislation, it won’t be more than a fool’s errand, as it is likely the Conservatives would be able to use the issue to route Trudeau’s minority government from power and reverse the gun laws. 

Just like the media licence debacle this past week, gun control seems to be yet another political bridge too far for the Liberals if they wish to hold onto power.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

31 responses to “Liberals will either cancel gun ban or get trampled next election”

  1. J stacey says:

    Give some credit to where it is due. The CCFR has been instrumental in gaining the signatures on the E petition

  2. Brian Grassick says:

    In addition to the millions of firearms owners there are many of us who do not own or possess firearms that are opposed to nonsensical ideas that do everything but actually address the problem of gang violence and drug-related crime.

  3. C. Erickson says:

    I think that we all know that the liberals are too stupid and too arrogant to listen to anything that the serfs have to say….

  4. Max DeCarlo says:

    One can only hope.

  5. Bent Byers says:

    Jean Chrétien, as Justice Minister under Trudeau Sr. were working on a total ban on all firearms in the early 70’s. The Liberal Party have a persistant agenda to remove firearms from all Canadians. This is not over.

  6. BP says:

    Paul Martin’s government signed the agreement with the UN to disarm Canadians. Funny how no one seems to remember or have heard about it. I believe Trudeau is trying to fulfill that agreement.

  7. A H says:

    When they outlaw guns that’s when law abiding gun owners become “Outlaws”.

  8. John says:

    One of the main reasons I didn’t vote for them this election. Most certainly won’t again because they can’t be trusted. That and the mass debt that our great grandchildren will be forced to pay off. It’s a repetitive cycle. Liberals sink us in debt like the NDP then the Conservatives get us out and people resent it because in order to do so you have to tighten your belts so they go Liberal again and we fall into the abyss yet again. Never trust a government that doesn’t trust you with a gun. That and try and take away freedom of speech and choice through an OIC for fear of loosing. Pushing a communist regime on our country. He has blatantly said he loves China for its communist rule. Wake up Canada!

  9. Mark Quade says:

    I am surprised that only the NFA was mentioned in this piece. They, the NFA are only just now hiring a lobbyist to advocate for legal firearm owners of Canada. Yet there are at least two other groups who advocate for these rights and privileges. CCSA and the CCFR, the latter with the only registered gun lobyist in Canada.

  10. Rick Fuschi says:

    This article makes the very point I have been stressing throughout the election. With each major party gaining roughly six million votes, gun owners and their families hold a decisive hand. Problem is, they must be lazy or the Liberals would have been wiped out. Let’s hope that being on the verge of having our property taken from us is the necessary wake up call.

  11. Ronald Platt says:

    I propose that all of our gun lobbies should band together….we must be united….we must bring in changes to the charter of rights to include our right to defend ourselves and bear arms…this will never end unless we have guaranteed protection….we are the safest people in this whole damn country!! Lets all make the rest understand that…permenantly!!!

  12. Roy Martin says:

    What comes after a firearms ban? Will they outlay all cars with over 300 HP? What other properties will they confiscate? Will the National Telegraph be forced to censor all materials not positive to the Liberal party under the new licensing requirement? If they can get away with confiscating firearms under the premis of public safety, there is no limit to what they can and will do. I have already paid for my firearms, I don’t want to pay 10 cents on the dollar with my tax money to have them removed and destroyed.

  13. Inky Mark says:

    I don’t think liberals care their purpose is disarming Canadian s and climate for the UN

  14. Jim Mawhinney says:

    If one checks world wide Government stats on Gun control you will find that the stricter the legislation against firearms the more and faster the violent crime rate rises. Check England firearms crime up 6.5% for 2018 knife attacks(strictest legislation ) 18,000 in 2018
    Detroit after a 14 yr trial on "Carry on Demand" Counties which embraced it had a drop in violent crime of 44% (10 yr study reveals counties which did not pass it had a violent crime rate increase of over 30% .Who wants to commit a crime when anyone around could be armed and shoot you.

  15. Michael Mazur says:

    When a population is disarmed I see a psychopath emerge out of a leading politician and the mass murder of the people then begins. Always happens.

  16. Yannick says:

    Liberals have learned how to rig the system in their favor: voter fraud, illegals voting, fast process to citizenship and make sure those people vote liberal. Drown the populations in different key ridings with folks that will vote liberal no matter what etc.

  17. Steven silve says:

    Truduea and his band of thieves are the worst Canadian government ever.They will go down in history as thieves ,liers and be known for not helping Canadians. Dont know how they czn livd with that .Feel dorry for there Kids and familied who read anything on social media.The world is sick of Truduea .Period.

  18. Antoua says:

    I believe that Liberals will see the writing on the wall and stop pursuing their brutal attacks and threats against law abiding gun owners. If they leave us sports shooters, hunters, farmers and collectors alone I will continue my support to Liberal Party with donations and my whole family votes. They did bring many good aspects to living in Canada, but if they really try to hurt honest citizens by taking away their property, my votes go to Conservatives along with all my friends and acquaintances.

  19. John Cox says:

    I think firearms legislation should be removed from the Federal government’s agenda. I think each province, as in the US should have their own laws, enforced by it’s the police in each province through their own Firearms Office with an administrator either elected by the citizens or appointed by the Premiers, the former would be the preferred method. Each province is different and have differing cultures and ideals.

  20. James McLauchlan says:

    Not sure why there was only mention of the NFA when statements should have been included from other firearms advocacy groups such as the CCFR for example, which has the only registered gun lobbyist in Canada. On this topic the NFA appear to have been asleep at the wheel and are behind the curve on this. It seems that only at this late stage is the NFA now looking into hiring a lobbyist to advocate for legal firearm owners of Canada.

  21. Arne Anderson says:

    Too bad the article doesn’t include the MAJOR amount of work done for firearms owners by the CCFR !
    They have been the front -runners !

  22. Stan says:

    It should make all Canadians ponder when the prime minister commits illegal or at least unethical acts and then decides that licensed law abiding citizens should be treated as untrustworthy and have their property confiscated.

  23. Kristian Gunderson says:

    Hopefully the prediction of the liberals losing the next election comes true now that they’ve made a whole bunch of new criminals by order in council.

  24. Paul says:

    Trudeau, Blair and the rest of their henchmen should be prosecuted by the full extent of the law.

  25. Greg Sharp says:

    I looked at the Gun Ban List, and quite a few of the rifles where on the list just because they looked like a military style. Is this the new "Norm"? Banning based on looks and appearance? Not based on facts of any kind? This is a very dangerous path for Canadians to allow, regardless of their political leanings and beliefs. The spin-off effect from the ban, the loss of jobs and businesses , the loss of Sport shooting, (Trudeau even said there was no need for the sport shooting with these "AR15 style rifles") So now they can dictate if "sport" is allowed or not. It would have been different if the Rifle Ban was actually based on true facts, but "Truth and Facts ,based on educated knowledge, seems to be something the Liberals take pride in not having any of. If they really wanted to do good, and eliminate crime and street violence, then tackle the real issues and look at ways to shut down the gun smuggling, go after the gangs and the real criminals and put back some real bite in the law dealing with these issues, not go after Law abiding gun owners, farmers, ranchers,sports shooters and gun ranges, manufactures and businesses. Gun laws should be debated, with facts and truths. I think the government should have a group of people made up of a representative from the Gun Community, another from Firearms Manufacturer, from Law Enforcement , both Federal and Provincial , and from Anti Gun Group. All knowledgeable with facts, to discuss properly identifying ,classifying and rating any firearms based on function not fantasy or looks, but that would be asking the Liberals to use the brains and think using common sense.

  26. Greg says:

    Even if you agree with the firearms ban, you should be aware that you just seen a bill passed without Democratic process! That’s what you should be scared of Canada is now officially run by a DICTATORSHIP!!!

  27. Ken Hildebrandt says:

    Absolutely absurd

  28. 308Pete says:

    The only actual "weapons of war" are 8,000 plus grandfathered (in 1978) 12(2) Machine guns! Those owners to this day never committed a crime! Many of us use AR-15s in competition, F/TR, PRS and 3-gun, even a dummy like Blair should know that! Heck we even use the Meaford and Cognaught DND ranges!

  29. Warren Hagerman says:

    Just another in a long line of asinine decisions this government has made. Take the guns of law abiding citizens and when it comes criminals they weekend the justice system with bail reform and lack of real punishment.

  30. Herb Klaehn says:

    The liberals need to understand one clear truth: CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY LAWS. How foolish and ignorant to think our communities can be made safe by making more laws. There is not a criminal alive who has their gun unloaded and trigger locked. Get in touch with reality! You guys are like the guy with his toupee in his back pocket; it was really covering the wrong area of concern. Law abiding gun owners could relinquish all their guns and it would do nothing to curb criminality. The gangs with guns in Toronto would continue their reign of terror. STOP POSTURING FOR VOTES!!!! YOU ARE FOOLING FEWER AND FEWER PEOPLE AND MAKING US ALL LESS SAFE.

  31. Peterino says:

    I agree with almost every thing Jerrold said but I have to mention that it was the CCFR that assisted with the petitions and it is the CCFR that has the property rights charter challenge currently before the courts.
    They have been at the forefront of the fight since the very beginning.
    Just check out the recent Integrity March CCFR put on in Ottawa where even during a pandemic over 5000 gun owners from all across Canada showed up to protest the liberal ban, unjust laws and the need to enshrine property rights in Canada.
    That’s not intended to take away from anything that the other fine organizations like the CSSA & CSAAA are doing!!