Psychotherapist says Liberal Government is Pushing Transgender Ideology on Children

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on September 1, 2020

Dr. Ann Gillies is a retired psychotherapist with a long history of working in mental health care, with over 25 years of experience in trauma therapy. Dr. Gillies also has a doctorate degree in philosophy and professional counselling. 

The National Telegraph sat down with Dr. Gillies to discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party’s record on policies regarding children and families.

When asked whether or not some of the Liberal’s actions like the passage of the Canada Child Benefit and other monetary assistance programs for parents, Dr. Gillies was unsatisfied with that being potentially viewed as somehow making the Liberal’s record pro-family.

So that money comes in very handy for the children. Absolutely. But does that mean that you’re pro-child and pro-family just by throwing money at them?…..Well kudos, but when it comes to Bill C-8, oh that just stirs my fire because that bill is so anti-family; anything to go along with that bill and the whole trans movement is anti-family. It isn’t about supporting the family or the child in the family, It’s about making people conform to an ideology.

From Dr. Gillies’ perspective: the Liberals have severely damaged any ability to claim that they have been good for families and children through planned legislation like Bill C-6, and passed legislation like Bill C-16. 

Regardless of any financial benefits, the Liberals may hand out, which may very well be helpful, Dr. Gillies sees it as completely undermined by the naive, or potentially malicious, way the Liberals implement a policy regarding children with gender dysphoria or rapid-onset gender dysphoria.

(Photo from The Post Millennial)

(Photo from The Post Millennial)

Dr. Gilles quipped that “we don’t even like to shoot cattle up with hormones,” when discussing the issue of gender transitioning children. Bill [C-6], under the stated goal of banning conversion therapy, prevents parents from intervening in any way, unless they are affirming their child’s thoughts and choices.

It is important to note that Dr. Gillies referred to children with gender dysphoria as having “ideologies” rather than having a disorder or illness. This way of speaking alludes to gender confusion as something that can develop through miseducation.

Where do children get that idea? The schools, the teachers, and the parent have no right to redirect that child’s thoughts or to question that child’s thoughts. That is absolutely ridiculous, and that’s so abusive.

Dr. Gillies then went on to layout information showing how the Liberal’s Bill C-6 is nonsensical due to data showing the harm and lack of positive effect on the mental health of children who go through gender transitions.

One Swedish study referenced by Dr. Gillies does show the path many children are being put on towards transitioning is not at all helpful.

Over time, within about five years [of sex change surgery], their whole mental state started digressing. And they were more suicidal after 10 years than they had been before. And their dysphoria was worse than before they started transitioning.

Coming back to the question of the Liberals’ performance on family issues Dr. Gillies couldn’t give a positive evaluation.

She said, “Is the Liberal government actually pro-family?……Well I don’t see how they are.” going on to say that the Liberal government is too focused on pleasing social interest groups before the average Canadian family. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 6.46.16 AM.png

Dr. Gillies deduced that the Liberals have, “this kind of mindset of actually annihilating the family,” by placing the state as the primary educator and moral influencer of children, and whether intended or not Dr. Gillies argues the policies and culture championed by the Liberals undermines the family unit. 

Dr. Gillies finished off by giving a warning to those in opposition to the Liberals and especially the Conservative Party of Canada that one of the key ways in pushing back on legislation like C-6, and moreover any policy that restricts freedom, is to get back to promoting open discourse.

If somebody doesn’t stand up and start speaking out, and if the Conservative Party doesn’t require universities debate, and quit blocking sound research on this and other issues of sexuality, many children’s lives will be unnecessarily sacrificed to fulfill the idea they are ‘born in the wrong body’. We need the freedom to challenge this thinking with sound science but first and foremost allow freedom of speech, freedom of debate. We don’t need more restrictions. We need those restrictions lifted so people can actually start to think for themselves again, instead of be told how to think.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

3 responses to “Psychotherapist says Liberal Government is Pushing Transgender Ideology on Children”

  1. Jim says:

    Yuck! They sent a grown man with tits into Julian’s school to read to them . .about a worm who was "born while both the sun and moon were up" and was therefore living between worlds and so forth. "children with gender dysphoria" are kids who’s parents are complete prog-libby fuck ups Disgusting!

  2. Red Boxx says:

    I wonder what he and Dr. (?) Tam get up to. I saw a video just a few days ago, in it he was answering questions about lowering the age of consent for anal sex. He gleefully or rather gaily, answered the question saying it was a priority. I guess that is not assault on a minor then? I was only out of the country for 18 years and I have to come back to this shit? Here is a link, linking local folk to some BOOM! situations. His parents used to leave him alone for hours with a known weirdo sex researcher. She starts at WE but ends up looking at a bunch of pedos with connections to a world leader named J T. I don’t want to spoil it fer ya.

  3. David Peter Bentley says:

    Free speech is essential, to be able to discuss to debate, to disagree or to agree on a vital topic such as Sexuality and all it entails is also essential. To only be dominate when it comes to what you want others to know and to adhere to, or agree with, without knowing what is on the other side of the coin takes away from freedom.