Proud Boys discuss Antifa, BLM, & their upcoming Portland Event

Written By Doug Holt, Posted on September 26, 2020

On Sept. 26th, the Portland chapter of controversial Proud Boys fraternal organization has scheduled an event, described as being a celebration of free speech, support for Kyle Rittenhouse of Kenosha riot/shootout fame, and Jay Danielson, member of Patriot Prayer who was shot and murdered in late August in Portland. 

Security experts describe the phenomenon of the Proud Boys as a reaction or reciprocal radicalization due to the lack of action from policy makers to deal with growing violence, restrictions on free speech and general acceptance of extremism and identity politics.  



This makes the Proud Boys a natural enemy of ANTIFA; the term often used to identify umbrella of far-left leaning groups, specifically having authoritarian/or anarchic communism, socialism, and ‘anti-racism’ beliefs which have engaged in politically motivated violence for years and have steadily become more brazen in their attacks, for example: many see ANTIFA as responsible for at least exacerbating the wave of violence currently sweeping the U.S.  

ANTIFA and Proud Boys groups have frequently clashed over the past few years, so despite the seeming innocuousness of the Sept. 26 event, violence is expected that may exceed previously seen levels in that beleaguered city. 

Proud Boys

Proud Boys

For this reason, The National Telegraph (TNT) reached out to the Proud Boys to get their thoughts on the Sept. 26th event and for their views on the mainstream media narrative around their controversial organization.  

The Proud Boys frequently contend their organization is unfairly and repeatedly being slandered by mainstream press sources, and when you compare the mass violence caused by ANTIFA and other left-leaning groups in recent months, it’s obvious they have a legitimate complaint. 

Due to violent tactics employed by ANTIFA, the Proud Boys member we interviewed has asked to remain anonymous, and has asked to be identified as Andy Gamisou in this interview.

Specifically, Andy himself has been personally, violently attacked by ANTIFA members, and so let’s begin the interview with that event.

Andy:  I’m pretty sure it was 2016. It was like an anti-M103 event. So basically for free speech, and so we’re in Nathan Phillips Square and I’d gone down to Queen Street to grab a hot dog, and I’m watching the events unfold. 

I see this mass of like United Auto Workers, muscle guys like just making a beeline for these like five or six kids. We’re talking about 20 men with sticks; you know those sticks they have with the flags at the end of them. So basically, they have weapons disguised as flags, right? Making a beeline for these five or six young kids wearing MAGA hats. So I made a beeline straight for them. And I have the video.

I got between this this group of like unhinged, f****g crazy lefties and this group of kids. I just got in their face. Like, what are you like, gonna attack little children for wearing a red hat? Are you that unhinged? I just kept baiting them and baiting them and baiting them until they f***ing attacked me. I had seven of them rush me all at once, and so I fought them off; unfortunately I got body checked up high from behind. So I went toppling over. And then yeah, after that, a bunch of the Proud Boys were down there. They’re like, ‘Yeah, we got to induct this guy into our group’. 

And ever since I’ve been a Proud Boy, and basically it’s just a glorified drinking frat. We get together once a month to get wasted – pretty much.

TNT: Can we just talk about one or two things; maybe three, that you would want people to know about the group? So you’ve already said they’re a drinking frat?

Andy: It’s a mix of conservatives, libertarians, moderate liberals, like myself, who are just sick and tired of the insanity on the left.

The guys work who see a shitload of money being taken out of their paychecks every week, to support ever larger government every year. The governments just keep growing and growing in scope and in size for these stupid government policies that really don’t make life better. Right?

They’re sick and tired of the radical leftists sexualizing children with what you see what’s going on on Netflix right now. With these young girls; they’re tired of seeing children being mutilated by this transgender ideology. 

You know, [The Proud Boys are] anti-war; they’re for, you know, the traditional family, they’re all different races; asian, black, white, hispanic.

You know, a lot of them would be Bernie Bros, because when Trump came along in 2016 Bernie Sanders was preaching the same sort of populist message about helping out the working man. 

Reducing taxes and closing off immigration so that, you know, wages aren’t stagnating and rents won’t become unaffordable. That’s why a lot of Bernie Bros switched to Trump when Bernie was robbed out of the Democratic nomination in 2016. 

So we have a weird mix of conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, liberals; just this weird group? They’re basically all fighting the radical left. They’re anti radical-left if they’re anything. 

TNT: So let’s talk more about the attack [you] suffered in 2016 at the anti-M103 rally by ANTIFA, where these, sort of, young people wearing MAGA hats were attacked by this group. And [you] defended them and also came under attack. 

So, who do you think these people were at this event? 

Andy: The Black Bloc was there but as you can probably tell from the video, there was one black bloc guy who pushed me over from behind.

But the guys I first engaged with, they were regularly dressed, guys. Like they all had different clothing on. So I’m assuming those were the Canadian auto worker faction. 

0:00 - 0:09 seconds:] Initial confrontation between Andy and seeming Union protestors. Younger male can be heard describing the potential attack situation before Andy; taller, older male wearing a brown and brown hat, intervened. 
0:09 seconds:] SIGNIFICANT CUT.
0:09 - 0:12 seconds:] Andy is now shown holding red flag, which he was not shown holding in the previous shot... Andy claims this was being used as a weapon against him and he grabbed it… Andy lashes out at leftwing protestors… melee ensues. 
0:12 seconds:] Watch carefully at this watermark… on Andy’s left, there is a brief moment where the footage captures the black-bloc protestor pushing Andy over… by 0:13, the next second, the black-bloc actor has melted back into the crowd and is out of frame, but this push is visible for a split second at watermark 0:12 
0:12 - 0:20 seconds:] Andy is on the ground, but continuing to fight back against the attacking protesters. 
0:20 - 41 seconds:] Police intervene, breaking up the fight. 
0:41 seconds :] Clip of Andy confrontation ends. 


TNT: So this is the tough question we’re asking. I want to circle around to this September 26th rally that has been getting some decent press. This is a Proud Boys event. The speculation is that ANTIFA is going to show up and there’s going to be violence on the street.

Andy: That’s a tactic that the radical left uses. They claim the people who oppose them are speaking hate speech and therefore, hate speech should be de-platformed; that the human rights that are afforded to everyone, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, are no longer applicable to hate speech. That’s why they call everybody a Nazi, they label them so they can de-platform. 

Whereas I for one am for smashing ANTIFA every chance we get. If I was the leader of the Proud Boys, I’d be like mustering the troops and cracking skulls every weekend if I could, but that’s just me. 

My mentality is, you know, unreasonable people, like ANTIFA, only understand violence and that’s how you’ve got to treat these people; remember what happened when Neville Chamberlain tried to ‘compromise’ with Hitler? 

First Hitler went into Austria; nobody said sh*t to him. Then he went into Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain f****n appeased him and what did he do? He just kept on marching. 

The only thing that stopped him was physical violence. And as when he got his clock cleaned and that’s when he had to turn back. 

So if I had my choice, we’d be cracking ANTIFA skulls, and I’ve done it myself. They’re a bunch of wimps, they’re a bunch of pussies; ninety-eight pound weaklings. But the leadership of the Toronto chapter said no violence, no fighting ANTIFA, so we’re not going to do it. 

Now, I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention, but America’s been on fire for the last three plus months. So I don’t think one skirmish with some Portland Proud Boys or some Seattle Proud Boys is going to make a lick of difference. They basically torched dozens of cities and caused billions of dollars worth of damage, not to mention the 30 plus lives that the BLM and ANTIFA violence is taking. So, you know, one skirmish on September 26, not to mention the fact that Joe Biden is gonna have a stroke on stage while debating Donald Trump. Nobody’s gonna even remember September 26, to be frank. 
UPDATE: As of the publication time of this story, on Sept. 26th, 2020, Oregon governor Kate Brown has declared a state of emergency in Portland over concerns due to violence associated with the upcoming, Saturday event. It is unclear whether or not the Proud Boys still plan on going forward with the event.

Doug Holt

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