Downing: Albertans want answers from the Fair Deal Panel

Written By Guest User, Posted on May 19, 2020

On May 5th, the United Conservative Party of Alberta submitted its final report on the Fair Deal Panel. Its findings document how Albertans feel regarding their standing in the Federation, and is expected to be released after the ‘worst’ of COVID-19 has subsided.

The grievances of tens of thousands of Albertans were expressed at town halls from across the province on its’ economic interests and Western alienation. Of the proposals suggested, some include establishing a pension plan and police force under provincial jurisdiction.

Peter Downing, the interim leader and Executive Director of the Alberta Wexit Party, states, “the Western independence movement has exploded.”

“Giving a ‘fair deal’ to Albertans needs to go beyond mere words, and, as a committed federalist, the premier is losing his credibility.”

“UCP MLAs and their political operatives put a lot of work into the Fair Deal Panel and to help Albertans,” says Downing, “and yet, these stall tactics are only upsetting those who put their faith in them after four years of NDP rule.”

Downing likened their style of governance and ‘overall lack of transparency’ to the days of PC rule under premiers Redford and Stelmach. “The original PC and Wildrose merger should have chosen a real conservative leader because Kenney is a federalist first, and his focus looks to be on becoming the CPC party leader in the future.”

Downing on the CPC Leadership race

Switching gears, he provided insight into the CPC leadership race, including who he would work with best, noting the race is “unlike anything he’s ever seen before.”

While declaring his support for Derek Sloan, who he commended for standing up to the ‘incompetence’ of Dr. Tam and the Liberal Party’s ‘nonsensical COVID-19 response,’ he expressed concerns regarding the other three candidates. 

“On the topic of the CPC race, MacKay called out my colleagues and I for shutting down the Antifa blockade during the height of the Wetsuwet’en protest, where eco-colonizers, three hereditary chiefs, and the subsequent Liberal response undermined the will of its peoples. His flip-flopping on the blockade did not earn him any favours, either.”

On the O’Toole campaign, he states, “their alleged Muslim Brotherhood connections and questionable tactics of some within the campaign are unbecoming, especially when any conservative outlet that opposes them is subject to a lawsuit.”

On Leslyn Lewis, he expressed concerns over her past involvement with the Tides Foundation and that of her environmental policy, but, admittedly, the drawbacks were less extensive than the two incumbents.

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One response to “Downing: Albertans want answers from the Fair Deal Panel”

  1. Weyland Yutani says:

    Premier Kenney just undermined any confidence Albertans had in him… and there wasn’t much to begin with. So what is he hiding? Did the Panel recommend a separation referendum?

    For the record, I think all of western Canada should hold a separation referendum. The marriage has been a failed one for decades, and the federal gov’t has become abusive.

    It’s time to go.