COVID-19 is reminding Canadians why gun ownership is important

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on March 21, 2020

The Recent spike in firearm sales during the COVID19 pandemic came as news to some. In reality the buy-up of weapons and ammunition is simply a symptom of Canadian citizens acknowledging the government cannot be one’s only defence in a time of crisis.

It may be a bit rash for people to assume that the current health crisis with COVID19 specifically warrants buying more guns, but at the very least it should make people more aware of the possibility of government failures.

Just today Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the illegal border crossing hub at Roxham Road in Quebec will be closed and illegal border crossers will start to be turned away at the border. This was a responsible course of action, but it should be remembered that just a couple days before Minister Bill Blair declared that the illegal border crossing would remain open and migrants would be getting screened and housed for quarantining as they came over.

If the government continued letting illegal migrants over the border who knows how much worse the COVID19 pandemic could have gotten in Canada.

In this instance the Canadian government was clubbed mostly by the independent media and concerned citizens into reversing their decision, but it shows the capacity for a government to put its own citizens at risk through mismanagement and bad crisis response.

No wonder people feel the need to be armed to protect themselves. The President, and British Columbia Regional Director of the National Firearms Association, Sheldon Clare couldn’t agree more. 

Clare echoed this concern stating that, “In times of unrest people’s first thoughts are to protect themselves and their families.  As is apparent from reports from all over Canada many Canadians are afraid that this pandemic will lead to a breakdown in the supply chain and logistical system that supports communities, feeds people, and provides economic benefit to our society.”

The buy-ups do not represent an aggressive tendency in any way, and instead a defensive action meant to keep their families safe first and foremost.


Clare said, “It is no surprise that many people are now facing concerns about unrest and have realized that the first source of protection in any societal breakdown is entirely personal. Firearms are a logical source of personal protection in times  of unrest, during fear of bodily harm, and when faced possible looting, or home invasion in this troubled time.”

Regardless of whether or not that sentiment is true right now, Clare is correct and there is a very real gap in government services and trust if people are compelled to buy weapons, just in the same way as people are buying up grocery store stock.

Clare continued, “People are choosing to protect themselves because they are concerned that the government may not be able to do that role for them. The buying of firearms and ammunition is a natural response to this troubled time. Many people are now encountering firearms control that makes such purchases less easy than they would like – delays for transfers of restricted firearms, licensing, and other bureaucratic processes cause difficulties at a time when people see the need for tools to defend themselves and their loved ones.”

The actions to buy-out gun stores at the present time may be overwrought, but it is all in the spirit of wishing to be able to take more responsibility over your own safety as well as your family.

Clare added that, “The NFA reminds people that any use of firearms for defensive purposes must be reasonable and necessary in the circumstances.”

So to some non-gun owners it may come off as concerning or shocking that so many fellow Canadians are buying firearms right now, but remember those individuals are simply thinking of their own safety and protecting their liberty.

Everyone should be reminded during the COVID19 pandemic of how they will care for themselves if the government was unable to. Firearm ownership in the face of that question is an absolutely logical response to that thought experiment.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

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