Canadian Psychotherapist Says That School Teachers are Cultivating Transgender Kids

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 6, 2021

With the passage of the supposedly “anti-conversion therapy” Bill C-6 through the House of Commons there has been an evident lack of knowledge on the bill present in the Canadian public. Most people will just hear that it bans “conversion therapy” and assume the best of intentions, without knowing the troubling negative free speech and parental rights implications posed by C-6.

Dr. Ann Gillies, a retired Psychotherapist, was interviewed by The National Telegraph shortly after the passage of C-6 to get her reaction, and more importantly why there is so little pushback in Canada against the bill.

Dr. Gillies said regarding C-6 that, “I would describe it as a draconian discriminatory bill against sexual minority freedom and rights,” which is a reference to the fact it, in theory, criminalizes those who identify as a part of a sexual minority from seeking any counselling on their own initiative.

Inside the LGBT community is where Dr. Gillies identify the biggest cultural barrier to allowing any therapy regarding sexual behaviour to be allowed, due to an internal community aversion to implying any behaviour can be unwanted or damaging. 

Dr. Gillies stated that:

The LGBT community is extremely welcoming but they make it extremely difficult to leave. They intimidate, they ostracize anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them, they minimize the need for counselling, especially for those who have been sexually abused in the community. They want to portray themselves as if no individual in the LGBT community has emotional problems and instead are completely happy and whole, as if they are incapable of experiencing abuse that the rest of the world faces. 

One other major issue that the Liberals and NDP tried to downplay regarding C-6 was the ban on any voluntary discussion of sexual behaviour with a councillor, psychologist, or religious leader, which they said C-6 would still allow for.

Dr. Gillies saw this as a completely hollow allowance in the bill, explaining that:

The exception clause of Bill C-6 is empty because it says you cannot favour one sexual behaviour over another. In order to counsel people and reduce or repress any sexual behaviour will inevitably favour one particular sexual behaviour over another.

Dr. Gillies also said that “the born this way philosophy has been fully debunked,” pointing to the contradiction that the transgender community poses to that philosophy.

It should also be noted that C-6 has been criticized even by Conservative Politicians in Parliament as making it legally impossible to get counselling for a child, or for parents to even talk to their own child, who identifies as transgender. It undermines both parental rights and the rights of a child seeing as many of the powerful drugs given to trans-identifying children have large negative side effects which children do not have the full capacity to understand, and parents cannot prevent their child from taking them.

(Photo from Quartz)

(Photo from Quartz)

Dr. Gillies agreed with explaining that:

The transgender movement is a case in point, we are seeing the medicalization and the body mutilation of children, whose brains are not yet fully developed, until the age of 25, and do not have a concept of the consequences of these life-changing decisions. What fifteen-year-old understands the consequences of infertility or the medical ramifications of taking puberty blockers of hormones. 

This would mean that a councilor could not even recommend a reduction in sexual activity as it would be considered illegal to assert that promiscuity is harmful mentally or physically and that other behaviour patterns were healthier.

What was most startling was that Dr. Gillies told The National Telegraph was that the increasingly common phenomenon of children identifying as transgender in schools is not at all disconnected from the training and motivations of many teachers.

Dr. Gillies stated that:

It is the strength of the movement. Teachers have been forced and intimidated to take sensitization classes into not just accepting a child but to openly encourage those who are transitioning, who are often sexually confused.

When asked if teachers specifically are pushing it on students Dr Gillies confirmed it and said, “Yes, I’ve interviewed teens about this,” going on to agree with the proposition that some teachers feel “progressive” by cultivating transgender children in their classroom and are not simply just following the lead of the children and often leading the children into identification as transgender. If anything teachers pushing and encouraging children to identify as transgender should be considered an actual form of conversion therapy that should be banned, but the political culture is that all affirmation is positive, even when not requested.


Dr. Gillies wrapped up the interview by explaining that there is a discomfort with the concept of normality when it comes to human behaviour in our current political/cultural environment.

Dr. Gillies said:

The word normal itself is something people associated with their washing machine, to assert any human behaviour is normal is considered slanderous now. 

Bill C-6 when boiled down is an attack on the notion that any behaviour can be considered abnormal, and even though members of the LGBT community may want to seek counselling, not in pursuit of changing their sexual orientation, they are being blocked simply to preserve the left-wing notion that no behaviour of any kind can be unwanted. 


Dr. Ann Gillies recently spoke at the Parliamentary press conference hosted by MP Derek Sloan alongside other advocates against Bill C-6. The full version of that press conference is linked below.

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

One response to “Canadian Psychotherapist Says That School Teachers are Cultivating Transgender Kids”

  1. Guglielmo Marinaro says:

    “The LGBT community is extremely welcoming…”

    The LGBT community does not really exist. It is a fraudulent concept invented by trans activists to con gay, lesbian and bisexual people into thinking that they form part of, and owe a duty of loyalty to, that imaginary community, and that they therefore have to go along with the crackpot theories and demands of the said trans activists. Most large towns and cities have a gay social scene which can, I suppose, be loosely referred to as “the gay community”.

    “…but they make it extremely difficult to leave. … they ostracize anyone who doesn’t completely agree with them…”

    Has anyone else noticed that there is a bit of a contradiction there?

    In reality, anyone who decides that they want to stop participating in the gay social scene is perfectly free to do so. If they simply disappear, they may well get phone calls, texts, e-mails etc. from gay friends who care about them and want to be sure that they’re OK, but no-one will come and drag them to gay bars, night clubs etc.

    This sort of thing is just a pointless distraction from the very real damage which is being done by militant transgender extremists.