Canada’s Inuit defend the Edmonton Eskimos Name

Written By Wyatt Claypool, Posted on July 16, 2020

Despite the faux-outrage of the left in demanding that well-known brands, movies, and sports teams need to be canceled or heavily changed, the Canadian Inuit really could not care less about calls for the Edmonton Eskimos CFL football team to have their name changed.

It didn’t seem too far-fetched that the Edmonton Eskimos may bend to the pressure of the left-wing activists and change their name for supposedly being “racist.” Just a few weeks ago, American ice cream company Dreyer’s announced that they would drop the “Eskimo Pie” brand name and marketing around the time other food brands were doing the same.

Despite this, members of the Inuit community like former Northwest Territories MLA Herbert Nakimayak have stated that “[he’s] proud to be Eskimo [him]self” and that he does not find the Edmonton Eskimos team name to be derogatory or racist in any way.

Former NHL player Jordan Tootoo issued a similar statement, making it clear that he found the Edmonton Eskimos name “not objectionable”. 


A poll was conducted by the Edmonton Eskimos found that 78 percent of Western Arctic Inuit, 55 percent of Nunavut Inuit, and 31 percent of Eastern Arctic opposed the name change.

Regardless of what actual Inuit people think, companies have preemptively caved to pressure and have stopped sponsoring the Edmonton Eskimos. Boston Pizza was a one such sponsor that pulled their support, seemingly with no regard to the facts of the matter in an attempt to get activists off their backs.

It seems that those most outraged by the Eskimos name need to slow down and realize the same bitter anger they hold towards the team is not coming from the community they claim to be standing up for. Many Northern Inuit Canadians watch the Eskimos as their own team. The Eskimos have never used the title disrespectfully nor have they tried to ridicule the Inuit people based on how they utilize their team name.

Polling on the issue of the name amid this current outrage culture is likely even skewed more in favour of the activists. When things calm down, it would not be a shock to find the team name’s stock rise as time moves on and better heads prevail. 

Wyatt Claypool

Wyatt is a student at Mount Royal University, where he is the president of its Campus Conservative club. In his writing, he focuses on covering provincial and federal politics, firearms regulation, and the energy sector. Wyatt has also previously written for The Post Millennial.

16 responses to “Canada’s Inuit defend the Edmonton Eskimos Name”

  1. Trevor says:

    if support for the name is "78 percent of Western Arctic Inuit, 55 percent of Nunavut Inuit, and 31 percent of Eastern Arctic" and you don’t think that might be a problem, you’re out of your mind

  2. mark says:

    Well, Trevor…Edmonton is in the West, so the 78 percent # seems good to me. Who cares what they think in the East anyway? Even Nunavut is over 50 percent…so go Esks!!

  3. Lou MacGregor says:

    its just a name. They have never to my knowledge used an Eskimos as the mascot so why the change request.

  4. Bill Messacar says:

    GO ESKS GO – nothing wrong with the name – boycott Boston Pizza and all thos who want the name changed – this pizza joint’s only been around a few years – don’t need them

  5. Gerri says:

    If Boston Pizza pulled their support I’m going to pull my support of Boston Pizza. I’m so tired of this bs. My sons played hockey for the Strathcona Warriors. There carried the name proudly, fought hard, played hard and learned about teamwork loyalty and tolerance. My grandsons now play for the Strathcona Warriors, the proudly wear their uncles jersey numbers. They are learning the wonderful life lessons that they’re warrior uncles learned. Now they’re told they can no longer be Warriors. It’s offensive. They don’t understand why. Neither do I

  6. Russell Bartlett says:

    Good for them

  7. Gary says:

    Time to start a boycott against Boston Pizza.. bunch of sheep. Anyone who cave to the left and their suicidal actions is not worth supporting. Time to make them pay.

  8. Jody says:

    Posting in their locker room says “Once an Eskimo, always an Eskimo”. Has the world turned totally upside down? Each day now someone somewhere finds something offensive. Stop it! Please leave the name alone. Corporate bullies you have lost my family’s business.

  9. Elaine Hlushak says:

    I am so tired of a few deciding what the world wants!!! The Edmonton Eskimos are to Edmonton what the Empire State Building is to NYC!!’ Maybe that’s insulting to the empire!! How ridiculous. People need to
    Mind their own house.

  10. G says:

    Jordin Tootoo, in his statement which you link directly also states that even though he does not personally find it objectionable he understands others might, with reason, and that his not finding it objectionable is not NOT a reason to keep the name. This is quite clearly and purposefully misrepresenting his statement. He is not in any way defending the name of the team.

    • Kevin says:

      Yes, as him being a celebrity he would have to add that as to not offend the weak minded.

  11. Pujjuut Manitok says:

    I’m native to Nunavut, Inuk AKA Eskimo. I don’t support the change being considered. We are a strong people and a strong team deserves a strong name, Edmonton please keep the Eskimo’s name.

  12. Wannie says:

    Any sport team name is picked to indicate that they are strong, worthy and respected contenders, now if that isn’t something to be proud of, I don’t know what is!

  13. Brian Wood says:

    The Eskimos should not be driven by outrageous sponsor demands. Keep this proud name, seek new sponsorship and tell those racist idiots where to stick it.

  14. Pujjuut Manitok says:

    Just so you know, the 31% in the Eastern Arctic may seem low only because Iqaluit formerly known as Frobisher Bay is the Capital now and more non Eskimo live there now than 20 years ago and they’re "Offended" for somebody else but it’s not us Eskimos (Inuit). It’s really just the people who are offended are not Eskimo pushing for the name change.

  15. Robert Stitt says:

    Owners of the Edmonton Eskimos should not cave in to demands of bullies. I will personally boycott all companies that are insisting on this name change. Enough of this B.S.