UHive – The Latest Social Network Taking Down Big Tech

Written By Karl Fluri, Posted on January 4, 2021

UHive is a new social media platform that is part of an emerging market of social media sites known as crypto-social. 

As the monopolized Facebook/Twitter/Youtube social media era comes to a close, there are many sites fighting to see who will emerge at the head of this race in the end. 

One thing’s for sure: this next generation of social media sites will have to offer an above and beyond the product to a tech-savvy customer base that has been catered to for over a decade. 

Many have succeeded in surpassing the traditional social media experience; the issue is that most of these new sites fail to reach a broader audience of “everyday” users.

By “everyday” users we’re talking about the less tech-savvy folks out there. The millions of users currently trapped in the last decade of social media, using sites like Facebook and Twitter that steal their data and use it to make billions while giving nothing back. 

This is the majority of the social media market.


People already involved in cryptocurrencies understand the benefits of these crypto-social platforms, and therefore see this as the future of social media. It is only a matter of time, and the sooner you start investing your time and resources into these platforms the better off you will be in the end. 

So the target everyone in the crypto-social network space is aiming at is to break the barrier and appeal to the “everyday” users. Whoever can do that has a massive leg up on the competitors and will realign the crypto-social media world.

But this is exactly the problem, this is where crypto-social platforms have hit a roadblock. 

UHive, a fairly new platform in the market, is making waves as they are looking to be the one to break through this barrier and are bringing some new ideas with them.

With over 300,000 users, and 8 million posts, since the launch of their beta in early 2020 UHive has been growing fast; and they’ve yet to go global. 

UHive is built on a blockchain, in order to protect user privacy, security, and rights on the platform. Their token, the HVE, is based on the Ethereum platform and, unlike many other crypto-social media platforms, UHive has made earning these tokens very simple and integrated with regular use. 

Blockchain flowchart example.

Blockchain flowchart example.

The first method of earning these tokens, the only method until the release of their latest update, was through engagement rewards.

By engaging with the platform (likes, comments, posts, etc.) users earn tokens daily, the more engagement the more tokens one would earn. On my most active day, I earned approx 2000 tokens, which is about $6 USD, just for liking posts, commenting on some informative content I personally enjoyed and posting some of my own content to the platform.

Due to this, in the earlier days, the platform did have quite a bit of spam engagement as people were simply trying to use the platform to earn tokens; rather than using it as a social media site as it is intended.

But recently management has taken a hard stance on spam behaviour, and I saw a near 100% drop in spam activity targeting my content. This has not only made the platform far more enjoyable but shows that management is involved and engaged in bettering the platform.

They’ve recently launched their largest update since the launch of the beta, and so the platform has gained quite a few benefits and functions.

The most exciting is the new way for users to earn on UHive is through Airdrops. Airdrops are a way for users to reward each other by awarding their favourite pieces of content a number of tokens that will go to the content creator.


In this latest update UHive has now also integrated an option for a more personalized space, as well as a DM, group chat, and video chat function.

There are still many enhancements coming as the platform is still in the beta stage, but management appears to be very involved with the community, and as such has been making some significant moves that have served the users for the better.

UHive is set to hit some major milestones this year: the platform will be going public on Jan 4th, and the HVE has confirmed listing on one of the top crypto exchanges on the market, as of March 2021. Not to mention the global launch, currently anticipated for February.

Tokens can be withdrawn to most trusted wallets that accept Ethereum. I myself have successfully withdrawn approx. $150 USD to my MEW wallet.

At the end of the day, UHive effectively does what it aims at, which is to combine the most useful aspects of the social media dinosaurs (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) into one user-friendly space. In terms of functionality, reliability, and rights for users on the platform UHive are already leagues ahead of its mainstream competitors.

The only question remaining is whether they’ll be able to garner positive word of mouth, in order to reach the broader audience they will need to compete with big tech. 

Karl Fluri

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